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Black and White Photo Converter App: Turn Pictures into B&W
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Black and White Photo Converter App: Turn Pictures into B&W

May 9, 2024 · 3 minutes read
3 Ways to Convert Color Photos to Black and White Images

Black and white photos convey a timeless and classic appeal that's hard to replicate. By removing color, viewers can focus more on the textures, shapes, and compositions.

Turn colored image black and white

Using a black-and-white photo converter like YouCam Perfect is one of the easiest ways to turn photos black and white. Read on to see how to create your own black-and-white aesthetics using your colored images in 3 creative ways!

Black and White Photo Converter: How to Make Photos Black & White

After finding yourself a black and white photo converter, here are the steps you can try to achieve B&W aesthetic, which we will also explain in details.

Apply Black and White Filters

Apply Black and White Filters

Black and white filters are popular for a variety of reasons. These filters are often used for professional headshots or product photos to amplify aesthetics and focus on details like facial expressions.

To convert a color photo into black and white:

  • Tap “Photo Edit” in YouCam Perfect
  • Upload an image
  • Locate “Effects” in the menu bar
  • For portrait photos, select “Portrait” and find “B&W” or “Mono
  • For retro black and white effects, select “Retro” and find “Shadow Symphony

Turn Photo Black and White Using AI

Turn Photo Black and White Using AI

🎨 Easily turn your snaps into sketch-like pictures in one click!

You might lack sketching skills, but using AI will definitely help you achieve the dream of creating a sketch-like portrait to share on social media platforms.

Whether you wish to add a graphic novel effect or generate pen art visuals, try out the filters in "AI Selfie" under Sketch in YouCam Perfect. *The AI Selfie is currently available for iOS only

How to achieve the look: Photo to Sketch - Best Photo to Drawing Converter in 2024

AI black and white photo converter App

Creating studio portrait photos in black and white might be difficult and cost you a lot. With the help of generative AI, we allow users to generate top-notch black-and-white portrait photography without searching "photo studios near me" online.

Moreover, the packages are affordable with various styles and outcomes for you to choose from!

Learn more: Black And White Portrait Generator - Get B&W Photos With AI

Adjust Saturation: Change Photo to Black and White

Convert color photo to black and white

👆🏼 The easiest approach to make colored photos into black and white for free!

Another effective method to convert color photos to black and white is saturation adjustment.

Saturation often refers to the intensity of the colors in an image. By reducing the saturation to zero, you can effectively turn a color photo into a black-and-white one.

How to adjust saturation in photos using YouCam Perfect:

  • Tap "Photo Edit" and upload a picture
  • Locate Tools and find the "Adjust" button
  • Navigate to "Saturation" for the slider
  • Slide to "-100" for black-and-white effects

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Black and White Photo Converter FAQs

How Can I Make My Picture Black and White?

Make My Picture Black and White

Turning your picture to black-and-white is simple by using the best black-and-white photo converter like YouCam Perfect. You can either achieve the visuals using general photo filters or utilize generative AI to create artistic sketch-like effects!

Click the text below to fast navigate to the simple guide:

What Is the App That Converts Photos to Pure Black and White?

Converts Photos to Pure Black and White

This type of app has different names, for instance Black and White Photo Converter is one and some photo editing tools also support this feature.

The best app to convert photos into pure black and white style is YouCam Perfect. It's free to download, available for both iOS and Android users, and powered by generative AI.

Users can easily achieve the look with a single click using photo presets or AI filters, utilizing the Saturation tool with a slider, or generating high-fashion B&W portrait photography with the AI Studio feature.

Moreover, the app supports numerous black-and-white templates and photo collages for users to create retro visuals for social media posts easily!

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