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Best Ugly Sweater App for Christmas Sweater Filters on iPhone
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Best Ugly Sweater App for Christmas Sweater Filters on iPhone

Dec 14, 2023 · 3 minutes read

Ugly sweaters are a Christmas classic with over-the-top designs and decorations. If you’re really into the ugly sweater tradition, National Ugly Sweater Day falls on Friday, Dec. 15th this year, and you can celebrate with YouCam Perfect!

Change ugly sweater patterns in your photos with the best ugly sweater app

▲ Change your outfit to ugly sweater designs with ugly sweater filters

You don’t need to buy a new sweater to participate in this Christmas sweater app. Keep reading to find out how you can get your own ugly sweater in your photos with the best ugly sweater app!

Table of Contents

Add Holiday Vibes to Outfit Pictures

There are lots of ways to create a festive mood in your photos while you edit. YouCam Perfect has so many choices to match your favorite parts of the Christmas season, and with them, you can:

YouCam Perfect: The Best Ugly Sweater Editing App

Apply ugly sweater filters to photos with the best Christmas sweater app

▲ Newly designed sweater pattern for Christmas 2023!

YouCam Perfect is the best photo editor for changing your clothing color and designs seamlessly. It has tons of editing and beautifying features, so you can do all your photo editing in one place in seconds. Its Clothes feature lets you choose a new color or pattern for your shirt and automatically applies the ugly Christmas filter to photos with its AI clothing feature.

Use ugly sweater filters to make your Christmas ugly sweater pictures

▲ How to apply ugly sweater filters: Photo Edit > Beautify > Clothes > Pattern

Bring some Christmas magic to your clothing by creating an ugly Christmas sweater using the Clothes tool. After you choose a special pattern, you can use YouCam Perfect’s other features, from Animation to Text, to finish off your sweater. Keep reading to find out how you can add an ugly Christmas sweater to your photo in seconds!

*The Clothes feature is currently available for iOS only.

How to Make Ugly Christmas Sweater Images

Step 1. Download the Best Ugly Sweater App

Go to the Apple Store to download YouCam Perfect for free. Many of the app’s features and tools are free to use, and you can even try out premium features while you edit.

Shared Materials by Strapi
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Download YouCam Perfect Now: The Best Christmas Photo App

Step 2. Navigate to the Clothes Feature

Navigate to the Clothes Feature in the Christmas sweater app

After you download the app, go to Beautify and scroll to choose the Clothes feature. The tool will instantly find your clothing, so you don’t have to edit anything manually. 

*The Clothes feature is currently available for iOS only.

Step 3. Find Ugly Sweater Design in Stock

Find Ugly Sweater Design in ShutterStock Using the Best Christmas Sweater Filter App

YouCam Perfect has plenty of colors and prints in the app, but to get an ugly Christmas sweater pattern, search through its stock photos from Shutterstock (iOS only). Tap the image icon at the start of the clothing pattern choices and use the search bar to type “ugly Christmas sweater” or “Christmas pattern” to find a pattern that you want to add to your sweater. You can also use a design that you’ve uploaded to YouCam Perfect yourself.

Step 4. Add Christmas Designs to Your Sweater Photos

Once you’ve found the design you want to use, tap to apply it to your sweater. When you apply your new sweater pattern, YouCam Perfect will automatically adjust it to look like your natural clothing. Then, you can change your pattern's lightness, saturation, and detail by dragging the slider for each tool.

You can also use YouCam Perfect’s other fun editing features to personalize your sweater beyond the pattern alone! Go to Edit and explore the different Christmas sticker packs, including:

  • Santa’s Gifts
  • Jolly Hols
  • Festive Gift
  • Happy Holidays
  • Creatures Vol. 2
  • Holiday Spirit

You can also add a Merry Christmas greeting to your sweater and use different effects to set the mood for your holiday season.

Step 5. Save and Share Your Ugly Sweater Image

Save & Share Ugly Sweater Image!

Tap the green Save button to save them to your phone. Then, upload your ugly Christmas sweater photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to share with your friends and followers!

How to Change the Colors of Your Christmas Sweater Pictures

Change Your Sweater Color to Green and Red Using the Best Christmas Sweater App

If you already have a Christmas sweater you love but you want to try it in a new color, YouCam Perfect can help you there, too. The tool makes it easy to match your background or get classic red & green Christmas colors on your sweater. This time, instead of changing your entire sweater pattern, follow these steps to change your sweater color:

  1. Go to Beautify and choose Clothes.
  2. Tap the Color option.
  3. Scroll through the colors provided or tap the eyedropper option on the color wheel to customize your color. You can also use the eyedropper tool to find a color in your photo to use on your sweater.
  4. Choose the color you want, or drag the custom color tool and see your sweater color change in real time.
  5. Tap the green check when you’re finished to save your edits. If you create a custom sweater color that you love, tap the heart icon to save it for later!

Download YouCam Perfect: Best App to Make Ugly Sweater Images on iPhone

YouCam Perfect has more tools than any other app to change your clothing pattern and help you with the ugly Christmas sweater contest this year. The best part is that you don’t need to stop at just one sweater—fill your virtual closet with this clothes editing app!

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect Now: The Best Christmas Photo App

*The Clothes feature is currently available for iOS only.

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Ugly Sweater App FAQs

What Is the Ugly Sweater Tradition?

People first started wearing ugly Christmas sweaters in the 1950s, though at the time, they weren’t meant to be ugly. Now, people wear them every year as a fun way to get into the holiday spirit!

When is National Ugly Sweater Day?

If you're a fan of ugly sweaters, get ready to celebrate! National Ugly Sweater Day is coming up on December 15th, 2023. That means it's time to break out your tackiest, most garish sweater and show it off to the world.

How to Apply Ugly Christmas Sweater Filters to Photos?

Using an ugly sweater app like YouCam Perfect to create your ugly sweater lookbook without breaking the bank is easy. Here are the easy steps for applying ugly sweater filters to photos:

  • Tap Photo Edit
  • Upload a picture of you wearing a sweater
  • Press Beautify and locate Clothes (currently available for iOS)
  • Locate Pattern for 2 pre-made sweater filters
  • For VIP users, tap the photo icon for the Stock feature (iOS only)
  • Select the preferred pattern you like
  • Save and share your ugly sweater photo

Ugly Christmas sweaters spread holiday cheer with outrageously artistic designs. They bring laughter and fun to any Christmas party, and they keep you warm!

How Can I Make My Own Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Use the YouCam Perfect Clothes feature to create your own ugly Christmas sweater by following these steps:

  1. Upload your photo.
  2. Go to Beautify and choose the Clothes feature.
  3. Use the stock options to find a Christmas pattern and tap to apply.
  4. Save and share!

Get Your Ugly Sweater Designs With the Best Ugly Sweater App!

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect Now: The Best Christmas Photo App

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