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Try TikTok Strawberry Blonde Hair Filter without The Glam
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Try TikTok Strawberry Blonde Hair Filter without The Glam

Apr 12, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Try TikTok Strawberry Blonde Hair Filter without The Glam

In the past few weeks we have been seeing all kinds of trending hair filters! Ginger, cherry, and my favorite so far...the strawberry blonde hair filter!

TikTok Strawberry Blonde Hair Filter

I really love this strawberry blonde hair color, and it sure looks natural. The shade of the hair might differ depending on your skin tone. For instance, it could appear lighter on individuals with fair skin tones. It's exciting to try out your own version of the strawberry blonde hair filter.

However, one thing I don't like about this filter is the heavy makeup that comes with it. I just want to see my ACTUAL face with strawberry blonde hair!

TikTok Strawberry Blonde Hair Filter

This hair filter also comes with a heavy makeup ☝️

In case you want to try the strawberry blonde hair filter without the glam, here's what you can do.

How to Try the Strawberry Hair Trend without the Face Filter

#1 Download a Hair Color App

First, you can download a hair color app. I used YouCam Video to achieve the look.

What's great about a hair color app is that it allows you to try on the strawberry blonde hair filter with your natural face. I think it helps you determine if this hair color truly suits you.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Filter

You just need to import your selfie video and start applying all kinds of hair filters. 

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#2 Find the Right Hair Color

In Youcam Video, there are plenty of hair filters to choose from, including two-toned, ombré and more stylish options. You can experiment with different options until you find the perfect match for the strawberry blonde hair filter.

TikTok Strawberry Blonde Hair Filter▲ Try 70+ hair color filters for video with YouCam Video

You can also adjust the color level, shine, coverage, or even blend until you're satisfied with the result.

#3 Try Your Own Version of Strawberry Blonde

My friends and I had a big discussion about how the strawberry blonde hair filter doesn't really look like strawberry or blonde. I somewhat agree because the real strawberry color is nothing like this filter.

Strawberry blonde hair color vs real strawberry

If you feel the same way, that's fine! In my case, I found different versions of strawberry blonde hair colors that also look great!

Strawberry Blonde Hair Filter

Personally, I just enjoy the process of exploring the true strawberry color. I don't really mind if the hair filter is doing strawberry justice.

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#4 Strawberry Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Strawberry Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Guess what? You can also try different eye colors with your new hair look!

I landed on some shorts trying on the strawberry blonde hair filter with blue eye effect, and the results look great! To get the blue ey effect, you can also make that happen using this app.

My Final Thoughts

I hope this blog helps you try the strawberry blonde hair filter without all the fancy stuff.

I mean it's exciting to see all kinds of hair filters available on TikTok. I always enjoy trying them out to discover new hair dye options.

If you're hooked on these hair filters or want more ways to customize your look, consider getting a hair color app to explore all the options. You might just find a new combination that's perfect for you.

FAQs about Strawberry Blonde Hair 🍓

How do you know if I will look good with strawberry blonde hair?

From my experiment, I've noticed that people with lighter skin tones might suit strawberry blonde hair well. Those with tanned skin may have a darker version of strawberry blonde.

However, this is just my personal observation. You can always use a hair color app like YouCam Video to virtually try out this hair color.

It lets you experiment with various hair colors in your selfie videos, which can help you decide if this hair color suits you. So, I highly recommend giving this type of app a try.

How do I get my hair strawberry blonde?

Well, if you have darker hair, you might need to bleach it to achieve the strawberry blonde hair color. In that case, I'd suggest visiting a salon and letting a professional help you out. For instance, choosing the right strawberry blonde hair dye is super important. Especially the color that complements your skin tone.

However, if you're still considering whether to try this new hair color, you can use a hair color app to preview it first. Before making a big investment, it's always safer to see how you'll look with the strawberry blonde color.

Is strawberry blonde the rarest hair color?

Yes, strawberry blonde is one of the rarest hair colors, occurring in only 0.5–5% of the world's population. It's a blend of white blonde and light copper hair.

Interestingly, many people who consider themselves strawberry blondes don't actually have this mix of colors in their hair strands or tonal hues. 

In fact, strawberry blonde hair has been rare yet in demand for centuries. During the Italian Renaissance, women used sunlight to naturally lighten their hair with saffron and lemon juice. Today, achieving and maintaining this coveted shade is easier than ever with modern hair coloring techniques.

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