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How to Find the Best Prom Makeup Look For Your Style

Apr 23, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How to Find the Best Prom Makeup Look For Your Style

The most important dance of the year is finally here, it's prom! Prom season is such a busy time of year but it’s beyond fun picking out your favorite dress and getting all dressed up, dancing the night away.

After you find the pretty dress, pick out your shoes, and choose the hairstyle, it’s time for the makeup. Choosing the perfect makeup look to perfectly match your dress and personality can be a little tricky but we’ve compiled the top prom makeup looks to help you choose.

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Best App to Explore Prom Makeup Looks 

With over 500 million global users and trusted by dozens of major beauty brands, YouCam Makeup app offers the most complete virtual makeup experience for you to test out the latest beauty trends and show of your creativity.

Head over to the free YouCam Makeup app and take a look at the some of the best prom makeup looks that will suits your style! 

How to Find Prom Makeup Ideas For You: 5 Classic Looks

Take a risk this year and try something new, whether that’s doing something more natural with your makeup or opting for super glammed up, experiment with your makeup look. Keep it natural or spice it up with some glitter — it's your time to shine!

#1 Natural Prom Makeup


Prom makeup can be a little intimidating, especially to the girls who prefer more natural makeup looks. An important thing to remember is that prom is about having fun and feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

Adding a light peachy eyeshadow tone to your eyes, like this Sweet Peach look, adds a subtle pop to your eyes. Keeping with the natural and subtle theme of this look, keep the rest of your look simple with light dewy makeup. Simply add a light contour, blush, and highlight and enhance your natural glow, leaving you glimmering all night long. >> Download YouCam Makeup & Try the Look!

#2 Silver Prom Makeup


If drama is what you are looking to rock this prom season, try out this “Silver Shine” look within the YouCam Makeup app. This look goes with almost anything, so no need to fret over if it will match your dress!

From the bold cat eye to the full glam lashes, this look is guaranteed to make you feel like a silvery princess on your special night. With the eyes as the focal point of the whole look, adding a little blush to your cheeks will give you a touch of color but is not overpowering. All focus will remain on your gorgeous eyes. >> Download YouCam Makeup & Try the Look!

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#3 Gold Prom Makeup


If being bold and elegant was your goal, this gold prom look in YouCam Makeup will be perfect for you. Rock a pop of sparkly gold eyeshadow, bringing out the warmth in your skin tone and making your eyes shine. Be even bolder with a ruby lip and unlock the attitude that a bright red lip can bring.

A prom makeup look isn’t complete without a little eyeliner. Adding a simple or bold eyeliner would take your 2021 prom makeup look to the next level. With these ruby lips and sparkling eyes, this look is guaranteed to turn heads in your direction. >> Download YouCam Makeup & Try the Look!


#4 Pink Prom Makeup


Be pretty in pink! Using the same shade of pink on your eyes, lips, and cheeks will give you an all-over cohesive look. Finish this look off by rocking a bold brow and your 2021 prom makeup is all set to keep you looking glamorous all night long. >> Download YouCam Makeup & Try the Look!

#5 Glitter Prom Makeup


Shine almost as bright as your personality with this “Boss Lady” look this 2021 prom season. This glitter prom look brings attention to your eyes with a sparkly silver eyeshadow and stunning winged eyeliner. Adding a small liner to your lash line will not only enhance your eyes but also bring more attention to your lashes.

To keep this look focused on your glittery eyes, add just a little blush and highlight to your cheeks. But no makeup look is complete without some lipstick, and here you’ll find a pink lip is perfect to tie this colorful glitter look together. You’ll have a super cute look to rock all prom night long. >> Download YouCam Makeup & Try the Look!

Find Your 2021 Prom Makeup Look Now! 

Want more ideas? The YouCam Makeup app has even more makeup looks available for you to virtually test. Download the YouCam Makeup app today free in your App Store or Google Play. Choosing your perfect prom makeup look has never been made easier. Head on over to the YouCam Makeup app and create your perfect prom makeup look just in time for your special day.

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