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20 Fall/Winter 2024 Hairstyles & Hair Colors We Love
AI/AR Hair

20 Fall/Winter 2024 Hairstyles & Hair Colors We Love

Jun 5, 2024 · 3 minutes read
fall hairstyle and hair color trends 2024

This fall, why not switch things up and try a new hairstyle? With the change of the season, it can be a great time to start experimenting with your look!

Whether it's adding layers, trying a new color, or completely changing up the cut, a new hairstyle can be a fun and easy way to refresh your style this fall.

Table of Contents
  1. Trendy Fall Hairstyles in 2024
  2. Trendy Fall Hair Colors in 2024

Try virtual hairstyles on your selfie to find your winter hairstyle 2023

Trendy Fall Hairstyles in 2024

Discover the 12 most popular haircuts and hairstyles of fall/winter 2024:

  1. Classic Low Ponytail
  2. Bixie Cut
  3. Romantic Half-Updo
  4. Butterfly Cut
  5. Italian Bob
  6. Birkin Bangs
  7. Hush Cut
  8. Curtain Bangs
  9. Low Space Buns
  10. Shaggy Lob
  11. Shaggy Mullet
  12. Curly Waves

1. Classic Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @tokyoblondepasta

This fall, try the simple low ponytail hairstyle.

Hide the hairband, and it will make your look more clean and stylish, adding a touch of classic charm to your overall appearance.

2. Bixie Cut

bixie cut fall hair trend 2024

Source: Instagram @hairbyhanvancity

The bixie haircut combines the volume and length of a bob with the edgy layers of a pixie, offering a carefree style that's perfect for fall.

It's versatile, balancing a heart-shaped face, slimming a round face, and softening a square jawline.

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3. Romantic Half Updo

Updo Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @tokyoblondepasta

Elevate your holiday look this season with a charming half-updo hairstyle.

Make it even more festive by using a sparkly hair clip as an accessory so you'll shine at every holiday gathering and celebration.

4. Butterfly Cut

Butterfly Haircut Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @glamcatt

The butterfly haircut is characterized by its distinctive shape resembling butterfly wings when viewed from the front.

It combines short layers around the chin to frame the face, with longer layers extending below the shoulders to maintain overall length. It removes weight and damaged ends while creating a voluminous hairstyle that can hold its shape well.

Are you wondering, if this hairstyle suits you? Try the butterfly haircut on your photo with a hairstyle try-on app.

5. Italian Bob

Italian Bob Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @laurarobertsonhair

The Italian bob haircut is a stylish and classic variation of the traditional bob hairstyle.

It often features a slightly shorter length in the back with the front sections framing the face elegantly. This haircut typically has minimal layering, creating a sleek and polished appearance.

Are you wondering, if this hairstyle suits you? Try Italian bob on your photo with a hairstyle try-on app.

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6. Birkin Bangs

Birkin Bangs Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @jennaortega

Inspired by the iconic actress and model Jane Birkin, these bangs feature wispy, face-framing strands that add a touch of romance to your look.

"Wednesday" actress Jenna Ortega is well-known for rocking Birkin bangs, demonstrating their enduring appeal. So, channel the style of Jane Birkin and Jenna Ortega this season for a look that's both fashionable and timeless!

👉 Try birkin bangs on your photo with a hairstyle try-on app.

7. Hush Cut

Hush Cut Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @taeyeon_ss

Girl's Generation member Taeyeon totally rocks the hush cut!

The hush cut is a soft, layered haircut typically accompanied by a wispy fringe or shorter face-framing layers. It's designed to distribute weight and create natural movement in the hair, reducing the need for extensive styling.

8. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @suphitunbull

This fall, Curtain bangs are the ideal hairstyle to refresh your look for the season ahead.

These versatile bangs, parted down the middle, effortlessly enhance your natural beauty by softening your facial features.

👉 Try curtain bangs on your photo with a hairstyle try-on app.

9. Low Space Buns

Low Space Buns Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @its.alix

This winter, embrace a chic and cozy look with the low space bun hairstyle.

It's not only a trendy and effortless way to keep your hair off your neck and shoulders during chilly days, but it also adds an adorable charm to your winter style. 

10. Shaggy Lob

Shaggy Lob Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @yukistylist

With its textured layers and shoulder-grazing length, the shaggy lob adds volume and movement to your hair. 

This hairstyle is low-maintenance and easy to style, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a trendy yet practical look. 

👉 Try shaggy lob on your photo with a hairstyle try-on app.

11. Shaggy Mullet

Shaggy Mullet Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @emilyppt

With its unique blend of short, cropped sides and longer, textured layers at the back, the shaggy mullet offers a distinctive and eye-catching look that is perfect for this holiday season!

12. Curly Waves

Curly Waves Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @anna_midtowncurls

Curly waves paired with curtain bangs is a hairstyle that effortlessly combines timeless elegance with a modern twist.

The beautiful curls add a touch of playfulness to your look. Curtain bangs, with their soft, parted center, frame your face delicately and create a flattering, face-framing effect.

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Trendy Fall Hair Colors in 2024

Discover the 9 most popular hair colors of fall/winter 2024:

  1. Strawberry Blonde
  2. Ash Brown
  3. Bronde
  4. Caramel Highlights
  5. Halo Highlights
  6. Dark Auburn Red
  7. Chocolate Brown
  8. Red Money Piece
  9. Burgundy Red

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1. Strawberry Blonde

Dusty Rose Pink Fall Hair Color

Source: Instagram @roses_are_rosie

This fall, one of the trendiest hair colors to watch out for is strawberry blonde.

BLACKPINK member Rosé is embracing this captivating hair color, showcasing its versatility and charm.

👉 Try pink hair filters on your photo with the best hair color try-on app.

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2. Ash Brown

Ash Brown Fall  Hair Color

Source: Instagram @coloredbyphuong

Elevate your fall style with the timeless allure of ash brown hair.

This versatile shade perfectly captures the cool, crisp vibes of autumn, harmonizing with the season's earthy tones.

👉 Try brown hair filters on your photo with the best hair color try-on app.

2. Bronde

Bronde Fall Hair Color

Source: Instagram @sarabotfordhair

This fall, bronde emerges as a captivating and trending hair color choice.

A fusion of brunette and blonde tones, bronde strikes the perfect balance between warmth and coolness, creating a versatile and dimensional look.

3. Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights Fall Hair Color

Source: Instagram @thenewenglandstylist

Elevate your fall look with the warmth of caramel highlights.

Caramel hues perfectly capture the essence of autumn, mimicking the golden tones of falling leaves and the comforting aroma of caramel apples.

4. Halo Highlights

Halo Highlights Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @un.rooted

This fall, make a statement with halo highlights!

These highlights create a beautiful frame around your face, resembling a natural halo, and they pair seamlessly with the warm and cozy tones of autumn. 

6. Dark Auburn Red

Auburn Red Hair Color Fall

Source: Instagram @alex.mercedesss

Capture the spirit of fall with auburn red hair, a striking and vibrant choice that perfectly complements the season's warm and rustic palette.

7. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Fall Hair Color

Source: Instagram @racheldoesmyhair_

This timeless shade exudes warmth and sophistication, harmonizing flawlessly with the season's cozy ambiance and earthy color palette.

Opting for chocolate brown locks will not only enhance your overall look but also envelop you in the comforting and stylish embrace of autumn.

8. Red Money Piece

Red Money Piece Fall Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @tessabaileybeauty

Add a dash of fiery flair to your look this fall with a red money piece hairstyle!

The bold and vibrant red hue framing your face is the perfect way to usher in the season's cozy and captivating vibes. 

9. Burgundy

Burgundy Fall Hair Color

Source: Instagram @hairbyjuudddyyy

Burgundy hair perfectly mirrors the cozy and romantic vibes of autumn, making it the ultimate choice for a stylish transformation. 

Try Fall Hairstyles & Colors With The Best Hairstyle App

Still not sure which hairstyle you should go for? 

Explore trendy hairstyles and colors with a hairstyle app to find the one that suits you best!

It's a risk-free way to discover a fresh, new look. Give it a try now!

YouCam Makeup lets you test different hairstyles and colors virtually before committing to a change.

Explore everything from bob cuts and pixie cuts to long straight and long curly hairstyles, and find a look that resonates with you.

Using advanced AI technology, YouCam Makeup provides realistic previews of how your chosen hair color and style might suit you. No more guesswork—see it virtually before trying it for real. It's a risk-free way to experiment and find your ideal fall look.

Just upload your photo, select your preferred hairstyle, and witness your virtual transformation.

More Hairstyle Ideas

Fall Hairstyle 2024 FAQs

What is the fall hair trend for 2024?

Natural and effortless styles, such as shoulder-length layers (a.k.a the Rachel 2.0), as well as warm and rich colors, are popular for the fall season 2024.

If you are not sure which style suits you best, use a virtual hairstyle try-on app like YouCam Makeup to test hairstyles and colors on your photo!

What is the color for fall 2024?

Traditional autumnal shades like deep reds, warm browns, and rich coppers are popular choices for the fall season 2024. If you are not sure which haircolor suits you best, use a virtual hair color try-on app like YouCam Makeup to test hair colors on your photo!

What is a fall hairstyle?

Fall 2024 Hairstyle Ideas:

  1. Shoulder-length Layers: Layers that start around the shoulders can frame your face, highlighting your features and adding dimension. They work well for straight, wavy, and curly hair types, complement various face shapes, including oval, round, square, and heart-shaped faces and are easy to maintain.
  2. Loose Waves or Curls: Soft, loose waves or curls are a classic fall hairstyle. These relaxed and effortless-looking waves add texture and volume to your hair.
  3. Messy Bun: A messy bun is perfect for fall as it combines style and ease.
  4. Accessories: Fall is a fantastic time to accessorize your hair. You can add headbands, scarves, berets, or even jeweled hairpins to elevate your hairstyle.

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