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10 Must-Try Makeup Aesthetics of 2024
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10 Must-Try Makeup Aesthetics of 2024

Mar 20, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best makeup aesthetics to try in 2024: 1.soft girl aesthetics, 2. e girl aesthetics, 3. Instagram Baddie Aesthetics 4. Y2K Aesthetics, 5. Anime Aesthetics, 6.Korean Makeup Aesthetics

Welcome to the exciting world of makeup trends in 2024. From glamorous 'glitter lips' to cute 'fake freckles' and cozy 'latte makeup', there's a trend for everyone.

And the best part? You don't need to be a makeup pro to experiment with these looks. With the user-friendly makeup filter app YouCam Makeup, trying out these trendy styles is super easy.

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Best Makeup Aesthetics to Try in 2024

In this blog, we'll explore 10 popular makeup aesthetics that are making waves on TikTok and Instagram.

Get ready to unleash your inner makeup artist and dive into the exciting world of 2024's hottest makeup aesthetic trends!

1. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Glazed Blush

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Glazed Blush

Source: Instagram @melissa.hurkman

The makeup aesthetic trend "glazed blush" is all about making your cheeks look dewy and fresh. Instead of regular blush, this trend uses blush with a shiny, moisturized finish. You can make it subtle or bold, depending on how much you use.

To get the look, try using a creamy blush or liquid highlighter. You can apply it to the apples of your cheeks for a cute, doll-like flush, or a bit higher for a more lifted look.

2. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Glitter Lips

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Glitter Lips

Source: Instagram @brushmeworld

This aesthetic focuses on adding sparkle and shine to the lips using glittery lipsticks, lip glosses, or loose glitter applied over lipstick. It creates a dazzling and eye-catching look perfect for parties and special occasions.

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3. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Latte Makeup

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Latte Makeup

Source: Instagram @sorokairyna

Inspired by the warm and creamy tones of a latte, this aesthetic features soft, neutral shades reminiscent of coffee hues. It typically includes warm browns, soft beige, and creamy tones to create a makeup look perfect for everyday wear.

4. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Fake Freckles

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Fake Freckles

Source: Instagram @deessesmakeup

Embracing the natural beauty of freckles, this aesthetic involves using makeup techniques to create the appearance of freckles on the face. It adds a youthful touch to any makeup look, often achieved using brow pencils, gel liners, or specialized freckle pens.

5. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Korean Makeup

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Korean Makeup

Source: Instagram @enaieun

The K-pop craze has taken the world by storm, introducing Korean makeup aesthetics as one of the hottest beauty trends. Famous for ombre lip color, colored eye contact and elegant eyeliner and lashes combination, this simple yet stylish makeup style is definitely something to watch out for.

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6. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Douyin Makeup

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Douyin

Source: Instagram @maryliascott

Douyin makeup refers to makeup trends popular on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

Typical Douyin makeup features include a focus on fresh, youthful looks with bright eye colors, full brows, glowing skin, and gentle contouring. Eye makeup is a big deal, with bold eyeshadows and long lashes stealing the show.

7. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Soft Glam

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Soft Glam

Source: Instagram @melissa.hurkman

This aesthetic focuses on achieving a natural yet polished look with soft colors, subtle contouring, and minimalistic eye makeup.

8. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: E-Girl

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: E-Girl Aesthetics

Source: Instagram @maryliascott

Popular social platforms like TikTok spark different makeup aesthetics, and among them are the E-girls.

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Blue E-Girl Aesthetics

Source: Instagram @maryliascott

Shortened from "Electronic girls", E-girl aesthetics celebrate the emo, yet playful punk vibes. Vibrant Hair colors, artsy face art decorations, and cool cat eyes are all the classic symbols of the dynamic E-girl style.

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9. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Instagram Baddie

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Instagram Baddie

Source: Instagram @glambymajha

Another social media beauty force is the Instagram baddies. Inspired by girl bosses like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner, the baddie aesthetics signal flawless, confident beauty looks that perfectly showcase girl power. The top features of Instagram baddie aesthetics include sharp eyebrows, glowy highlights, and sexy nude lips.

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10. Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Y2K

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Y2K Aesthetics

Source: Instagram @sammy_kechappu

The Y2K (the Year 2000) aesthetic is a fashion trend that combines the best of the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Makeup Aesthetics 2024: Y2K Butterfly

Source: Instagram @maryliascott

You'll often see shades like baby pink and lavender on the eyes and lips. People use butterfly designs in their makeup, drawn with eyeliner or as hair accessories. Chunky hair clips, sometimes with rhinestones, are also popular. Basically, Y2K makeup brings back the fun and feminine style of the early 2000s.

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