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Best Free App to Try Unicorn Hair Colors Without Hair Dye
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Best Free App to Try Unicorn Hair Colors Without Hair Dye

Oct 15, 2021 · 4 minutes read
Best Free App to Try Unicorn Hair Colors Without Hair Dye

What’s the one mystical creature we all love? It’s none other than a unicorn! This magical critter has provided us with the trend to design and consume objects, clothing, costume makeup looks, and food with a rainbowed and vibrant color palette, usually composed of pastel or highly saturated colors such as pink, violet, blue, and green. This movement has translated particularly well to the hair color industry, allowing us to experiment with a multitude of beautiful color schemes.

As the name suggests, the unicorn hair look is truly magical. With this trend, hair strands of different colors blend together to form a beautiful look with a lot of pastel accents like light pink, turquoise, violet, and many more. Unicorn hair is certainly eye-catching, but it can also be quite time-consuming when it comes to recreating it in real life. However, thanks to the YouCam Makeup app, you have a unique opportunity to try unicorn hair color virtually before dyeing your hair to make sure you’ve found the perfect look.

YouCam Makeup: the Best App to Virtual Try Hair Colors

Before we get into five pastel unicorn hair colors to try, let us introduce the app that is going to make it all possible — YouCam Makeup! The YouCam Makeup app is known throughout the industry as being the best app for experimenting with makeup as well as haircuts and hair colors virtually to find your next look. With just a few taps in this easy-to-use, free app, you can see how you’d look with a completely different appearance, no expensive hair treatments or makeup purchases required.

Top 5 Unicorn Hair Colors to Try On Your Selfies 

Now that you know all about what the YouCam Makeup app can do, let’s review the top five gorgeous unicorn hair color ideas you can try out instantly.

1. Pastel dream


Have you ever dreamed of pastels? If so, “pastel dreams” is the look for you! Its combination of lavender purple, light blue, and lime green colors makes it a truly magical color scheme. Drag the slider on the right side of your screen up or down to adjust the saturation for a perfect pastel look. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

2. Ombre Unicorn Hair Color


If you’re eyeing a more soft and subtle ombre unicorn hair color look, “soft & tender” is just the one for you. The style gives you a transition from a light brown look to a soft gray, making for the perfect mystical color combo. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

3. Electric Avenue


When most of us think of unicorns, a mix of bold teal and purple first comes to mind, which is exactly what the “electric avenue” look is serving up! Use the sliders on your screen to adjust the coverage, the blending of the two colors, and to switch up which color is on the top and on the bottom. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

4. Cheery Rainbow


Who doesn’t love a good rainbow look? “Cheery rainbow” takes a mystical approach to this traditional color scheme and serves light, pastel versions for an ethereal look. Rainbows aren’t just for little kids anymore — give this look a try virtually right now! >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

5. Fading Sunset


You know those nights where the sunset looks almost fake because the colors are so beautiful? You can get that same look in your hair with a “fading sunset” color scheme! This hair color fades from a light orange/peach hue to an amber/brick, transitioning to light purple, then violet, and finally arriving at light blue. This look is truly majestic, and one that you’ll definitely want to experiment within the YouCam Makeup app. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

YouCam Makeup: Best App to Try Unicorn Hair Colors

Now that you know our top five unicorn hair colors to try out yourself, and how you can do so quickly and easily with the YouCam Makeup app, you’re ready to start experimenting with this trend and many more!

Get this safe and easy-to-use app for either iOS or Android for free right now to live out your most magical and enchanting ombre unicorn hair color dream!

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