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8 Best AI Photo Enhancers for Android in 2024
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8 Best AI Photo Enhancers for Android in 2024

Mar 26, 2024 · 4 minutes read
8 Best AI Photo Enhancers for Android in 2024

With the advancements in smartphone cameras, the demand for photo enhancers has surged. These photo editing tools offer quick and easy solutions for enhancing photos, making them more visually appealing and professional-looking.

In this article, we will explore the features and functionalities of various photo enhancer apps for Android users, helping you choose the perfect one to enhance image quality, reduce noise, and unblur photos.

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What is an AI Photo Enhancer App

One tap AI photo enhancement on the photo enhancer app

Am AI photo enhancer is an app that enhances the quality of digital photos. It utilizes advanced algorithms and techniques to improve the appearance of images by adjusting parameters such as brightness, contrast, and color saturation.

Additionally, some photo enhancers offer advanced features like noise reduction, sharpening, and artistic filters. These tools are designed to make your photos look more professional and visually appealing.

8 Best AI Photo Enhancers Android Apps in 2024

Below we listed 8 best photo enhancer Android apps, which offer users the ability to enhance their photos, make adjustments, and apply creative effects.

Read through and choose the one that suits your needs to enhance your photo quality.

  1. YouCam Perfect
  2. Remini
  3. Adobe Lightroom
  4. Snapseed
  5. Pixlr
  6. Photo Editor Pro
  7. Pixelup
  8. PhotoRoom

1. YouCam Perfect: Best for 4K Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancer App: YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best all-in-one photo enhancer app suitable for beginners or photography savvy using Android. Whether you want to quickly enhance your travel photo on the go or share random selfies on social media, the app has a smart and responsive editing tool “AI Enhance” that can enhance your image quality with ease.

It only takes 1 tap on the feature button, the AI will help analyze the image and improve quality, sharpen details, and reduce noise at the same time. Moreover, you can scroll the slider to distinctly view the before/after display after the application.


  • Allows 1-tap enhancement for quick photo enhancements at a time
  • The best high-quality 4K enhanced photo result
  • Equips photo retouching tools like skin smoothing and background blur

2. Remini: Best for AI Photo Restoration

Photo Enhancer App: Remini

Remini is a popular photo enhancer app that utilizes AI technology to enhance the quality of your photos. It specializes in restoring old and low-quality photos, bringing them back to life with improved details and sharpness.

Whether you have old family photos or blurry images, Remini can help you enhance them based on 3 parameters - Colors, Background, and Face Beauty for free after watching ads in the app.


  • Specialize in restoring old and low-quality photos
  • Support 40+ free AI filters to further enhance photo display
  • Offer AI Photo feature that generates portraits based on in-app model images

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3. Adobe Lightroom: Adjustable AI Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancer App: Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo enhancer app known for its professional-grade editing capabilities. With its mighty Presets, Crop, Edit, Masking, and Healing features, this professional enhancer app enables users to edit professional photography on their cellphones.

The Preset feature in Lightroom can analyze your photo structure and recommend ideas for fast photo enhancement, while it also equips Premium sets displayed under categorized themes.


  • Provides 9 styles of presets for quick and consistent editing
  • Professional-grade editing capabilities for extensive control over images
  • Advanced color grading and selective adjustments for precise enhancements

4. Snapseed: Best for Free Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancer App: Snapseed

Snapseed, now owned by Google, is a popular free photo enhancer app that offers a wide range of editing tools with a simple and neat user interface.

From basic adjustments like Head Pose and Vintage photo effects to advanced features like White Balance and HDR Scape, Snapseed has 25+ handy photo-enhancing tools to take your photos to the next level.


  • User-friendly interface for easy and precise editing
  • Offers 10+ enhancement sets in Looks feature for fast photo enhancement
  • Can export an adjustable copy of the enhanced photo without replacing the original photo

5. Pixlr: Best for Versatile Photo Enhance Features

Photo Enhancer App: Pixlr

Pixlr is a feature-rich photo enhancer that provides a wide range of tools and effects to enhance your photos. The enhancer app contains free useful features such as the eraser tool in Auto Fix, Brushes for you to brighten or darken photos, or applicable free photo effects in Default.

Though it might be confusing for first-time users to explore editing features in the app, just remember to tap on each icon for further photo enhancement tools with feature text.


  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced users
  • Enables users to use the eraser tool for photo-enhancing features
  • Offers 25 free photo effects to enhance overall photo appearance

6. Photo Editor Pro: Easy and Intuitive Photo Polisher

Photo Enhancer App: Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is an easy-to-use and intuitive photo enhancer app that offers a variety of editing tools and effects. With Photo Editor Pro, you can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, as well as apply filters and add text to your photos.

Its simple interface and straightforward features make it a great choice for quick and hassle-free photo enhancements.


  • Possess a user-friendly and intuitive interface for photo polishing
  • Offers a variety of photo filters and basic adjustment tools
  • Supports Mosaic and shape drawing features in Draw

7. Pixelup: Best for Online AI Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancer App: Pixelup

Pixelup is an AI-powered photo enhancer app that utilizes advanced algorithms to enhance your images for free after watching ads. Users can upgrade to the Pro plan for ads free editing experience and turbo processing speed.

Moreover, this AI enhancer supports users in scanning their old photos for restoration and real-time enhancement.


  • Utilizes advanced AI technology for image restoration including Descartch
  • Offers free daily enhancement using AI under 3 images
  • Provides photo scanner for real-time photo enhancement by accessing user's cellphone camera

8. PhotoRoom: Best for AI Background Removal and Enhancement

Photo Enhancer App: PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom is a photo enhancer app that specializes in background removal, as well as being popular with the Magic Retouch tool that can remove unwanted parts by painting on images.

People can easily enhance photo appearance or polish the overall look in pictures with the photo enhancer app’s classic sets such as Low Key for black & white effect or Bur to blur photo background.


  • Supports 1-tap enhancement for background removal and photo retouch
  • Permits using blank photo canvas to start enhancement from scratch
  • Available for editing dozens of pictures at once with pro feature Batch

Summary: Best AI Photo Enhancers for Android At a Glance

AI Photo Enhancer
1 Tap EnhancementBest For
YouCam Perfect✔️
1 tap quick fix
Old photo restoration
Adobe Lightroom
Professional color grading
Enhancement presets

Photo erasement
Photo Editor Pro
AI enhances & colorizer
Real-time photo enhancement
Clean background removal

How We Choose The Best Android Photo Enhancer Apps

When choosing a photo enhancer, consider factors like ease of use, available features, compatibility with your device, and user reviews.

Each of these photo enhancer apps has its unique strengths and features, so explore them and find the one that best suits your needs and preferences!

How to AI Enhance Photos on Android in 3 Steps

We know you’re desperate to enhance your image as soon as possible so that you can share it on social media, follow the easy steps below for a quick edit:

Step 1. Download the Best Photo Enhancer App

Download YouCam Perfect, it’s available on both iOS and Android devices. Once the install is done, open the app.

Download YouCam Perfect Now

Step 2. Upload the Photo and Wait for AI to Enhance Your Image

Enhance image quality with AI on the photo enhancer app

Tap on AI Tools or Photo Edit, then upload the photo that needs to be enhanced. It’ll only take seconds for AI to analyze and enhance your image. Once the application is done, you can see the before/after display with a scroller.

Step 3. Save & Share Your Enhanced Photo

One-tap AI removal tool in the photo enhancer app

You can either save the result or add a more detailed edit with the app’s useful tool such as “Removal” to remove unwanted people or objects from the photo in one tap as well.

Photo Enhancer App FAQs

What Is the App That Makes Pictures Better Quality?

The app that can make pictures better quality is YouCam Perfect. It offers a wide range of features to enhance your images, including adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. With a single tap on the “AI Enhance” feature, you can achieve visually appealing photos without complicated editing skills.

What Are the Best Photo Enhancer Apps in Android?

There are various photo enhancer apps available for Android users, we've listed out some of the most popular ones:

  1. YouCam Perfect: All-In-One Photo Enhancer
  2. Remini: Best for Restore Photos with AI Enhancement
  3. Adobe Lightroom: Professional-Grade Photo Enhancing App
  4. Snapseed: App With Versatile Photo Enhancement Features
  5. Pixlr: Feature-Rich Photo Enhancing Editor
  6. Photo Editor Pro: Easy and Intuitive Photo Enhancer
  7. Pixelup: AI-Powered Enhancement in App
  8. PhotoRoom: Background Removal and Photo Enhancer App

How to Choose From the Best Photo Enhancer Apps?

Before getting the apps to polish your photo appearance, you should first identify your usage and commonly used enhancement scenarios. We've tested 8 best photo enhancer apps and highlighted their unique strength exclusively for Android users:

  • YouCam Perfect: Best AI photo enhancer app for quick 1-tap photo edit
  • Remini: Best for AI restoration in old photos
  • Adobe Lightroom: Professional-grade enhancer app with categorized presets
  • Snapseed: User-friendly enhancer app without lowering cellphone storage
  • Pixlr: Known for eraser tools and brushes to enhance photo appearance
  • Photo Editor Pro: Easy-to-use photo polisher with versatile features
  • Pixelup: Stand out for real-time enhancement by photo scanning
  • PhotoRoom: Best for AI background removal and photo retouching

How Can I Edit My Photos to Be Better Quality?

To edit your photos and improve their quality, you can use the photo enhancer app YouCam Perfect. It offers a variety of editing features, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, and color saturation.

Most importantly, it provides a fast edit feature “AI Enhance” which can unblur, sharpen, and denoise your photo at the same time in only one tap.

You can also utilize advanced tools like skin smoothing and background blur to enhance your photos further. With its user-friendly interface, the app makes it easy to edit and enhance your photos to achieve better quality.

Is There an App to Clear Up Blurry Pictures?

Yes, you can use YouCam Perfect to help clear up blurry pictures. It offers advanced features and algorithms to reduce blurriness and enhance image details. With “AI Enhance”, this photo enhancer app can unblur your photos with clearer lines and structures.

What Is the App That Makes Things Less Blurry?

The app that can make things less blurry is YouCam Perfect. With its advanced algorithms and tools, the all-in-one photo editing app can reduce blurriness and enhance image details.

Whether you have taken a blurry photo or want to improve the clarity of certain elements in an image, YouCam Perfect can help make things less blurry and bring out the details.

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