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How to Apply Concealer Under the Eyes, on Breakouts and More
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How to Apply Concealer Under the Eyes, on Breakouts and More

Aug 15, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Apply Concealer Under the Eyes, on Breakouts and More

Learning how to apply concealer can be tricky. Even the most dedicated beauty enthusiasts who know how to achieve the ultimate beauty look can find it challenging to master the fine art of applying this magical product that can essentially make your skin look flawless.

In this article, we will guide you through the most important two steps when applying concealer, and specific tips to cover your under-eye area, breakouts or dark spots, also how you can achieve a flawless look in real life and on your selfies with the best free makeup app - YouCam Makeup.

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How to Apply Concealer: 2 Must-Know Tips

What’s the secret to applying concealer in the most natural and effective way? It all begins with selecting the right color. After all, learning the best way to apply concealer won’t make a difference if the shade you wear is too light or too dark. The right tone is one that best flatters your skin tone and blends right in, lending you a natural look.

It’s a general misconception that you should spot treat your skin and then proceed to apply the rest of your beauty products. But putting on foundation and powder last can actually backfire, as it’s likely to result in removing the concealer you worked so hard to apply beforehand. To ensure that it stays put, make concealer application the next step — after you’ve applied foundation.

YouCam Makeup — the Best Beauty App

Achieving those coveted beauty looks is incredibly easy with the YouCam Makeup app. If you’ve never quite figured out how to apply under-eye concealer or want to learn how to apply concealer to spots like you’re an expert, you’re in the right place. With this convenient app, you can easily conceal skin concerns, like redness, dark spots, and undereye circles, with a few quick taps of a button.


With the foundation feature in the app, you can test up to 22 standard shades with the most advanced AR makeup try-on technology. What's even better, the YouCam Makeup app has partnerships with most of the major makeup brands, which you can also test the shades of products in real life>> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

How to Apply Concealer: Under the Eyes

Your eyeliner and eyeshadow will look their best when you cover up the circles under your eyes. You can counter them by using a light color, which will neutralize the often bluish and grayish undertones that make dark circles so noticeable. For the greatest effect, apply your product of choice in an inverted triangle formation.

Use your ring finger or a beauty blending sponge to tap it onto your skin in circles — don’t rub, as this can cause it to “vanish” into your skin. As you tap, make a gentle circular motion so that it blends carefully into your foundation. The end result should be smooth, seamless, and natural. Add a touch of setting powder to lock in your concealer.

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How to Apply Concealer: Cover Breakouts

Breakouts can make you feel self-conscious, especially when you’re having your photograph taken. To ensure your skin looks its best, both in person and in pictures, master this simple concealer application method to minimize the appearance of spots, scars, and marks that would otherwise be noticeable. Start by applying your primer, which will prevent concealer from seeping into the affected area and calling even more attention to it.

Once the primer is set, dab your concealing product directly onto the breakout, either with your finger or a sponge. The idea here is to prevent a blunt look, as this can be very obvious. Allowing the concealer to expand a bit around the breakout makes it easier to blend into the surrounding skin. Add a small drop of foundation to the area, then gently blend outward, taking great care not to smudge the makeup. Finish with a light-setting powder to lock the concealer in place. Voila — your breakouts should be invisible!

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How to Apply Concealer: Hide Dark Spots

Dark spots can be distracting, especially if you’re conscious of them and they rob you of your self-esteem. You’re beautiful no matter what, and that’s important to remember as you use your concealer to hide the spot that bothers you. Like you did when covering a breakout, apply makeup primer first to ensure your concealer stays put. Then follow these easy steps: Apply foundation to the affected area and blend gently. Add a dot of concealer with a sponge or your finger, then blend outward. Use a setting powder to lock the makeup in place.

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Apply Concealer With YouCam Makeup

Now that you know how to apply concealer like you’re a professional makeup artist, master the art of applying it virtually, too! You’ll be amazed by the way you can quickly and easily apply concealer on the YouCam Makeup app — with just a single click. Bid farewell to dark circles, breakouts, and spots, and enjoy the beauty of a flawless image. Download the YouCam Makeup with both iOS and Android.

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