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How to Achieve Soft Girl Aesthetic: Makeup, Hair & Photo Edit Tips
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How to Achieve Soft Girl Aesthetic: Makeup, Hair & Photo Edit Tips

Aug 17, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How to Achieve Soft Girl Aesthetic: Makeup, Hair & Photo Edit Tips

Soft girl, the hottest style keyword since the rise of TikTok, has taken over the world of Gen Z and even part of Millennials as one of the most sought-after styles in the digital world. From soft girl aesthetic makeup, soft girl hairstyles, to soft girl photo editing tips, it has created its own fan space on multiple social platforms including Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram, with countless fan accounts and followers.

What Is a Soft Girl

A soft girl is the quintessential “cute” girl. It’s an aesthetic that balances a touch of glamour and a pared-down relaxed style. Think pastel pink hues, bright bubbling personality, glossy lips, ponytails, and oversized sweatshirts. It’s an aesthetic that’s the desired mix of glamorous, yet natural and approachable. It’s the modern-day girl next door vibe and one that radiates positive vibes and happiness. 


Talking about iconic soft girl style icons, the entire soft girl persona is inspired by the original soft girl, Ariana Grande. She masters the delicate combination of glamorous and laid back, sexy and cute. 

Similarly, Rose (aka Black Pink Rose) also resonates that effortless dreamy vibe that soft girls strive for daily. New emerging TikTok stars like Rachel Lee Tyler, Brooke Styles, and Nico1eodeon also radiate that laid-back, bubbling soft girl vibe. 

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Soft Girl Aesthetic: Makeup

When it comes to soft girl aesthetic makeup, soft girls strive to master that ethereal aesthetic of done up, but not trying too hard. Some makeup tips to easily recreate the soft girl aesthetic:

  1. Soft pastel colors add a subtle contrast to natural complexions
  2. Flittering accents and highlights for an overall brighter and cheerful look
  3. Awash of rosy pink blush on the apples of the cheeks is a must
  4. Cheerful accents, like clouds, hearts, or faux freckles may be painted across their cheeks or nose for added dreamy effect.
  5. A finishing touch with a staple glossy pink lip completes the perfect soft girl makeup style


Pastel pink colors are essential when it comes to soft girl aesthetic makeup. 

Best way to practice this soft pastel aesthetic makeup style? Discover glossy lip color effects and tap through a range of pink and pastel hues to find your best match with the leading virtual beauty app, YouCam Makeup. The app allows you to browse and discover a rainbow of soft girl hues and styles virtually through augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) -powered virtual try-on. You can also play with different blush styles, changing colors, intensity, and application placement with a tap. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Soft Girl Aesthetic: Hair Colors

Soft girl hair comes in a few different styles. When it comes to hair color, soft girls stick to the muted, pastel palette, often favoring bubblegum pink above all else. As for styles, you can find soft girls rocking sleek ponytails like Ariana Grande and looser tousled styles with hair clips and accessories that play up the cuteness factor. 


Cheerful bubblegum pink is a popular hair color for the soft girl aesthetic. 

To experience soft girl hair ideas, download the YouCam Makeup app and experiment with a rainbow of hair color options including ombre and two-toned effects that give you a true-to-life virtual try-on in seconds. Browse through hair colors, adjusting the color intensity to meet the muted pastel palette of the soft girl, and find the perfect hair shade to make your soft girl aesthetic. 

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Soft Girl Aesthetic: Selfie Edit

For finishing touches to complete the soft girl vibes, photo editing is kept subtle and used to add a brighter, softer, happier vibe to photos. For some, that means softening lines and contrast throughout the photo to give a calmer, more cheerful vibe. For others that means adding in ethereal accents, with twinkle and glitter effects that cast an angelic feel over the photos.


YouCam Makeup's constellation effect is a perfect fit for soft girl edit styles. 

YouCam Makeup’s featured galaxy-inspired constellation effects add a simple otherworldly vibe that soft girls strive to achieve, and can do so with a tap. The virtual try-on editing experience makes achieving soft girl vibes for your photos seamless and easy. Looking to explore the soft girl aesthetic? Download the free YouCam Makeup app to discover thousands of styles, looks, and effects to find the soft girl vibe that is made for you.

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