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How to Change Your Lip Color Without Lipstick When Taking a Selfie
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How to Change Your Lip Color Without Lipstick When Taking a Selfie

Jan 10, 2022 · 3 minutes read
best lip color change camera app: how to change lipstick color

If you’ve snapped the perfect selfie but afterward noticed that your signature lipstick is missing — don’t worry. You can quickly fix that with the YouCam Perfect app. In this article, we’ll share tips and tricks for changing or adding lip color to your selfies.

YouCam Perfect: Best Selfie Camera to Change Lip Color in Your Selfies

Adding lipstick to your photos using a beauty app is much easier than wearing lipstick all night. Sure, everyone makes it look easy, but they have their whole glam squad behind them to make sure their lipstick stays in perfect shape all night.

Download the Best App to Add Lip Color Change when you are taking a selfie

But, don’t worry, YouCam Perfect is the ultimate photo editing tool kit. In one single app, you have everything you’ll ever need to edit your photos and beautify your selfies with a few clicks. You’ll be able to try different shades of lipsticks without having to use makeup remover wipes. Play around with the different colors and choose the one that suits you best and makes you look fabulous in your photos and videos.

How to Change Lip Color in Real Time

If you’re ready to master this digital lip color change trick, keep reading to learn the step-by-step tutorial on how to change the lip color in your selfies with the YouCam Perfect app

Step 1. Choose the Right Lip Color

Try different lip colors in camera mode

  • Open your YouCam Perfect app and open your camera.
  • Select Beautify. You’ll be using the tools in this section to perfect your photo.
  • Scroll the bottom bar until you find the range of lipstick colors you can choose from.
  • Explore with shades from classic pinks and reds to bold greens and oranges — the sky’s the limit!

Step 2. Decide the Lip Color Extent

Decide the Lip Color Extent you like in camera mode

Now that you have the color, play with the adjustment bar to decide the intensity of the color. You can go as bold or subtle as you wish.

Step 3. Change Your Lip Size Naturally

Make Your Lips Bigger or Smaller Naturally when taking a selfie in Photos

Once you’ve finalized the lip color and the intensity, let’s keep playing with the beautifying tools available

  • Head over to Lip Size. There, you can give yourself an instant lip plump without having to deal with needles and fillers.
  • Adjust your lip size to make it look fabulous and natural, and check if you want to try different colors until you find the right one for your photo. 

Step 4. Save Your Favorite Lip Preset

Save to preset to quickly apply lip color and shape you like next time when you are taking a selfie

Did you love this lip color change? Well, you can also save it as a preset. So, the next time you want to change your lip color in your pictures, all you have to do is navigate through your presets and find the perfect lip color to match your style that day.

Bonus tip:

If you are already wearing lipstick, use the Beautify tool to match the paint shade of your actual lipstick for the perfect touch-up. Also, don’t forget to edit your smile within the photo. With YouCam Perfect, you don’t need another app to brighten your teeth and beautify your smile; you can do it all within the same app. 

Download the Best App to Change Lip Color in Photos

How to Make Your Lips Bigger or Smaller Naturally in Photos

If you’re not too happy with the lip size you chose in camera mode, don’t worry, you can still edit your whole selection later.

  1. Adjust your photos in the Beautify section.
  2. Choose Lip Shaper
  3. Use the adjustments bar to get the lip shape you adore the most.

Try different sizes and lip colors to get the perfect lip shape to match your face. Don’t forget to use other beautifying tools and effects within the app to get the perfect selfie.

Read More Lip Color Tips:

Download YouCam Perfect: Best App to Add Lip Color to Photos

Best App to Make Lip Color Change

Let your creativity run wild and beautify your photos with YouCam Perfect in less than a minute. Choose from different lip colors, shapes, and adjustments to get the perfect picture every time. Download the app now to get started! Get it now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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