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How To Create Cat Dancing Video Memes (Easy Tutorial)
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How To Create Cat Dancing Video Memes (Easy Tutorial)

May 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How To Create Cat Dancing Video Memes (Easy Tutorial)

Cat dancing memes have been around for a while, but they're still going strong on TikTok. There are more and more cat dancing memes being created! (Happy Happy Happy Cat Dancing, Dancing Fat Cat, Little Kitten Dancing...)

How to make cat dancing meme

After all, what's not to like?

In this article, we will show you how to make your cat dancing meme pop! All you need is a little AI effect.

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How to Create Cute Cat Dancing Meme?

Let's start by where you can find these cat dancing memes.

Step 1. Search for "Cat Dancing Meme" on TikTok

Cat Dancing Meme

  • Open TikTok
  • Search for "Cat Dancing Meme" on the search bar in TikTok platform
  • Long press the cat dancing shorts to download the video

Step 2. Look for the Video Background

Find Cat Dancing Meme Background

  • Google whatever background you want your dancing cat to be in
  • Download the picture into your phone

Step 3. Use CapCut to Remove the Background

Cat Dancing Meme

  • Open CapCut and create a new project
  • Import your cat dancing video

Cat Dancing Meme

  • Remove the green screen background by clicking Edit and Remove Background > Chroma Key

Remove Background on Cat Dancing Meme

  • Place the color picker on the background and click Intensity on the right
  • Use the slider tool below to remove the green screen (slide all the way to the right)

Step 4. Add the New Background to the Shorts

Cat Dancing Meme

  • Return to the previous page and select Background
  • Replace it with the background picture you just downloaded
  • Save the video and you are done!

Step 5. Apply AI Video Effects

To make your cat dancing memes even cuter, you have to try adding some cute AI effects to your video. We have personally tried through these AI features, and love the results!

#AI Effects

With AI effects, you can instantly add a different feel to your cat dancing meme. There are several ones we recommend you try:

  • Scene
  • Sprial
  • Bling


This is another feature we really enjoy. You can choose among 29 effects to make your cat dancing meme more lively!

#Change the Cat Dancing Meme Layout

Lastly, why not change the layout of your shorts to create a different touch?

We have 3 layouts you can choose from: Grid, Mirror, and Geometry. It's fun to see your dancing cats multiply by 2 or more!

Download Cat Dancing Memes Here

Cat Dance Universe (with dogs & hamster)

Fat Cat Dancing

@igreenscreenthings Cat Dancing to Wop | Green Screen ♬ Cat Dancing to Wop - I Green Screen Things

Solo Cat Dancing Meme

Happy Cat Dancing

@thegreenscreenmeme Happy cat dancing  ♬ original sound - GreenScreenMeme

Gato Bailando

@igreenscreenthingsesp Gato Bailando | Pantalla Verde #catmemes♬ Gato Bailando - igreenscreenthing

Gatos Bailando 2

@igreenscreenthingsesp Gatos Bailando | Pantalla Verde #catmemes♬ Gatos Bailando - igreenscreenthing

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