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5 Spooky Glam Unicorn Makeup Looks Perfect For Halloween
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5 Spooky Glam Unicorn Makeup Looks Perfect For Halloween

Oct 19, 2021 · 4 minutes read
5 Spooky Glam Unicorn Makeup Looks Perfect For Halloween

Unicorn makeup looks are a perfect way to add some magic and fantasy to your life. They are also the top choices when it comes to putting on a spooky glam Halloween look. Why not escape from reality for a short while and try on these jaw-dropping looks? What’s more, you can instantly try on these looks and experiment with unicorn-themed makeup and hair elements with the YouCam Makeup app!

YouCam Makeup: Best App for Halloween Unicorn Makeup Looks

Whether you only use makeup for a special night out or you’re a budding makeup guru artist in the making, the YouCam Makeup app is the perfect solution for helping you refresh your look. With over 500 millions users worldwide and trusted by dozens of major beauty brands, YouCam Makeup is the best free makeup app on the market to virtually try on hundreds of makeup looks and hair colors.


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With an active beauty lover community, YouCam Makeup also collaborate with top makeup influencers to bring their gorgeous creation to life, from drag queen Gigi Goode to lip art guru @vladamua. Read on to discover five gorgeous unicorn makeup look ideas for your Halloween celebration, and how you can virtually try them on in the YouCam Makeup app!

1. Rainbow Unicorn Look


The namesake unicorn look transforms your hair into a gorgeous teal and purple color and gives you a bedazzled unicorn tiara with a horn and matching eye makeup.  >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

2. Dramatic Unicorn Look


If you want a seriously dramatic makeup look, you can go all out with accessories too. Break out that flower crown with little white ears and pinecones. Bedazzle your forehead and the bridge of your nose with silver jewels. Curl your lashes with dark mascara and then add a touch of light glittery eyeshadow for that stark contrast. You’ll steal the show as the prettiest unicorn in town.

Image Credit: @agakle_makeup Instagram

3. Dazzling Unicorn Look


Want a mystical unicorn-inspired look that gives you that luminous fairytale glow in seconds? Then go to Looks followed by the Halloween section and find the @Yire_Castillo unicorn magic makeup look. You’ll be fully glammed out with glitter, blush, a flower crown, and rainbow horn.  >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

4. Sparkling Unicorn Look


The princess's look has a flower crown and a shiny chrome horn. With the sparkling look, you can adjust how much you want the blue and purple eye makeup to stand out.  >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

5. Stylish Unicorn Looks


Admittedly, not all of us want to have the full-on unicorn glitz, glamour, and glitter all over us. Sometimes that horn and the flower crown all at once is just too much. If you prefer a simple look, there’s a minimalist unicorn option for you. Under the Daily section under Looks, select Pink Pop for a makeup look brought to you by the creative genius behind the fashion brand, Neubyrne. If you believe that life is a present and you want to look like a gift, get inspired by the look from this fashion brand. Pink Pop injects a shot of electric pink and white liner for a gaze that really pops.  >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Celebrate Halloween With YouCam Makeup App!

You can turn your fantasy into a reality with any of these fun unicorn looks. Moreover, if you just want a perfect Halloween selfie, YouCam Makeup will be a great helper too! With the most complete virtual makeup tools and thousands of look variations, YouCam Makeup is proud to own the biggest Halloween makeup filter collection on the market. Also, the app it's having it's biggest Halloween sale ever, which you can unlock all premium features in the app with 50% off subscription fee!

So, are you ready to reach for the rainbows with your easy makeup edits? Download the YouCam Makeup app for either iOS or Android today to get started on your magical creation!

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