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Top 5 Spooky Halloween Hair Color Ideas to Try Before Dye

Oct 21, 2021 · 4 minutes read
Top 5 Spooky Halloween Hair Color Ideas to Try Before Dye

There are so many great things about Halloween — candy, haunted houses, and, most importantly, costumes! Halloween fanatics know that the costume can only get you so far though. Unless you bear an uncanny resemblance to your character, you need makeup and often dyed or well-styled hair to really make your look sing.

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How to Temporarily Color Hair for Halloween

However, finding the right hair color to complement your Halloween costume look can be a daunting task. If you want to dye your hair in real life with color hair spray or hair dye, then you have to be very confident in your choice because the results cannot be reversed that easily! In addition, you risk damage to your wallet, your time, and your hair itself by using these harsh products.

Instead, we suggest using a fantastic virtual makeup app to try on hair colors before you commit to them for the big day! We’ve compiled five of the best hair colors for your Halloween costume look here, and you can try them all on virtually with the YouCam Makeup app before committing in real life.


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YouCam Makeup: the Best Hair Color App for Halloween Looks

Before we get into the specific colors you’ll want to experiment with for your perfect Halloween look, let’s talk about the app that’s going to make it all happen. We all know the internet is flooded with hundreds of app options, all claiming to easily edit your photos and your makeup, making it tough to know where to start. Enter, the YouCam Makeup app!

With more than 130 hair color options and the most advanced AI/AR hair technology, the YouCam Makeup app has top the lists of best hair color apps with its easy one-tap hair color application, handy blend, and shine adjustments.


Users will be able to explore 48 single colors, 48 ombre colors, 30 two-tone colors, and eight multi-hair colors easily in seconds, while applying matching makeup looks all in one app. 

5 Best Halloween Hair Colors for Your Costume Look

After knowing the best hair app to try, read on discover the five hottest hair colors that will complete your costume look, and try them on virtually to find the one that suits you best!

1. Dark Blue Goth


Looking to emulate Coraline, Joy or Sadness from Inside Out, or one of your favorite anime characters? Dark blue hair is the way to go for you! Although it feels very bold, it actually complements many skin tones, making it a great option for your Halloween costume. Plus, these characters all have different hairstyles, so you can also use the YouCam Makeup app to try those on at the same time. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

2. Green With Envy


What do Ferb from Phineas, Disgust from Inside Out, Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents, and the Joker all have in common? Striking green hair! Make your friends green with envy when they see your Halloween look accentuated by this daring hue. Explore the YouCam Makeup app to find the perfect shade for you, whether that’s a bold lime or more subdued gray/green.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

3. Spooky Purple & Blue 


Mixing blue and purple makes a shockingly beautiful tone, often called lilac, and many of our favorite characters have it to thank for their unique look. Think Mal from The Descendants, Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, Celia from Monsters Inc., and countless other anime personalities. This hair color is especially fun to experiment with within the YouCam Makeup app because you can control the shades of each color, how much coverage they have, and how much they’ll blend together. Playing around with multiple hues might actually convince you to rock this look permanently!  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

4. Rainbow Harley Quinn Hair


Going with a Harley Quinn inspired look for your Halloween celebration? A bright and bold hairstyle is going to be the perfect thing for you! Use the YouCam Makeup app to explore bright pinks, blues, and greens to get an otherworldly creation that’s just right for you. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

5. Classic Pumpkin Spice


"Orange is the new orange". No, we don’t mean the very popular TV show. Orange really is a statement-making hair color, especially around Halloween time! This hue is perfect if you’re dressing up as a pumpkin, Kim Possible, Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls, the Mad Hatter, or the many other characters who are known for their orange roots. Experiment with everything from copper to fiery orange until you find just the right one for your look with the YouCam Makeup app.  >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Celebrate Halloween With YouCam Makeup App!

Hair color has such an impact on your Halloween costume. With the YouCam Makeup app, you can virtually try on hair dye for your ideal Halloween costume look, before purchasing a new color hair spray on Etsy or Amazon. Moreover, if you just want a perfect Halloween selfie, YouCam Makeup will be a great helper too! With the most complete virtual makeup tools and thousands of look variations, YouCam Makeup is proud to own the biggest Halloween makeup filter collection on the market. 

Download the safe and easy-to-use app for either iOS or Android app now to have fun this Halloween!


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