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5 Best Free Blur Background Apps for Photos [iPhone, Android]

Apr 15, 2022 ยท 4 minutes read
Best Blur Background App To Blur Photo Background on iphone Android

Blurring the background of your photo can put the focus on what you want the viewer to see up front. It can also create a specific mood, add depth, and lend itself to other effects that enhance the look of your snaps. There are many photo editing apps out there that come with instant background blur functions. But, out of the hundreds available, these are by far the best photo background blur apps for iPhone and Android.

Table of Contents

Discover 5 Best Blur Background Apps for iPhone & Android

  • YouCam Perfect: Best Overall
  • Blur Photo Effect Background
  • Photo Un.blur, Camera Editor
  • Blur Photo
  • FaceTune2 Editor by Lightricks

  • 1. YouCam Perfect: Bestย Blur Background App

    Download YouCam Perfect To Blur Photo Background For FreeYouCam Perfectย is one of the bestย blur background apps out there. Integrated AI technology instantly recognizes you as the main subject and masks everything else for a one-touch blurring effect.With the Blur feature, you can instantly blur the background of your photosย to grab extra attention, add depth to food photos, create a bokeh effect, or blur your face in picturesย for a unique look.

    Before and After Blurring Photo Background with YouCam Perfect App

    The blur feature is free, easy to use, and gives you full power over its intensity for a 100% fantastic photo. Thatโ€™s, of course, on top of the hundred-plus features available in the YouCam Perfect app to edit your photos.

    ๐Ÿ‘‰ย Learn how toย blur the background of a picture with YouCam Perfect

    2. Blur Photo Effect Background App

    Blur Photo Effect Background is one of the best free blur background apps

    The Blur Photo Effect Background appย can only blur unwanted details like blemishes and undesirable backgrounds. It also comes with some filter effects to blur images and enhance photos, but thatโ€™s about it. The app falls short in providing fantastic photo editing features to create awesome photos.

    3. Photo Un.blur, Camera Editor

    Photo Un.blur, Camera Editor is one of the best free blur background apps

    The Photo Un.blur Camera Editor lets you quickly blur your pics but doesnโ€™t use AI technology to find the main subject of the picture. Features include choosing the blur style and playing with the size and the intensity. You can erase and edit the areas you want to be blurred, but it doesnโ€™t come with precision options for ultimate editing.

    4. Blur Photo App

    Blur Photo is one of the best free blur background apps

    The Blur Photo app helps you blur image backgrounds like a DSLR camera. The app includes high-quality background blur effects, pixelate effects, and an instant touch blur effect. With the Blur photo app, you can apply effects to your blurred background, including glass, distortion, paint, and water effects, for a more creative photo.

    5. FaceTune2 Editor by Lightricks

    FaceTune2 is one of the best free blur background apps

    FaceTune2 can help you blur the backgrounds of your photos. Along with one-touch background replacement tools, you can try artistic styles and filters on your photos. You get to choose the subject and blur just the background and set the intensity of the blurring effect for a professional-style picture in seconds.ย 

    How to Blur the Background of Aย Picture [iPhone, Android]

    Blurring photos is easy with YouCam Perfect! Keep reading to find out how you can blur your photos with YouCam Perfect, the best free blur background app!

    1. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android.
    2. Navigate to Photo Edit.Select Tools.
    3. Choose Blur and use the sliders to adjust your parameters to your preference.
    4. Change your blurโ€™s shape, size, and positioning, or choose Brush to create a more focused blur.

    Free Download the YouCam Perfect

    4 Ways to Blur Photo Background

    Blurring your background creates a whole new impact for your photo. Here are a few ways you can use the blur effect to make your photos stand out:

  • Blur The Background To Grab Attention
  • Add Background Depth to Food Photos
  • Create Bokeh Effect
  • Blur Faces in Photos

    • 1. Blur The Background To Grab Attention

      Use A Blur Background App To Blur Photo Background To Grab Attention

      Sometimes you donโ€™t have time to clean your house before you take a photo. Or maybe youโ€™re in a busy public place where you canโ€™t control how the background looks. When that happens, it can be hard for your viewer to focus on your subject. Thatโ€™s when blurring the background helps you draw their eye to the star of the photo. It gives the subject of your photo the attention it deserves, whether itโ€™s you or the delicious meal you just made.

      2. Add Background Depth to Food Photos

      Use a blur background app to Blur Background To Add Depth to Food Photos

      Between blur and positioning, you can make your stunning food photos stand outย with a little editing. Blurring makes your dish come to the foreground, so it looks like it stands on its own. It separates your food from the background, so no one pays attention to your home dรฉcor (or worse, the dirty dishes) behind it.

      3. Create Bokeh Effect in Background

      Use Blur Background App To Create Best Bokeh Effect In Your Photos

      The Bokeh effect creates a special kind of look for your photos. Instead of just blurring the background, it creates a fuzzy light effect for a romantic and fantastical feeling. You can selectively soften the lightโ€™s shape (heart, start, circleโ€ฆ)ย to create the exact effect you want for your photo. Each one gives you a customizable way to create the otherworldly look you want for your snaps.

      4. Blur Faces in Photos

      Use a blur background app to Blur Part Of Your Faces To Make Stunning Selfies

      You can also use the Blur tool to make a specific part of your photo stand out. For example, you can focus on one eye and blur other parts of your face. Then, add some text and choose an aesthetic filter to create your own fashionable selfie.

      YouCam Perfect: Best App to Blur Photo Background for Free

      YouCam Perfectย is the best photo editing appย to use when you want professional-level photos without a fancy camera or photography lessons. Its AI technology helps you capture the area you want to edit and apply your effect in seconds. You donโ€™t need to worry about knowing special techniques when you have an app that knows them for you. YouCam Perfect can help you apply blur to your photos for an artistic flair.

      Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Blur Background App

      YouCam Perfectโ€™s blur background tool makes it possible to get all kinds of stunning visual effects in your photos. It only takes a few taps to create depth and get your viewersโ€™ attention. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Androidย to explore how the blur effect can take your photos to the next level!

      Download The Best Blur Background App, YouCam Perfect

      โ–ผย Watch Our Tutorial to Learn How to Blur Your Photo Background

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