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8 Fun Face Filters for Video on iPhone & Android [2024]
Video Editing

8 Fun Face Filters for Video on iPhone & Android [2024]

Jan 4, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Fun face filters for videos from YouCam Video editing app

Face filters are an exciting way to give your videos extra personality on IG, TikTok, YouTube, and other social video platforms. Discover how to take your videos to the next level with fun face filters usinga video editing app, YouCam Video.

With a video editing app, you can choose from a huge collection of fun face filters that enhance your selfie videos. Keep reading to learn how to add yours with YouCam Video!

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Best Video Face Filter App for iPhone and Android in 2024

YouCam Video stands out with a wide range of video editing features, including enjoyable face filters:

  • Aesthetic filters
  • Face filters
  • Smart AI filters
  • Video editing tools

Try fun filters for your videos with YouCam Video

The app also has other ways to complete your video: 

  • Animated effects
  • Makeup filters for any occasion
  • Add music & text

Read on to discover fun face filters to try on your videos.

Try fun face filters for videos YouCam Video

#1 Cool Sparks face filter

The Cool Sparks face filter adds a bejeweled touch to your video. It decorates your eyes with purple eye shadow and pink jewels, and its pink and purple tinted shades add a crystalline look to your video.

#2 Flutterbloom filter

Try unique accessories on your videos with YouCam Video.

Get a beautiful springtime look with these oversize shades in the shape of butterfly wings! The filter adds bright pink flowers around the edges of your sunglasses for a fun and unique look.

#3 Dreamy Dusk filter

Try fun face filters for video YouCam Video

Turn your video into a starry evening sky aesthetic with the Dreamy Dusk filter. It paints a sunset sky across your cheeks with fluffy white clouds and bright stars for a sparkling nighttime look.

#4 Fuchsia Fun filter

The Fuchsia Fun filter goes all out with a purple and orange ombre hair color that instantly brightens your video! Its playful eye makeup, combined with a vibrant fuchsia lip, creates a lively style that will make your videos pop.

#5 Ruby Rouge filter

This pair of unique shimmering face filters are a unique style with holographic lip art and icy style. One style with icy lips and cute moon and stars style freckles are creative makeup filters for you to try on your videos. 

#6 Shining Eyes filter

Try fun face filters for videos YouCam Video

The Shining Eyes filter lives up to its name with shimmering silver glitter around your eyes. It also gives you red and purple ombre hair to add a pop of color!

#7 Shining Star filter

Try fun face filters for video YouCam Video

This violet look gives you lavender to gray ombre hair that you can adjust with the slider on the side. It draws attention to your eyes with vibrant purple jewels and eye shadow with white gems across your nose and cheeks.

#8 Dalgona face filter

Try fun face filters for video YouCam Video

For a fun, stormy vibe, try the Dalgona look! It decorates your face with clouds, as well as brightly colored shapes and umbrellas for a simple but cute look.

How to Try Fun Face Filters on Your Videos

Try Fun Face Filters on Videos:

Step 1. Download YouCam Video: The Best Video Face Filter App

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Face Filters For Videos

First, find YouCam Video in the Apple Store or on Google Play. The app is free to download, so all you have to do is search it in the search bar and tap the download button.

Step 2. Upload Your Video

  • Open the app and tap the blue “+” symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  • Find the video you want to edit in your gallery and tap to upload it to YouCam Video.
  • You can also shoot a new video directly in the app too to streamline the editing process!

Step 3. Try Fun Face Filters on Your Video!

Try fun face filters for videos YouCam Video

YouCam Video has lots of fun face filters, and each one gives you a unique way to express yourself in your video! Here’s how to get the one you want on your video:

  • Go to Looks.
  • Choose the collection you want to explore.
  • Tap the filter to add it to your video.

Try out different filter collections in YouCam Video to see which one matches your video’s vibe. The app comes with:

  • Cute and glittery filters
  • Bright and colorful looks
  • Shiny jewels to add with just a few quick taps

Step 4. Save & Share!

After you’re done editing:

  • Tap the download button in the top right corner to save your edits.
  • You can save your video in different resolutions and choose your bitrate and frame rate so that your video keeps its quality when you post it.
  • Share your video to any of your favorite socials including IG, TikTok & more!

Download YouCam Video: The Best Video Face Filter App

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Face Filters For Videos

YouCam Video’s fun face filters instantly add a touch of glam and style to your videos! Each one has something unique and interesting to offer, so explore them all to find your favorites. Download the app today to discover how each face filter can transform your selfie videos!

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Fun Face Filters for Video FAQ

1. What app has the best fun filters?

YouCam Video has several collections of fun face filters to try! When you go to Looks, you can choose the category you want to explore and tap to apply filters like Cool Sparks, Dreamy Dusk, and Citrus Crush.

2. Which app has the best aesthetic filters?

YouCam Video has fun face filters that brighten your videos and set the mood with just a tap. The app goes beyond face filters, too, with full video filter effects and animation.

3. How do you get funny face filters?

When you download YouCam Video, go to Looks. Then, explore the app’s collections for funny filters in collections like Festival, Party, and Fairy Tale to add to your video.

4. What app is better than Snapchat?

YouCam Video lets you edit your videos without losing their quality. The app has tons of fun face filters, along with other editing features like animation, music, text, layout options, and adjustment tools so that you have total freedom with your edits.

5. How to get face filters on iPhone camera?

As iPhone's native Camera app doesn't have built-in face filters like some social media or third-party camera apps do, you can use third-party apps or features available on certain social media platforms to access face filters.

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