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4 Best E-Girl Makeup Filters For Aesthetic Selfies In 2022
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4 Best E-Girl Makeup Filters For Aesthetic Selfies In 2022

Nov 28, 2021 · 4 minutes read
4 Best E-Girl Makeup Filters For Aesthetic Selfies In 2022

In the age of social media personas, the E-girl has spoken and her striking style is making a statement. From makeup, outfits to hair colors, the E-girl is the edgier counterpart to the soft girl and is noticed for her emo, yet playful, punk rock vibes. These two styles, though each distinct, utilize some of the most popular makeup aesthetics of the year. It’s no surprise they’ve quickly become staples on our TikTok feed.

Best App to Try E-Girl Aesthetics Filters

The YouCam Makeup app is the best makeup selfie app that offers thousands of makeup filters and selfie editing tools for beauty lovers to snap that perfect selfie.

Aside from owning the best makeup filter gallery, YouCam Makeup is also the best hair color changing app with over 150 hair color options, to add even more aesthetic vibes to any selfies. 

Read on to discover the top four e girl makeup filters you can try in the free-to-download YouCam Makeup app!

YouCam Makeup is the best selfie editing app for face shape editing, blemish removal, apply makeup filters and glam your daily selfies.

Top Aesthetics E-Girl Makeup Makeup Filters In 2022

To achieve e girl aesthetic e girl looks, take below style tips at heart first:

  • Electric hair color
  • Heavy eyeliner
  • Extended blush
  • Artsy decorations

The trending E-girls style has never been easier to achieve, thanks to the hyper-realistic virtual beauty app, YouCam Makeup. This fun and the convenient app allows you to experiment with a must-have aesthetic E-girl makeup look with a tap so you can find the perfect E-girl style to match your mood. Check out below E-Girl aesthetics styles you'll see everywhere in 2022 now!

1. Graphic Eyeliner X Electric Hair Color

E-girls don’t just get experimental with their makeup look. They also love to play with a rainbow of hair colors to fit their mood. They never stick to the same color and always look to switch it up to something new. The YouCam Makeup app invites the ultimate hair color discovery journey, giving users the ability to browse through hundreds of hair colors and effects in real-time to find the best new hair color to match their E-girl vibes. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

2. Heart Decorations

E-girl makeup is the perfect balance of cool and cute, with striking definition around the eyes, that is beautifully balanced by playful heart- or star-shaped accents. The heavy blush typically extends across the entire face for a rosy glow that leaves skin extra radiant. Combine the three elements: defined eyes, playful accents, and a rosy flush, and the results are nothing short of trend-worthy. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

3. Chic Faux freckles

To perfectly master the cute-meets-cool-girl vibe, E-girls like to use exaggerated faux freckles across their cheeks and nose. To try the look for yourself, use the YouCam Makeup app to play with the Desert Star look, which pairs a dramatic E-girl eyeliner with a dusting of blue faux freckles over the face. The result is nothing short of an E-girl stunner.  >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

4. E-Girl Nose Ring Cool

For the most committed E-girls, you will likely find nose or eyebrow piercing. These are also key elements of the E-girl aesthetic and help to master that balanced cool-cute vibe. If you’re still flirting with the idea of a real piercing, test a virtual piercing using YouCam Makeup’s virtual try-on. Featured looks like Sandy Glow, feature piercings that let you experiment with the E-girl trend without commitment to the pinch. >> Download YouCam Makeup app & Try!

Download YouCam Makeup: Best App For E Girl Makeup Filters

If you’ve been interested in trying E-Girl's cool, cute style, experiment with YouCam Makeup’s virtual try-on to instantly test all the classic E-Girl beauty styles in seconds to find what matches your mood best.

Browse from hundreds of curated looks, or create your own E-Girl look with endless products including eyeliner, eyelashes, lip color, face paint, hair color, and more all with a tap in the FREE YouCam Makeup app. Download YouCam Makeup in a tap and find your perfect E-girl aesthetic now!

More Trendy Aesthetics

YouCam Makeup is the best selfie editing app for face shape editing, blemish removal, apply makeup filters and glam your daily selfies.

Want to know more about the latest beauty trends? Subscribe to the YouCam Makeup YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram for the hottest beauty, makeup, and skincare trends.

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