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How To Live Your Best Sad Girl Fall On TikTok
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How To Live Your Best Sad Girl Fall On TikTok

Dec 10, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How To Live Your Best Sad Girl Fall On TikTok

Hot Girl Summer is over Say Hello to Sad Girl Fall

Megan Thee Stallion’s declaration of a Hot Girl Summer way back in 2019 has had a long reaching effect. The strong message of living your life as you want and loving yourself unapologetically definitely hit home and we were ready to take all the advice Megan had to give us. That said, you might immediately think Sad Girl Fall is a downer after the up-beat message of Hot Girl Summer, but that’s not really what it’s about.

So what is sad girl fall exactly?

When Kacey Musgraves tweeted about Sad Girl Fall adorned with jeweled tears ahead of the release of her new album star-crossed, we got our first glimpse into the meaning of Sad Girl fall. Sad girl fall isn’t necessarily about being down in the dumps, it’s more like feeling the moodiness of fall, wrapping up in your favorite sweater and listening to a soundtrack that gets you in the feels.

Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, Adele

Following the release of Kacey Musgraves’ album, sad girl fall really ramped up with the release of Adele’s new album 30, and Taylor Swift’s Red album. All these albums told stories of love and loss, and in Taylor’s case a sense of reclaiming her music in a powerful way. Sad girl fall is about finding power in your sadness too, so we reckon there has never been a better time to hop into a cozy sweater, grab a box of tissues and lounge around in our feelings.

Create your sad girl fall aesthetic for TikTok

Now you’re better acquainted with the idea of sad girl fall, it’s time to try out the aesthetic for yourself on your fall TikToks. Since this aesthetic is all about autumn, think about what makes fall great. Sure, it gets colder, but that means warm comfy clothes like your favorite chunky sweater or scarf, or you could go for a dark academia style, a roll neck sweater, pleated skirt, thick wooly stockings or over-the-knee socks, hot cocoa and a good book.

Once you’ve got your style it’s time to record your TikTok and add those extras to make your sad girl fall aesthetic dramatic and romantic like Kacey. An easy way to add some dramatic style to your TikToks is with a video editing app like YouCam Video. YouCam Video is a unique type of video editing app, because it lets you add makeup, hair color, filters and more to your selfie videos and TikToks in just a few taps.

Edit Your Sad Girl Autumn with The Best Video Editing App YouCam Video

When you want some sad girl fall inspiration for your TikTok videos, YouCam Video has you covered. There’s a wide range of different video filters for you to try from makeup to animated effects. Discover some of our favorite ways to get your sad girl autumn aesthetic on your selfie videos for TikTok, YouTube and more below.

 Sad Girl TikTok

Sad Girl Makeup Looks

When Kacey Musgraves tweeted her declaration of sad girl fall, we fell in love with the dreamy makeup look, as well as the rhinestone tear she had. Among the wide selection of creative styles there are some perfect makeup looks to help you live out all your sad girl fall dreams.

Sad Girl TikTok

Our two favorites are Star Girl and Blue Blossom. Discover how to try them here:
  1. Open YouCam Video
  2. Choose your sad girl fall video
  3. Tap Looks, then tap on Star Girl or Blue Blossom as you like.
  4. Adjust the look as intense or as light as you like with the intensity bar on the right.
  5. Save your look by tapping the check mark.
  6. Add more effects as you like, read on to discover more.

Sad Girl TikTok

Sad Girl Filters

Ok so you’ve got your sad girl makeup look, but what about a filter to add a bit more melancholy to your TikTok? YouCam Video has a ton of regular filters and animated effects for you to take your sad girl aesthetic to the next level. So if you want to add a bit of blues or a sparkle to your tears have a read of the steps below.

Sad Girl TikTok

  1. Using your sad girl fall video with the makeup look you chose.
  2. Tap Filters, choose portrait, Elegant, for the style in the image.
  3. OR, scroll across to AI Effects*, for a more animated range of effects.

*iOS only

Sad Girl TikTok

Sad Girl Effects

Now you’ve picked your sad girl makeup, added a filter you like, why not try out some other kinds of effects to get that moody autumn feel. The moving effects you can find in YouCam Video let you add a variety of different styles to your videos from blowing leaves to bubbles, there’s something to match your mood. Our favorite styles for sad girl fall are the rain effects, you can either be standing in a downpour or you can be on the inside looking out at a rainy day, depending on how sad you want your video to feel. To find these effects follow the steps below.
  1. Open YouCam Video
  2. Choose your sad girl fall video
  3. Scroll across to Effects, and find the rain effects.

Download YouCam Video the best video editing app for living your sad girl aesthetic

Now you’re better acquainted with the idea of sad girl fall, it’s time to let your creativity flow! Get the YouCam Video app for iOS and Android now to get started.

Sad Girl TikTok

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