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How to Make Aesthetic Videos For TikTok with Makeup Filters

Oct 21, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Make Aesthetic Videos For TikTok with Makeup Filters

From Instagram to TikTok, there are a huge variety of ways to express yourself and your personal beauty aesthetic. Transformation and aesthetic videos are some of the most popular TikToks on the app and are super fun to make yourself. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner e-girl, find your soft girl style, transform your makeup look, or find your video game aesthetic it’s easy to find an aesthetic TikTok style that fits you. Keep reading to find out how you can easily create your own makeup aesthetic video clips for TikTok in a matter of minutes with YouCam Video.   

aesthetic tiktok

What are makeover transformation TikToks?

Transformation videos are a super fun way to show how you change up your style and they are especially fun to make. These videos have distinct steps:

  1. The video begins with a normal everyday look.
  2. Then a transition with a hand reveal or dance shows a completely different makeup style.

These kinds of videos fall generally into two styles: makeover videos (which are more subtle), or full makeup transformations (which tend to be more dramatic). Depending on your mood, you can easily edit any style of makeover video using YouCam Video. This article will cover four ways to create aesthetic TikToks:

  • Subtle makeover TikToks
  • Full makeover TikToks
  • Hair color transformation TikToks
  • Creating aesthetic TikToks with filters

Subtle Makeover TikToks

Watching makeover TikTok is fun and satisfying, and waiting for the reveal is always exciting. As a bonus, these types of TikToks are some of the easiest to make yourself. Subtle makeover TikToks are fun to make and don’t require a huge amount of effort to create an engaging and fun selfie video clip. Create your own makeover TikToks using YouCam Video’s amazing makeup tools which allow you to add makeup including,

  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyeshadow, and more to your selfie videos in a matter of minutes.
Simply film your TikTok, import it to YouCam Video, then add any makeup filters you want to your clip!

aesthetic tiktok

Full Makeover TikToks

One thing we love about TikTok is the wide variety of creative and aesthetic videos you can watch. For those of you with more of a flair for the dramatic, you can create full-makeup transformation TikToks. These are usually stunning transformations with an initial makeup-free look and then revealed a beautiful, almost artistic, makeup look. For this type of TikTok video, YouCam Video has a wide selection of full makeup looks you can try, from eye-catching smokey makeup looks to full-face art for that stunning makeup transformation video. 

aesthetic tiktok

Hair Color Transformation TikToks 

Another fun and creative style of selfie video you can try for TikTok is hair color transformation. Hair color transformations are traditionally hair salon visits, but actually there is no need to permanently dye your hair. We have a new suggestion for you to try — hair filter transformations. This can be created easily with YouCam Video in the same way you can create your makeover TikToks. Simply record your selfie video as usual with the reveal, then import it to YouCam Video. Then, you can easily add a fresh new hair color to your selfie video instantly. Choose from a range of single color and two-toned ombré styles depending on how much you want to shock your friends and followers!

aesthetic tiktok

Get creative with your aesthetic videos

Makeup, clothes, accessories, these are all the things we know make an aesthetic, but what truly makes an iconic aesthetic is the right filter. It’s true that Instagram and VSCO have made us obsessed with the right filter and we all know a bomb filter can make your selfie pop. That’s why YouCam Video also has all the filters you could possibly wish for to create your own personal aesthetic. 

aesthetic tiktok

There are tons of ways to share your personal style of aesthetic video clips, and YouCam Video is by far the quickest, simplest, and smartest way to add your personal vibe to your TikToks. Choose from a wide variety of pro photo filters to apply instantly to your selfie videos to create your perfect aesthetic.

aesthetic tiktok

If you want something a little extra, you can also add makeup filters plus pro photo filters to your selfie videos. Once you have perfected your TikTok, using YouCam Video’s wide variety of makeup features, full makeup looks, and hair colors, find the perfect filter to reflect your aesthetic from the hundreds of filters in the app. 

Create aesthetic video clips

No matter what aesthetic you want to channel, whether it be soft girl, grunge, indie or academia (yes, it exists!), there are tons of ways to get creative on TikTok. Let your creativity run wild with the wide range of makeup tools, full makeup looks, face art, hair color and more that YouCam Video offers. Expressing your personal style and creating fun and exciting aesthetic TikToks has never been so easy. 

Ready to explore your own personal aesthetic? Download the free YouCam Video app to discover a whole range of beautifying effects, filters and tools to create your own aesthetic videos.

Want to know more about YouCam Video? Learn more here

aesthetic tiktok

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