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9 Best Beauty Filter Video Editing Apps [iPhone, Android]
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9 Best Beauty Filter Video Editing Apps [iPhone, Android]

Mar 7, 2024 · 3 minutes read
9 Best Beauty Filter Video Editing Apps [iPhone, Android]

Beauty filters for videos have always been a trending topic on TikTok.

You may have tried it out and whether you love it or hate it, there are many other beauty filter apps out there that can let you try similar and even better filters. 

In fact, there is a wide range of video editing apps with beauty filters and face retouching capabilities available that let you edit your videos in unique and exciting ways.

To help you out we've found and reviewed some of the best apps for adding beauty filters to videos to help you find the one you like most. Keep reading to find the one for you!

Beauty Filter Apps for Video Snapshot: Top 3

Among the best beauty filter apps we've reviewed there are some standouts that you should try for yourself, read on to discover our top picks now.

1. YouCam Video | Best Beauty Filters for Video Overall

If you're looking for more flexibility in your beauty filters such as looking less (or more) airbrushed, adding a little bit of makeup or trying a new hair color, YouCam Video should be your go-to video filter app.

Boasting a wide range of beauty and retouch filters for your videos, the YouCam Video app gives you the widest range of beauty filters with the most flexibilty to create a highly personalized look.

Key features:

  • Free to download for iPhone & Android
  • Full makeup looks (From natural to glam)
  • Create your own makeup look from scratch
  • Full set of virtual makeup tools
  • Polish your videos with a wide variety of video editing tools

Read our full review here

2. BeautyPlus | Best for Simple Beauty Filters

BeautyPlus: Video Beauty App

BeautyPlus' main attraction is the individual makeup tools it has that let you create your own looks, giving you freedom to create your own makeup style.

However, each of the tools has a limited amount of colors and makeup styles available so you might not find a style you like.

Read the review here

3. Facetune | Best Beauty Filters for Subtle Retouch

Facetune: Beauty Filter App

Facetune has a well-established reputation for being a great app for smoothing blemishes and the like.

The app's video editing tool is similar, but also has some basic makeup functions too.

Although not as extensive as some of its comepetitors, Facetune's video makeup offers a quick spruce up for your videos in a few taps.

Read the review here

Best Beauty Filter Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android in 2024

  1. YouCam Video
  2. BeautyPlus
  3. Facetune
  4. CapCut
  5. Meitu
  6. B612
  7. Perfect365 Video
  8. PrettyUp
  9. Airbrush Video

Since there are so many different types of video editing apps out there, it can feel overwhelming to search through them all.

So to help you sort through the best video editing apps for beauty filters we've gathered our top picks together here, read on to discover more.

1. YouCam Video: Best Beauty Filter Video Editing App Overall

YouCam Video is the best beauty filter app for video.

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Try Beauty Filters for Videos

YouCam Video's beauty filters are hyper-realistic and match your face perfectly, thanks to advanced AI algorithms.

From natural looking daily makeup looks to glam night time looks, YouCam Video has a wide range of beauty filters for you to try out on your videos.

Key Features:
✔️ 275+ makeup and beauty filters
✔️ Smart AI retouch and reshaping tools
✔️ Makeup tools for customized looks
✔️ Hair color
✔️ Cartoon Filters

Verdict: YouCam Video’s huge selection of beauty filters mean that you can create any look you want in seconds.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to spruce up your videos with unique makeup and hair color tools that you can’t wait to share on social media.

Our highlights of YouCam Video's extensive beauty filters include:

Beauty Filter Idea: 275+ Makeup & Beauty Filters

▲ Try 275+ preset makeup & beauty filters

YouCam Video has hundreds of preset makeup filters to give you an instant makeover. You can try:

  • Everyday makeup looks
  • Goth makeup
  • Creative eyeliner, lip art & more

Beauty Filter Idea: Smart AI Retouch & Reshape Tools

With AI retouch and reshape tools, YouCam Video lets you:

  • Natually retouch your eyes, nose, lips & more
  • Smooth skin & remove wrinkles
  • Remove acne blemishes & more

▲ Smooth skin in videos effortlessly with YouCam Video

Beauty Filter Idea: Smart Makeup Tools

YouCam Video has plenty of individual makeup tools to help you create a look you love from scratch.

Design a custom look using YouCam Video’s:

  • Lip color
  • Eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Blush, and more.

Beauty Filter Idea: 75+ Hair Colors

▲ Try different two-toned, ombré, single hair color filters.

With more than 75 hair colors in the app, you can choose a color to match your vibe.

YouCam Video lets you apply a single hair color or get wild with ombre and multicolored looks!

Beauty Filter Idea: Pretty Cartoon Filters 

If you want to create a truly unique video, YouCam Video has you covered. Transform your videos into cartoon style instantly with one-tap video cartoon filters. 

Choose from a variety of drawing styles that you can apply just like a filter, no processing needed! 

Learn how to try beauty filters on your videos now >>

2. BeautyPlus | Best for Simple Beauty Filters

BeautyPlus | how to add beauty filter to video

Available on: iPhone and Android
Key Features
✔️ Easy beauty filter tools
✔️ Reshaping & retouching tools

Verdict: BeautyPlus' beauty filters are mainly of the face shaping and retouch variety including eye, nose and lip shaping, as well as skin smoothing.

The app also offers some individual makeup tools that allow you to create a personalized makeup look, but lacks the variety of full makeup or beauty filters of other apps.

3. Facetune | Best Beauty Filters for Subtle Retouch

Facetune | video filter app

Available for: iPhone and Android
Key Features
✔️ Subtle reshaping tools
✔️ Lots of control over reshaping
✔️ Face-slimming beauty filter
✔️ Premium reshape tools

Verdict: Facetune works well when you only want to make slight changes to your face shape, but if you want more dramatic changes or free tools, another app might serve you better.

4. CapCut | Best Beauty Filters for Basic Edits

CapCut | video beauty filter

Available for: iPhone and Android
Key Features:

✔️ Enhance option gives you individual beautifying tools
✔️ Basic beauty filters and makeup features
✔️ Fewer advanced tools than other apps

Verdict: CapCut’s beautification filters and makeup tools are easy to use, but it can’t compare to apps with more reshaping and retouching features.

5. Meitu | Best Beauty Filters for Preset Makeup Filters

Meitu | beauty filter for iphone

Available for: iPhone and Android
Key Features
✔️ Variety of preset makeup filters
✔️ Wide selection of makeup styles and aesthetics
✔️ Easily add auto beautification filters

Verdict: Meitu has plenty of options when it comes to beautifying your videos with preset filters.

However, with less control, you might end up with a similar look to someone else.

6. B612 | Best Beauty Filters for Cute Makeup Looks

B612 | beauty filter appAvailable for: iPhone and Android
Key Features
✔️ Fun and cute face filters
✔️ Basic beauty tools
✔️ Less beautifying and more cutesy

Verdict: B612 is great for when you want a cute vibe or to create a simple but stunning look with fewer makeup tools.

7. Perfect365 Video | Best Beauty Filters for Fun Makeup

Perfect365 Video | add beauty filter to videoAvailable for: iPhone and Android
Key Features
✔️ User-friendly filters
✔️ Expressions for reshaping and adding makeup to videos
✔️ Impressive premium beauty filters

Verdict: Perfect365 gives you plenty of ways to reshape and beautify your videos.

Since some of the filters look fake, it can defeat the purpose of the app.

8. PrettyUp | Best Beauty Filters for Instant Retouch

PrettyUp | beauty video appAvailable for: iPhone and Android
Key Features:

✔️ Tons of beautification options
✔️ Huge selection of filters
✔️ Magic retouch lets you edit fast

Verdict: PrettyUp’s magic retouch instantly beautifies your videos without the work of manual adjustments.

With its more advanced tools available only with premium, it doesn’t always give you the best results.

9. Airbrush Video | Best for Simple Beauty Filters

Airbrush Video | add beauty filter to video

Available for: iPhone only
Key Features:
A variety of fun and simple makeup filters
✔️Individual makeup tools
✔️Retouch & reshaping tools

Verdict: Airbrush Video is a lesser known video editing app with beauty filters, but it boasts some impressive features including some fun and creative makeup filters, face shaping, and skin smoothing among other things.

Overall it is good for a simple touch-up on your videos.

How to Try Beauty Filters on Video for iPhone and Android

YouCam Video’s beauty filters transform your videos with realistic makeup tools. Follow these steps to use them in your videos.

Step 1. Download the Best Beauty Filter Video Editor for iPhone & Android

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Face Filters For Videos

To get started creating your own beauty filters with an easy to use video editing app, download YouCam Video, the best app to add beauty filters to videos, free from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2. Upload Your Video

Choose the video to edit with beauty filters
Once you've downloaded the app, tap the “+” sign at the bottom of the screen to open your camera roll.

Here you can either choose a video you already have, or you can tap the camera icon in video upload to shoot new footage

Step 3. Try Beauty Filters for Video

Once you've chosen the video you want to edit, go to Looks or Makeup to start adding beauty filters.

  • Looks has tons of complete preset looks that you can apply with one tap.
  • Makeup lets you customize your look with lip colors, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and more.

Step 4. Save & Share Your Beauty Filter Video

Tap the download button to choose your video:

  • Resolution (HD, 4k, 2k, and more) 
  • Bitrate & frame rate
  • Save & share to any socials including TikTok, IG and more

Download YouCam Video: The Best Video Editing App for Beauty Filters

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Try Beauty Filters for Videos

YouCam Video’s smart beautification tools make it the perfect app for creating a quick and unique look. Download the app for iOS or Android to explore all its beauty filters and reshape tools in seconds!

Other Beauty Filters for Your Videos

Add Beauty Filters to Video FAQs

Is there an app to beautify videos?

Yes! Easily beautify your videos with an app like YouCam Video.

Available on iPhone and Android, YouCam Video is an easy to use video filter app with a wide range of beauty filters, makeup filters, and video editing tools. Download the YouCam Video for free now.

What does the bold glamour filter do?

TikTok's Bold Glamour filter uses smart technology to smooth out your skin and apply a makeup look.

One criticism of the filter is that it is very eurocentric. If you want more flexible face filters for your videos there are apps out there that do a better job.

The YouCam Video app lets you easily edit your face as much as you like in videos including makeup filters, face shaping, face smoothing, skin retouch and much more.

How do I get the Bold Glamour filter?

You can try the Bold Glamour filter using the TikTok app, however if you want better face filters that are more personalized you can choose to edit your videos with an app like YouCam Video.

The easy to use YouCam Video app lets you effortlessly retouch your face in videos as much or as little as you like, apply makeup filters and much more.

How do you add aesthetic filters to videos?

With YouCam Video, choose Looks for complete preset looks that you can apply with one tap. You can also use the Makeup tools to apply lip color, eye makeup, and more individually.

How can I put a filter on a video?

YouCam Video has tons of aesthetic beauty filters that you can get by going to Looks and choosing the collection you want.

Tap the filter you want to apply to get the look on your video.

What is the best face filter for video?

YouCam Video’s face filters give you the most realistic looks.

You can match them to your aesthetic to transform your videos and use individual makeup and reshaping tools to adjust your features.

How do you add beauty filters to a video?

Try a video editing app with beauty filters for your face like YouCam Video to enhance your selfie videos for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and more. 

Is there a beauty app for videos?

Yes, YouCam Video among others, is a video editing app designed specifically to beautify your videos for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Choose from a wide range of subtle makeup, glam beauty filters and more on your videos in just a few taps. Download YouCam Video for iPhone or Android for free now.

Is there a face app for video?

Yes! A video editing app like YouCam Video can edit your videos with beauty and makeup filters, retouch your skin, change your hair color and much more in just a few taps.

Download the YouCam Video for free on iPhone and Android now.

Try the Best Video Editor With Beauty Filters

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Try Beauty Filters for Videos

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