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How to Create a Big Head Cut Out Photo in 3 Easy Steps
Photo Editing

How to Create a Big Head Cut Out Photo in 3 Easy Steps

Mar 22, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Free Face Cutout: Create Your Big Head Photo for Free

Big head cutouts start the conversation and make everyone laugh at parties and events!

Even if you want to make your fun photo edits, you can do it with YouCam Perfect.

Put Big Head Cutouts on Your Photo

▲ Fun Big Head Cut-Out Photos

Keep reading to learn how you can make face cutouts yourself easily on your phone!

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How to Make Big Head Cut-Out Photos In 3 Steps

YouCam Perfect can save you when you need a last-minute cutout for your party or event. Follow these steps to cut out someone's head from the photo and make it the center of attention!

Step 1. Download YouCam Perfect

Find YouCam Perfect in the App Store or on Google Play and download the app for free. Once it’s downloaded, you can immediately open it and start exploring YouCam Perfect’s impressive editing features to enhance all your photos!

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Open the app and go to Photo Edit to select the photo you want to cut out to get started.

Step 2. Cut Out Head From Photos

Use AUTO AI to Cut Out the Head from Photo▲ Use AUTO AI to Cut Out the Head

face cut out

After you’ve opened your photo, go to YouCam Perfect’s Cutout tool. With the tool, you can make your cutout in a few different ways.

If you want to cut out a custom area, like a person’s head, turn on the smart brush first.

Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the brush size. Then, use your finger to paint over the area you want to cut out. It doesn’t have to be too neat — YouCam Perfect’s AI technology will automatically detect the outline of the person’s head and fill in the gaps for you.

If it catches things you don’t want to include in your big head cutout, just use the eraser tool to remove those areas.

YouCam Perfect also has features that can do the work for you. Its AUTO AI cutout tool identifies the subjects in your photo and automatically highlights them to cut them out.

Step 3. Save Your Big Head Photo

Add Background to Your Big Head Cutout▲ Add Background to Your Big Head Cutout

When you’re done cutting out your subject’s head, tap the green check mark. You can then choose whether you download your picture to your phone or tap the background option to add a fun background from YouCam Perfect.

You can also add funny text and stickers, draw on your cutout with the magic brush, and more!

YouCam Perfect: Best Free Face Cut-Out Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect has lots of stunning features to create the perfect photo edits. From aesthetic filters to animation to text, it’s easy to beautify your photos and make any changes you want for a completely new look.

Create Big Head Cutouts with AUTO AI Cutout Tool▲ Auto detect in the YouCam Perfect app

YouCam Perfect’s AI cutout tool uses smart technology to accurately cut out your subject — including portraits for a big head photo. It instantly detects your subject’s face so that all you have to do is tap the head you want to cut out. YouCam Perfect will do it for you so that you can focus on the fun of making your edits! 

face cutout ▲ Put Head Cutout on Any Background

Instead of paying a printing company to make your big head cutout, you can do it yourself with just a few taps using YouCam Perfect. This face cut-out app gives you plenty of creative freedom when it comes to making your big head cutout. 

The app’s AI technology lets you make your edits in seconds so that no matter when you need your new face cutout, it’s ready. Download the app free for iPhone or Android to get started on making the big head cutout!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a big head cutout?

A big head cutout is an enlarged photo of a subject’s head or face that you’ve cut out from a photo. Usually, they’re used for parties and gatherings as a funny way to celebrate the person whose head has been cut out and blown up. You can hang a big head cutout in a room, on a banner, or put it on a stick for people to carry around.

How do you cut a head out of a picture on an iPhone?

YouCam Perfect makes it easy to instantly cut out your subject’s head on your iPhone. Follow these steps to do it yourself:

  1. Download YouCam Perfect - the best big head cutout app.
  2. Open the app and choose the photo you want to edit.
  3. Go to the Cutout tool.
  4. Use the smart brush or AUTO AI editing options to cut out the person’s head.
  5. Save your edits!

Where can I find a Face Cutout editor?

YouCam Perfect offers the 'Cutout' tool, special to cut head of the photo, a face cut out, cut a part of a photo, or simply remove what you want from a photo. Once you download YouCam Perfect app, find the Cutout tool below and start editing your big head cut out. 

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