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Catherine Kaar
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist , Perfect Corp.
16 articles written by Catherine Kaar
Video Editing
Discover the Best Video Editing App for Your Selfie Videos
What makes a good app to edit a selfie video? In the ever growing se…
by Catherine Kaar · Aug 13, 2021
Video Editing
3 Tips How to Get Smooth Skin in Your TikTok Videos
Are you looking to create the look of smooth, glowing skin for your TikTo…
by Catherine Kaar · Jul 28, 2021
Video Editing
Test At Home Hair Color with These Video Filters
When choosing a new hair color, it can be difficult to decide, especially …
by Catherine Kaar · Jul 23, 2021
Video Editing
How To Edit Videos On iPhone: Introducing YouCam Video!
Video is a powerful and creative communication tool Whether you w…
by Catherine Kaar · Jul 21, 2021
Video Editing
Get Thick Lashes On Selfie Videos Without Eyelash Extensions
Long luscious eyelashes are on everybody’s beauty wishlist. The pa…
by Catherine Kaar · Jul 16, 2021
Video Editing
How to Make Aesthetic Videos For TikTok with Makeup Filters
From Instagram to TikTok, there are a huge variety of ways to express y…
by Catherine Kaar · Jul 15, 2021
Video Editing
5 Hottest Summer Makeup Looks For Your TikToks
Summer is right around the corner, with the sun, blue skies, and warm …
by Catherine Kaar · Jul 2, 2021
Video Editing
Try New Summer Hair Colors With The Best Hair Color App
If you’ve been thinking about a new hair color, summer is the perfect tim…
by Catherine Kaar · Jun 17, 2021
Video Editing
How to Whiten Your Teeth Instantly On Selfie Videos
When it comes to teeth whitening, there’s nothing to compare going to…
by Catherine Kaar · Jun 1, 2021
Video Editing
5 Easy Eyeshadow Looks For Amazing TikToks
Creating a fun TikTok is one of our favorite things to do, but beyond fol…
by Catherine Kaar · May 13, 2021
Video Editing
The Ultimate Guide to Editing Selfie Videos on Mobile
Classically, video editing is a complicated process requiring pow…
by Catherine Kaar · May 13, 2021
Video Editing
3 Hair Color Ideas to Fit Your TikTok Aesthetic
Hair color trends have come a long way from going to the salon for a ti…
by Catherine Kaar · Apr 29, 2021
Video Editing
5 Selfie Filters You Can Use On Your Videos
The keys to the best selfie are angle, lighting, and then the filters, but in t…
by Catherine Kaar · Apr 22, 2021
Video Editing
Find Your TikTok Aesthetic With The Best Video Makeover App
Since its arrival on the scene, TikTok has had a massive influence on curr…
by Catherine Kaar · Apr 16, 2021
Video Editing
How to Remove Blemishes in Videos With the Top Video Editor
It’s happened to us all: you’ve spent ages creating a fun TikTok video or …
by Catherine Kaar · Feb 27, 2021
Makeup & Looks
5 Valentine's Makeup Looks For Romantic Makeup Videos
Romance is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whe…
by Catherine Kaar · Feb 5, 2021