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Hue Changer: Adjust Image Hues and Colors with Photo Presets

Hue Changer: Adjust Image Hues and Colors with Photo Presets

Mar 25, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Hue Changer: Adjust Image Hues and Colors with Photo Presets

When most of us think of temperature, we contemplate the feeling of a particularly warm or cool day. In reality, color temperature is a whole other aspect of photography that can greatly affect your images.

Different color temperatures in photography editing

Color temperature is an important concept in photography; however, it is often overlooked. It helps improve the overall balance between every color of every object in the shot so that colors look both accurate and natural.

The concept might sound difficult at first, but with a photo hue changer like YouCam Perfect, you can adjust the temperature and colors in your photos using aesthetic presets for photos.

What Is Color Temperature

Different color temperature in a photo using a picture hue changer

Somewhat similar to how you think of ambient temperature, color temperature determines how “warm” or “cool” the colors are in your photo. Warm colors are red, orange, and yellow, while cool colors are violet, blue, and green.

Color temperature can be found by looking at the white areas of the photo, and it can have a big impact on the overall mood of your photo. By simply adjusting the color temperature, you can convey very different moods and emotions.

How Colors Affect the Mood of Your Photos

Cool and warm tones in a photo using a picture hue changer

▲ Before & After applying photo presets in cool tone and warm tone

Colors are more than just reds and blues — they can express a distinct vibe and tone based on which is accentuated. Cool colors convey peace, calm, melancholy, and coldness, while warm colors channel happiness, excitement, and, of course, warmth!

The best photographs capture both warm and cool colors in one photo for a vibrant and well-rounded effect.

Color temperature presets from cool to warm edited in a hue changer

  • A photo that has prevalent blue tones conveys coldness and serenity, and a mix of blue tones can be quite powerful, such as a stunning ocean image.
  • Green represents life and has an optimistic feel, as many of us feel when we see a manicured garden photo.
  • Purple and violet are calm and tranquil while also being vibrant, conjuring up deeply hued butterflies, flowers, and even sunsets.
  • Red is associated with passion and emotion, making it great for photos that are built around contrast, like a tree against a pure blue sky.
  • Yellow is both energetic and optimistic, as we see in produce, flowers, and a sunny day.

If you’ve ever looked at a photo or piece of artwork and immediately felt the tone — whether it be warm, friendly, and happy, or calm, pensive, and intrinsic — you’ve likely been affected by color temperature!

How to Adjust Color Temperature Using a Hue Changer

How to adjust color temperature in photos using a hue changer

Should you take a photo and want to adjust the color temperature, it couldn’t be easier with the picture hue changer’s Temperature feature.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, tap “Edit” then “Tools. Then, tap “Adjust” and navigate to “Temperature.” Next, move the slider from left to right, from cooler to warmer, to see the effect instantly!

Adjust Colors and Convey Certain Moods Using Photography Presets

Presets in Cool Tone 

Cool tone color grading filters for photos

As previously discussed, color temperature can convey a certain mood, and you can add filters to adjust that spirit. The hue changer YouCam Perfect offers an extensive collection of filters to suit every mood, should your original photograph need a little extra zhuzh.

Presets in Warm Tone

Warm tone color grading filters for photos

If you’re looking for something brilliant, the Color Pop filter can be used to instantly brighten up your photos and convey a positive mood.

If you’re looking for more than simply adjusting the colors in your photos, you can browse through the Light Spot filter selections, wherein you can add colorful streaks of light to your photo.

The intensity of each of these filters can be easily adjusted according to your preferences, making it the perfect companion to your image!

Mood Moment Presets

How to add color grading filters to photos

The name of this filter effect speaks for itself. If you wish to achieve a more tranquil and striking photograph, choose one of the six dreamy filter options to suit every mood and aesthetic.

The intensity of the filter can be easily adjusted, so that you can create your unique, one-of-a-kind photo masterpiece.

Lightroom: Great Alternative App for Photo Presets

Lightroom App for Photo Presets

Lightroom is a powerful and versatile photo editing app that has become a staple tool for photographers of all levels. One of its standout features lies in its vast array of photo presets, which offer users the ability to transform their images with just a few clicks.

These presets serve as pre-configured editing settings that can dramatically alter the mood, tone, and overall aesthetic of a photograph.

Whether you're aiming for vibrant and lively colors, vintage-inspired tones, or minimalist black and white compositions, Lightroom's preset library has something to offer for every style and vision.

More Editing Tips to Change Colors in Photos

YouCam Perfect: Best Image Hue Changer to Enhance Your Photos with Aesthetic Presets

Now that you know all about color temperature, how it can affect both your images and your mood, and how you can achieve it with your photos, you’re ready to create your next masterpiece! All it takes is to get the free hue changer with aesthetic picture presets for either iOS or Android to get started right now.

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