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6 Free Image Background Remover Apps for iPhone & Android

Jul 19, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Image Background Remover Apps for iPhone & Android in 2022

So you snapped the perfect selfie or snap with your friends, but after taking a closer look, you noticed some issues with the background. Maybe it’s cluttered, there’s an unwanted photobomber, or you just want something more vibrant and colorful. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to remove the background in a picture, but how?

It’s easier than you realize! All you need is a background remover app that can do the job; luckily, there are plenty of options. Here are six of the best free image background removers for iPhone and Android that help you remove backgrounds in photos. Keep reading to learn more and pick your favorite.

Top 6 Free Image Background Remover Apps

Here's out top pick for removing background from images on iPhone and Android in 2022:

1. YouCam Perfect

Remove Background from Image for Free Using Best App for iPhone and Android▲ Remove Image Background in 1 Tap

Best For: YouCam Perfect is the ideal free app for people who want to remove and add backgrounds with fun, creative designs.

Rating: 4.8

Available: iOS and Android

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

YouCam Perfect is by far the best app for removing and changing the backgrounds in your pictures. With a near-flawless user rating and almost endless features for perfecting your pictures the way you like, YouCam Perfect makes photo editing effortless and fun.

YouCam Perfect has a massive suite of tools, including quite a few that can help you with removing or changing your background. Its Cutout tool has three main advantages, including the AI Background Remover, Create Transparent Backgrounds, and Add Backgrounds With New Options, to name a few.

AI Background Remover

Best Free AI Background Remover

Using the AI Background Remover is a snap. With just a couple of taps, you can remove a blurry background and replace it with the background of your choice.

Create Transparent Backgrounds

Remove and Create Transparent Backgrounds

You can easily remove background from your image and create transparent backgrounds using the Cutout tool. Converting your image to a transparent PNG has never been easier!

Add Backgrounds With New Options

Remove and Add Backgrounds With New Options

Remove and add backgrounds to your images using the Cutout tool. YouCam Perfect supports hundreds of aesthetic backgrounds and Stock library for you to add backgrounds of your pictures.

2. PhotoDirector

Free Download Background Remover: PhotoDirector

Best For: Those who want to create a collage effect with their photo backgrounds through the Surrounding Snaps feature.

Rating: 4.5

Available: iOS and Android

PhotoDirector provides the user with an array of photo editing tools, including a few that can help you remove and replace your background. Its photo editing tools let you add effects to photos and place the snap-in front of and behind an object in your picture, adding depth to your edits.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Free Download Background Remover: Adobe Photoshop

Best for: People who want seamless background removal and added professional editing features.

Rating: 4.3

Tried and true, and probably the best-known name in photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop. Since it has been around, Photoshop has set the standard for both software and app that edit pictures. While the tools take a little more practice or knowledge to utilize, they offer substantial flexibility and precision in return. The background removal tools in Photoshop are no exception to this notion.

4. PhotoCut App

Free Download Background Remover: PhotoCut App

Best For: Content creators who want a basic background removal app without a lot of additional features.

Rating: 4.4

PhotoCut is an app specifically designed to remove backgrounds in photos. It’s free to download and easily removes backgrounds and objects in a snap. You can swap backgrounds, combine photos in a collage, and take advantage of its multiple cutting and erasing tools. It’s a straightforward app that focuses on removing unwanted backgrounds but doesn’t offer much else.

5. Magic Eraser Background Editor

Free Download Background Remover: Magic Eraser Background Editor

Best For: Individuals who need a more detailed background removal app.

Rating: 4.6

The Magic Eraser app is another free and simple option with powerful background removal features. You can quickly achieve a transparent background, add a new one, and use their high-resolution zoom to ensure a smooth cut-out. It also offers some fun sticker options for graphics, but if you want trendy backgrounds and layouts, this isn’t the best choice.

6. Background Eraser

Free Download Background Remover: Background EraserBest For: Creators who want a simple background removal app that leaves room for creativity.

Rating: 4.7

Background Eraser is a removal app with a little more to offer in terms of creativity. You can quickly remove any background with the Magic Mode, which automatically detects the background and traces around the subject for clean and clear removal. 

Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Image Background Remover App for iPhone & Android

YouCam Perfect is the best free background removal app for iPhone and Android because it’s user-friendly, fast, and fun. In just a few seconds, you can delete photo background and replace it with one of our trendy designs or your own. Download YouCam Perfect on iOS or Android now to get started!

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Not Only an Image Background Remover

YouCam Perfect isn’t just the best free background remover. It’s also got countless other tools that make editing your photos quick and easy. You can eliminate unwanted objects, add different aesthetic filters, create collages, and beautify pictures with our range of professional-quality but easy-to-use retouching tools.

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Image Background Remover FAQs

What is the best background remover?

YouCam Perfect is the best background remover whether you have an iPhone or Android. It’s free to download, easy to use, and has dozens upon dozens of features that will take your pictures to the next level.

How do I remove the background without losing quality?

You must pick the right app if you don’t want to lose image quality when making edits, like removing backgrounds. Apps like Photoshop Express and YouCam Perfect have professional software that allows you to maintain your image quality even when you switch backgrounds.

Is there a free background remover?

YouCam Perfect allows you to remove the background from an image for free. Just download the app, upload your picture and go to Photo Edit. Go to Cutout and remove the entire background from your image.

How do you remove the background from a picture and add another?

With YouCam Perfect, removing the background and swapping it for another is simple! In the Photo Edit section, scroll to Cutout and select the backdrop area you want to remove. Your background will get removed, and you’ll be able to choose from one of our many stylish designs or upload your own in Add Background.

Remove Background from Image for FREE

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

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