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What's My Aesthetic? How To Find Your TikTok Aesthetic

Oct 21, 2021 · 3 minutes read
What's My Aesthetic? How To Find Your TikTok Aesthetic

What does aesthetic mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, aesthetics are “a pleasing appearance or effect”, but the rise of aesthetic accounts from VSCO to TikTok and Instagram suggests an evolution of the word. Today, aesthetics are often used to describe style choices that you make, from the clothes you wear, to how you decorate your apartment, and even the look and feel of your photos and videos. When we think of aesthetics, there are so many choices and unique styles to adopt. It all comes down to choosing the aesthetic that best describes you.

What aesthetics are there?

E-girl, soft girl, fairycore, naturecore, dark (or light) academia, baddies-- the list of aesthetics is seemingly limitless and continuously growing. Each style has its own unique attributes including signature hairstyle, hair color, clothing, makeup, and accessories. When it comes to photos and videos, there is also a specific way of editing for aesthetics.

Find My Aesthetic

What is my aesthetic?

The great thing about aesthetics is that you can experiment with many to find the aesthetic that best fits your personal style. If you like the hairstyle from one particular aesthetic, you can easily mix it with clothing from another. Creativity is the hallmark of aesthetic looks and it’s fun to play around with different aesthetic styles to find what works for you. On TikTok, you’ll often see “Find my aesthetic” videos as users turn to the platform for inspiration.

Find My Aesthetic

YouCam Video has tons of fun looks to help you discover the best aesthetic for your TikTok videos, and wow your followers with seamless video edits. Here are three trending makeup styles that were easily recreated using the YouCam Video app makeover feature. Try these styles in the YouCam Video app and discover your must-have aesthetic.

Euphoria Aesthetic

Featuring dazzling glittery makeup looks and colorful hair, the Euphoria aesthetic has become a phenomenon. It has been so influential in fact, that it created a cult following. Creative and unique makeup styles are the hallmark of the Euphoria aesthetic.

Euphoria Aesthetic

When you want to create your Euphoria “Find my aesthetic” TikTok video, all you need to do is upload your selfie video to YouCam Video and play around with the numerous costume makeup styles available. Our personal favorite is the style “Celestial” which you can find under “Looks” and then “Fairy Tale”.

Pastel Soft Girl Aesthetic

Soft girl aesthetics feature pastel colors, but can also include brighter pinks, blues and purples. One of our favorite styles is the pastel soft girl aesthetic which, as the name suggests, is centered around pastel colors. The pastel soft girl aesthetic typically features pink, baby blue, or lilac. From hair color, to clothing and accessories, all colors must be the same for this aesthetic. Generally there is no glitter used, but that doesn’t make the soft girl style plain. Accents are added with accessories, collars and trims. To recreate this style, focus your look on one color, and add accents with whites and shimmers.

Pastel Soft Girl Aesthetic

Creating your pastel soft girl aesthetic with the YouCam Video app is simple. Simply upload your selfie video, then start editing your video with the tools located under the “Makeup” Tab. If you want to add a hair color, YouCam Video can do that too! Simply go to the “Hair” tab to try out many different colors and styles.

Pastel Grunge Aesthetic

The edgier sister to the pastel soft girl aesthetic is the pastel grunge aesthetic. Grunge style is not new as a concept, having originated during the grunge music movement of the early nineties. The pastel grunge aesthetic is the updated version of the grunge style. At its core, the grunge style stays true to its roots, but has a pastel edge to it. This look features a mix of black clothing with accents in the pastel color of your choice, layered with cute pleated skirts, chunky shoes, combat boots or Vans. For makeup, the look features heavy black eyeliner with pastel shadows and is typically paired with a black or dark colored lip. For hair, bright pastel colors or a dark base with pastel accents are popular for this look.

Pastel Grunge Aesthetic

You can easily create your ideal pastel grunge aesthetic makeup and beauty style with the YouCam Video app’s makeup and hair tools or simply choose a full makeup look from the “Looks” section.

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