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I Tested 5 Online AI Hairstyle Changers and Here’s The Result
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I Tested 5 Online AI Hairstyle Changers and Here’s The Result

Apr 2, 2024 · 3 minutes read

In 2024, online AI hairstyle tools have evolved, offering many options to experiment with various hairdos virtually.

In this article, I tested over 10 online AI hairstyle tools to come out with the top 5 picks. Read on to find the one for you!

What is an “AI Hairstyle Changer”

▲ YouCam AI hairstyle Changer Interface

First thing first, what is an AI hairstyle generator? AI Hairstyle Changer is a revolutionary online tool powered by AI that allows users to virtually try on various hairstyles. By uploading a photo, users can explore an extensive library of hairstyles and experiment with different looks in a realistic and fun way.

Summary of the 5 Best Free Online AI Hairstyles in 2024

After a round of tests, here are my top picks for AI hairstyle try-on online:

Online AI Hairstyle ChangerNumber of HairstylesBest for
YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer
28 (7 male, 21 female)Most natural-looking hairstyle-changing
Fotor Hairstyle Changer
25 (9 male, 16 female)Face swapping for hairstyles with outfit and background
47 (23 male, 24 female)Changing hairstyles with hair colors
13 (4 male, 9 female)Customizing hairstyles with text
Generate from Text100% Free hairstyle try-on with text

1. YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer: Best for Most Natural-Looking Hairstyle Changing

YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer: Best Free Online Virtual AI Hairstyle Tool

  • Available: Online/ Mobile
  • Price of Online Tool: Sign up to gain 5 Free credits; $2.5 subscription for monthly credits.

YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer stands out as the top choice for achieving the most natural-looking changes to your hairstyle. With its impressive ability to deliver realistic results, it excels in providing users with a seamless and authentic virtual hairstyling experience.

Immersive Virtual Hairstyle Try-On: Flawlessly Matching Your Head

YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer offers an immersive virtual try-on experience, utilizing advanced AI to beautify and perfectly match the generated hairstyles with your unique head and face features. Effortlessly visualize and explore the ideal look tailored just for you.

Tool Review of YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer

  • Naturalness of Outputs: 4.5/5
    After trying hairstyles with different photos, we found that the AI not only placed the hair but also fine-tuned it to complement the head shape and eyebrows. As a result, the output appeared natural and beautiful.
  • Variety of Hairstyles: 4/5
    The current selection includes over 20 hairstyle options for women and 7 for men, primarily featuring trendy styles from recent years. This is suitable for those who enjoy keeping up with popular haircut trends but may not be ideal for individuals seeking specific hairstyles.
  • User-Friendliness: 4/5
    The overall interface is pretty simple and clear. There are no further photo editing features for hair. In the alternative, it has some AI photo editing features like “AI Enhance” and “AI Avatar”.

Summary of YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer

The primary advantage of the YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer is its ability to provide 'Natural-Looking' results. Despite lacking additional editing features, its diverse selection of trendy hairstyles is well-suited for users who wish to experiment with different looks and stay current with the latest trends on social media.

2. Fotor Hairstyle Changer: Best for Face Swapping With Hairstyle, Outfit and Background

  • Available: Online/ Mobile
  • Price of Online Tool: Sign up to get 5 free credits; $2.66 subscription for monthly credits.

Fotor Hairstyle Changer introduces a unique approach to hairstyling through advanced face-swapping technology. This innovative feature allows users to seamlessly change their hairstyle by effortlessly swapping faces, ensuring a fun and creative experience with remarkable performance and accuracy.

Optimal Face-Swapping Technology for Simulating Your Ideal Hairstyle

Fotor Hairstyle Changer, equipped with optimal face-swapping technology, allows you to effortlessly simulate your ideal hairstyle. Choose from a variety of default styles or upload your own photo to customize and visualize the perfect look tailored to your preferences.

Tool Review of Fotor Hairstyle Changer

  • Naturalness of Outputs: 3.8/5
    After testing various face-swapping scenarios, Fotor Hairstyle Changer impresses with its ability to seamlessly integrate selected hairstyles onto different faces. The results appear quite natural, adjusting well to facial features.
  • Variety of Hairstyles: 4.5/5
    Fotor offers a diverse array of hairstyles to choose from, including 'Yearbook,' '80s Fever,' and 'Rehair Salon,' catering to a wide range of preferences. Users can enjoy experimenting with popular and trendy styles, ensuring an engaging and dynamic experience.
  • User-Friendliness: 4/5
    The interface is user-friendly, providing a hassle-free experience for users to swap and preview different hairstyles. Fotor excels in simplicity and ease of use.

Summary of Fotor Hairstyle Changer

If you already have ideal hairstyle model photos, Fotor is a good option to try different styles. Fotor Hairstyle Changer stands out for its efficient face-swapping functionality and a broad selection of hairstyles. However, if you expect a more realistic hairstyle try-on, this tool might not satisfy your needs.

3. AILAB TOOLS: Best for Changing Hairstyles With Hair Colors

  • Available: Online/ Mobile
  • Price of Online Tool: Sign up to get 5 monthly free credits/ $4.99 subscription for 50 credits

AILAB TOOLS secures its position as the best choice for those looking to change hairstyles with preferred colors. The tool's focus on color customization adds a unique dimension to virtual hairstyling, allowing users to explore a variety of vibrant and personalized looks.

Unlimited Hairstyle and Color Trials Before Making Your Decision

AILAB Hairstyle Changer goes beyond providing diverse hairstyle options; it also includes a range of hair colors, catering to individuals who seek comprehensive transformations.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to set the 'Creation Quantity' up to 4, allowing them to explore and compare various generated styles before making their ultimate decision.

Tool Review of AILAB Hairstyle Changer

  • Naturalness of Outputs: 4.2/5
    The generated hair quality and color are quite natural and attractive. Occasionally, the generated eyebrows may clash with the original ones, resulting in somewhat peculiar outcomes. However, this can be compensated for as they offer unlimited tries before allowing you to download the results.
  • Variety of Hairstyles: 3.8/5
    The available free options are fewer compared to other tools. However, for paid users, the range of options is quite extensive.
  • User-Friendliness: 3.6/5
    The interface setting is a little bit inconvenient for viewing all the hairstyles quickly.
    They offer 'Creation Quantity' options to determine how many images to generate at a time.

Summary of AILAB Hairstyle Changer

AILAB TOOLS stands out for its specialization in changing hairstyles with preferred colors. Users can enjoy a visually creative experience with a variety of hairstyles enriched by vibrant color customization.

4. LightX: Best for Customizing Hairstyles From Text 

  • Available: Online
  • Price of Online Tool: Sign up to get 10 daily free credits/ $5.99 subscription for monthly credits.

LightX distinguishes itself as the go-to choice for users looking to customize hairstyles using text prompts. With its innovative approach, the tool allows for a personalized and text-driven hairstyling experience.

Select from Popular Hairstyles and Fine-Tune with Prompt Text

LightX Hairstyle Changer offers a selection of popular hairstyles, allowing you to fine-tune your choice with prompt text for precise customization. Explore a variety of trendy looks and effortlessly tailor them to your liking with this versatile and user-friendly tool.

Tool Review of LightX AI Hairstyle Changer

  • Naturalness of Outputs: 3.8/ 5
    The customization of text prompts is intriguing and adds an unlimited dimension to the hairstyles. However, perhaps because of this feature, the results may occasionally not precisely match the original faces. Achieving a natural look may require additional effort.
  • Variety of Hairstyles: 4/5
    Their current selection of hairstyles is somewhat limited, comprising around 13 options. To explore additional hairstyle choices, further experimentation with text prompts is necessary.
  • User-Friendliness: 3.5/5
    Due to a limited number of options and the absence of text prompt guidance, first-time users may find it challenging to generate the desired hairstyle.

Summary of LightX AI Hairstyle Changer

LightX stands out as an innovative choice for users who are familiar with AI prompt usage and desire customized hairstyles through text prompts. Its ability to merge creativity with hairstyling offers a unique and engaging experience, making it a preferred tool for personalized image transformations.

5. BoredHumans: 100% Free AI Hairstyle Generator From Text

  • Available: Online
  • Price of Online Tool: Free

BoredHumans earns its place as the best choice for a totally free AI hairstyle generator, offering users an accessible platform without any cost barriers.

Free-to-Use Tool for Converting Text into Hairstyles

BoredHumans Hairstyle Changer offers a free-to-use tool that transforms text into dynamic and creative hairstyles. Experience the fun and innovation as you effortlessly convert your ideas into personalized and unique hair designs.

Tool Review of BoredHumans Hairstyle Changer

  • Naturalness of Outputs: 3.3/ 5
    BoredHumans generates hairstyles with moderate naturalness, and while the results are acceptable, there is room for improvement in achieving a more lifelike appearance.
  • Variety of Hairstyles: 3.5/ 5
    BoredHumans, unique in its approach, relies on text prompts for hairstyle generation. However, the available options may be limited, earning it a moderate score in variety.
  • User-Friendliness: 3.5/ 5
    BoredHumans maintains a user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate and experiment with different hairstyles with relative ease. Although it offers a decent user experience, there is potential for enhancements to further improve usability.

Summary of BoredHumans Hairstyle Changer

BoredHumans is an excellent option for users seeking a totally free AI hairstyle generator. With a user-friendly interface, and the standout "text-to-hairstyle" feature, it provides an accessible and creative platform without any financial commitment.


Are you ready to transform your look without the commitment of a haircut?

Start trying virtual hairstyles online with free AI hairstyle changers in 2024!

Experiment with a variety of styles from the comfort of your home, discovering the perfect look for any occasion.

Unleash your creativity today and embark on a virtual hairstyling journey – your new favorite hairstyle is just a click away!

Online AI Hairstyle Changers FAQ

How do online AI hairstyle changers work?

Online AI hairstyle changers use advanced algorithms to analyze facial features and apply virtual hairstyles to uploaded photos. The algorithms simulate realistic changes, allowing users to visualize different hairstyles on themselves.

Can I use these tools on my mobile device?

Yes, most online AI hairstyle changers offer app versions for mobile devices, like YouCam Makeup app.

YouCam Makeup is an AI-powered face filter that introduced 'AI Hairstyle' for virtual transformations. With added features like hair color and makeup filters, it offers a comprehensive virtual beauty experience in just one app.

How accurate are the virtual hairstyles compared to real-life results?

The accuracy of virtual hairstyles varies across platforms. If you're seeking a satisfying virtual hairstyle changer, we recommend YouCam AI Hairstyle Changer. It's powered by a mature algorithm that can analyze your head in the photo and fine-tune the hairstyles for vivid results.

While some platforms deliver highly realistic outcomes, others may have limitations. We suggest exploring user reviews and trying different options to find a platform that aligns with your expectations.

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