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How to Use Free Content-Aware Fill: 3 Tools You Should Try
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How to Use Free Content-Aware Fill: 3 Tools You Should Try

Apr 26, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Online Content Aware Fill Tool in 2024

Have you used Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill tool?

Are you looking for a free Content-Aware Fill alternative online tool or app?

In this guide, I'll introduce you to a free online Content-Aware Fill tool and show you how to effectively remove and replace objects from your photos.

Say goodbye to complicated interfaces as I walk you through the simple steps of harnessing the power of this tool for seamless editing.

Best Free Content-Aware Fill App for Mobile and Online in 2024

YouCam Enhance is also like a Content Aware Fill Tool

If you're seeking a free Content-Aware Fill tool to edit objects in photos using AI, I recommend YouCam Enhance as an alternative app.

YouCam Enhance is an advanced AI photo editing app accessible on both mobile and online platforms, providing a range of AI features similar to those you desire in Content-Aware Fill, such as "AI Object Remover," "AI Image Extender," and "AI Replace."

Best AI Content Aware Fill App: YouCam Enhance

Next, allow me to demonstrate how to utilize these Content-Aware Fill tools.

How to Use Content-Aware Fill: 3 Best Tools You Should Try

I will now demonstrate the simple process of using these content-aware fill tools on my photos.

1. How to Remove Objects With Content-Aware Fill

I tried removing the "Stop sign" in the photo with Content Aware Fill

The most popular application of Content-Aware Fill is “AI Object Removal”.

Compared to other ordinary object removal tools, YouCam Enhance offers an “Advanced AI Object Remover”, powered by Generative AI.

It not only removes the object but also regenerates the background by identifying the original content of the photo.

To remove objects from a photo using Content-Aware Fill, activate the app's "AI Removal" feature, then switch the object remover to 'Advanced' mode.

Simply brush over the objects you wish to remove and tap 'Remove'. The Content-Aware AI will instantly eliminate them without causing blurring.

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2. How to Replace Objects in a Photo With Content-Aware Fill

I tried replacing the "cup" in the photo with a camera

Secondly, with this app's "AI Replace" feature, you can not only remove objects but also replace them with anything you desire! Simply add a text prompt specifying what you want to replace the original content with, and the content-aware AI will execute the replacement accordingly.

To replace objects in a photo using Content-Aware Fill, select the "AI Replace" feature, brush over the objects you want to replace, and then enter a short description of what you want to substitute (e.g., black suit, camara).

The AI will seamlessly replace the objects and regenerate content to ensure a natural and realistic outcome.

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3. How to Expand an Image With Content-Aware Fill

I tried extending the background of my image

Finally, you can extend the image background using Content-Aware Fill. By expanding the canvas size, Content-Aware Fill will automatically fill in the blank parts of the image, effectively extending the original image background.

To expand the image background using Content-Aware Fill, select “Image Expansion” from the menu and upload a photo.

After choosing your desired aspect ratio, the AI will start the image expansion process, expanding your image without losing the quality.

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Start Editing Your Photos With the Best Content-Aware Fill Tool in 2024

Best AI Content Aware Fill App: YouCam Enhance

Are you ready to elevate your photo editing game without breaking the bank?

Introducing YouCam Enhance, the best free AI Content-Aware Fill tool of 2024. With YouCam Enhance, you can effortlessly remove or replace objects in your photos, achieving professional-quality results with ease.

Download YouCam Enhance and start AI photo editing today!

More Content-Aware Fill Tips

Content-Aware Fill FAQ

What is Content-Aware Fill?

Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop is a powerful tool that automatically removes unwanted elements from images and fills in the resulting gaps seamlessly by analyzing the surrounding content. It intelligently blends nearby pixels to generate a natural-looking replacement, saving time and effort in photo editing.

How to use Content-Aware Fill AI in Photoshop?

To use Content-Aware Fill AI in Photoshop, start by selecting the object you want to remove using a selection tool such as the Lasso or Marquee tool.

Then, go to Edit > Content-Aware Fill, adjust the settings in the Content-Aware Fill dialog box, and click OK to apply the changes.

Photoshop will analyze the surrounding areas and intelligently fill in the selected area with matching content, seamlessly blending the result with the rest of the image.

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