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AI Photo Trends in the Era of Social Media: 2024 Outlook
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AI Photo Trends in the Era of Social Media: 2024 Outlook

Feb 8, 2024 · 3 minutes read
AI Photo Trends in the Era of Social Media: 2024 Outlook

You want to keep up a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, post clear and detailed photos, and show off your OOTD with pride. As AI transforms the photography scene, you can do all of that from your phone.

These tools open you up to more photo editing options, from avatar generation to features that make it so much easier to do formerly complicated tasks, like object removal, background changes, and color and contrast enhancements.

With YouCam Perfect, you can explore AI trends in photography for the coming year and beyond!

Table of Contents

Current State of AI Photography

This year, AI photography has blossomed with more image enhancement capabilities and AI-integrated cameras that automatically sharpen your images when you snap a pic. AI has already evolved to give you the ability to change your image style from a photo to a cartoon and beautify pictures with AI-powered filters and contrast tools.

Try AI Avatar, AI Filter and AI Fashion tools

AI features can also auto-detect your subjects to change their clothes or remove background clutter. As AI has evolved, so has YouCam Perfect. The app’s AI Magic Avatar, AI Selfie, and AI Fashion tools generate stylized portraits of you, turn you into anime, and change your clothes seamlessly.

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Its AI Enhance tool identifies blurry, grainy, or dull areas in your pictures and brings out their details without any manual edits. When you want to clean up your background, the AI object remover takes out unwanted objects or people and fills in the space left behind.

Each of these tools makes photo editing quick and simple, so you get a stunning image without having to learn complex editing techniques or spend hours trying to get the result you want.

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AI Trends in Photography: What to Expect in 2024

1. AI-Driven Image Enhancement

YouCam Perfect AI Enhance Tool

AI enhancement features range from automated color correction to intelligent noise reduction. AI can also adjust the lighting in your photos to emphasize light and shadow to create more contrast and add drama to your pictures.

With YouCam Perfect’s AI Enhance tool, you can upgrade your photos and sharpen their details with one tap. The feature identifies areas that need brightening or clarity, and it lets you compare the before and after so you can see the difference it makes.

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2. AI-Generated Artistic Effects

AI Magic Avatar to meet your digital twins and create your metaverse

With generative AI, you can add artistic effects and new styles to your photos. It turns your photos into anime or famous artists’ work, so you look like a Van Gogh painting. Plus, AI means you don’t need to splurge on expensive photography equipment to get classic looks, like vintage black and white photos.

AI Selfie Tool for AI Filters

YouCam Perfect’s Magic Avatar generates tons of images based on photos you upload with more than 40 style options, like Fantasy, Pop Art, and Illustration. When you use the AI Selfie tool, you can change your photo into 34 styles, including artistic sketches and paintings.

As an example - in the late 2023, AI yearbook photo trend had everyone buzzing.The trend took social media by storm as people used AI filters to transport themselves back to the glorious days of high school in the '90s.

From pixelated backgrounds to the classic '90s hairstyles, social media users had a blast imagining what their graduation photos would look like if they had walked the halls during the era of dial-up internet and boy bands. It was a fun and lighthearted way to reminisce about the good old days and share a laugh with friends.

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3. AI for Content Curation

Beyond editing your photos, AI photography gives you inspiration by organizing your content for a more efficient collection. It analyzes your photos and uses common themes to group your photos so that you can find them more easily.

You can also use AI to tailor the content you see through personalization features, as well as use insights to understand your own audience better. As a result, you have a better chance of the right people seeing your photos.

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4. AI Fashion

AI Fashion Tool for random outfit generation

AI fashion inspires your next outfit, whether you’re heading to a black-tie event or want to change your everyday style. It’s a low-risk way to discover new looks on a realistic image, and it helps companies target the people who want their products more effectively.

AI Fashion Tool for Outfit GenerationYouCam Perfect’s AI Fashion tool lets you see how different styles look without having to go out and try them on at the store. It takes some of the uncertainty out of buying clothing, and it lets you share your favorite styles with your friends!

Try Trend AI Tools

AI Photography in Everyday Life

As AI advances, it makes photography more accessible to people who are just starting out or who may not have time to invest in learning elaborate editing techniques.

It lets you create your own beautiful profile picture for social media, increases engagement from your followers, and makes you look more approachable online.

Upgrade Your Photography with YouCam Perfect

AI photography has already evolved incredibly quickly, and it will only go further in 2024.

The technology can transform photographers’ post-production processes and allow professionals to explore new systems. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android to try AI trends yourself and help more people discover your photos!

Download YouCam Perfect, The Best AI Photo Editor App for iPhone & Android in 2023

AI Trends in Photography FAQs

How is AI Being Used in Photography?

AI is employed in photography for various applications, including image enhancement, automated editing, and content recognition. Through machine learning algorithms, AI helps in improving image quality, removing unwanted elements, and even identifying and tagging objects or people in photographs, streamlining the editing process and enhancing overall user experience in photography software and applications.

What is the Future of Photography with AI?

The future of photography with AI holds exciting possibilities as advancements continue to reshape the industry. AI is expected to enhance image processing, automate tedious tasks, and enable creative innovations, empowering photographers with powerful tools for image recognition, editing, and even generating unique visual content.

Is There Any Ethical Concern Regarding AI in Photography?

When you use AI in photography, make sure you don’t use it to misrepresent the content of your images. While using it to sharpen details and try new techniques is fun, some programs aren’t as transparent as others and can produce inaccurate content or collect data.

Before you use an AI photography app, make sure you know if and how it uses your information.

What Is the Best AI Photography App in 2024?

YouCam Perfect is constantly adding new tools and features to help you keep up with AI trends in photography.

It already offers AI object removal, a Magic Avatar, an AI Selfie feature, and an AI Enhance tool that does everything from changing the style of your image to beautifying your photos from top to bottom.

Plus, it’s free for iOS and Android, so you can use it on any device, whether you’re a pro or just starting out.

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