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Try Short Hair Filters With The Best AI Hairstyle App in 2024
AI/AR Hair

Try Short Hair Filters With The Best AI Hairstyle App in 2024

Dec 29, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Women Using The Best Virtual Short Hairstyle Try-On App

Nothing compares to chopping your long hair short for the first time. You want to try it, but you don’t know if it will look good or how to decide which styles will work for you.

With the best AI hairstyle app, YouCam Makeup, you can check out dozens of short hairstyles virtually with the new AI hairstyle feature.

Try different short hairstyle filters in YouCam Makeup to see what short hair would look on you

YouCam Makeup is the best AI hairstyle simulator app for short hairstyles. ▲

Download YouCam Makeup to try Short Hairstyles

Keep reading to discover short hairstyles that you can take to the salon!

Table of Contents

The Best AI Hairstyle App for Short Hair Cut Simulation in 2024

Try virtual bob hairstyle in YouCam Makeup app

Perfect Corp's YouCam Makeup app is the best AI hairstyle app for free haircut simulation on Android & iPhone in 2024.

Download the best hairstyle app for short hairstyle filters YouCam Makeup

With the new AI Hairstyle feature, you can try different hairstyles to find the one that looks best on you.

Find out how you would look like with short hair using YouCam Makeup's AI Hairstyle feature

It has cute hairstyles for short hair of all types, so you can experiment with different ones without the risk of getting a bad haircut.

Download YouCam Makeup to Get AI Short Hairstyles

5 Best Short Hair Filters in 2024

Try 5 virtual short hairstyles in the YouCam Makeup app

YouCam Makeup has 20+ different hairstyles available to try, including 5 short hairstyle filters.

Download YouCam Makeup to Get AI Short Hairstyles

Each one is unique and flatters different face shapes, so you can instantly see which one works best for you. Start by snapping a pic of yourself and uploading it to YouCam Makeup.

Try virtual bob hairstyles using YouCam Makeup AI Hairstyle ToolExplore short hairstyles, including:

  • Bubcut
  • Pixie
  • Short Bob
  • Side Bob
  • Bobcut Wavy

With the before and after tool, you can even compare your old cut with the new one for the most accurate look at your hair transformation.

Try YouCam Makeup's Hair Color Tool For Virtual Hair Color Try-On

And, once you decide on your favorite cut, you can use YouCam Makeup’s hair color feature to try out new colors for your next dye job!

How Would You Look With Short Hair: Find Out With A Short Hairstyle App

Many of us have been asking ourselves how we would look with short hair and now we can finally stop wondering!

YouCam Makeup is the best hairstyle app to help you test short hairstyles virtually.

Download YouCam Makeup to Get AI Short Hairstyles

Try pixie cuts, bob cuts, long bobs, and many more hairstyles to see if a short hairstyle suits your face!

How to Use the Best Short Hairstyle Simulator

Try hairstyle filters with YouCam Makeup's AI Hairstyle tool

You can easily test hairstyles with your picture by following these 5 steps:

  1. Download the best short hairstyle app.
  2. Find the AI Hairstyle feature.
  3. Open your photo from the gallery or take a new photo.
  4. Choose from 20+ different hairstyle filters.
  5. Save your image with a new short hairstyle.

Best Short Hairstyle for a Particular Face Shape

With YouCam Makeup, you can find the haircut that makes you feel most confident. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the cut that suits you best.

Tips for Short Hairstyles

Overview of face shapes round, oval, square, heart and diamon

Not every short hairstyle works for everyone, and choosing the best one for you depends on several factors, including:

  1. Face shape
  2. Hair texture
  3. Lifestyle and maintenance
  4. Personal style

With YouCam Makeup’s AI Hairstyle feature, you can find something that matches your desired aesthetic and complements your face from the comfort of your home!

Keep reading to learn more about the most suitable hairstyles for these common face shapes:

  1. Round Face
  2. Oval Face
  3. Square Face
  4. Heart-shaped Face
  5. Diamond-shaped Face

1. Short Hair For Round Face

Try pixie Hairstyles using the best AI Hairstyle app YouCam Makeup

If you have a round face, textured layers in a pixie cut can create height and elongate your face, while a short, side-swept fringe or asymmetrical bob angles, slims, and breaks up the roundness of your face.

If you want to slim down your face in photos even more, try YouCam Makeup's face reshape tools or double chin removal tool!

2. Short Hair For Oval Face:

Try virtual Side Bob hairstyles using the best AI hairstyle app

A blunt or chin-length bob balances your face, while a cropped pixie cut gives you a chic look that highlights your features.

3. Short Hair For Square Face:

Try Layered Bob hairstyle using the best AI hairstyle app YouCam Makeup

A short, layered bob with wisps at the ends can soften your facial angles, while a pixie cut with a side part and textured layers rounds out your face. Try to avoid straight or blunt cuts that accentuate the squareness of your face.

4. Short Hair For Heart-Shaped Face:

Try Wavy Bob hairstyles using the bests short hairstyles app YouCam Makeup

Chin-length, textured bobs balance your facial proportions and soften your forehead. Side-swept bangs bring the focus to your eyes while shortening your forehead.

5. Short Hair For Diamond-Shaped Face:

Try virtual Bob Hairstyle using the best short hairstyle app to see what short hair would look on you

Adding volume at the crown of your head with a short bob balances your face, and layered pixie cuts or cropped styles with textured layers flatter your face with softer angles.

Download YouCam Makeup to Get AI Short Hairstyles

YouCam Makeup: More Than a Hairstyle App

Generate AI Avatar Images with YouCam Makeup's AI Avatar toolYouCam Makeup has a complete collection of beauty features to help you create any look you want, even beyond your next short hairstyle.

With the AI Avatar, you can generate your next profile pic and see yourself in different art styles and clothing. Use the body tuner and face reshape tools to refine your face shape, slim your waist, or enhance your bust or hips before you share them.

Try On Virtual Makeup Styles Using the best makeup filter app YouCam Makeup

The app's makeup looks to give you everything from colorful and elaborate makeup to understated daily designs. You can even create your own with makeup tools from actual brands!

Download YouCam Makeup: The Best Short Hair Filter App

Download the best hairstyle app for short hairstyle filters YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup has everything you need to put together the look of your dreams. Test any haircut you want before you head to the salon, and pair it with everything from seasonal to festival makeup. Download the app free from the App Store or Google Play to discover short hairstyles for your face shape!

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Short Hairstyles FAQs

1. How do I choose a short hairstyle?

When you’re choosing a new hairstyle, always go for what makes you feel good when you look in the mirror. You can also consider your face shape and how layers, texture, and style flatter it, as different ones create different effects.

2. How can I make long hair look short?

With YouCam Makeup, you can try different short hairstyles with one tap without changing your real hair. It gives you a virtual look at how any style works for your face, and you can try 20+ free and premium styles.

3. How do I style short natural hair?

Styling short natural hair depends on your hair texture. With YouCam Makeup, you can explore various looks, including textured layers, side parts, pixie cuts, and bobs.

Find Short Hairstyles For Your Face Shape With the Best AI Hairstyle App

Download the best hairstyle app for short hairstyle filters YouCam Makeup

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