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Free PNG Image Maker: Convert JPG to Transparent PNG
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Free PNG Image Maker: Convert JPG to Transparent PNG

Mar 6, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Free PNG Image Maker: Convert JPG to PNG Transparent

You might want to remove a stranger, an unsightly background, or even a car.

Whatever the reason is, converting your JPG to a PNG and making the background transparent is a perfect solution. Thankfully, you can use a PNG image maker for converting JPG images to PNG files.

YouCam Perfect: Best Transparent PNG Generator to Convert JPG to Transparent PNG

1. Get a Transparent Background for Free

Quickly Get Transparent Background with Free PNG Converter App on iPhone

A lot of apps and software can remove the background from your photo. But some might take a while to learn how to do it, and some will give you a lackluster product that removed background you didn’t want to be removed or vice versa. With YouCam Perfect, you can get a transparent background on your image free of charge and very quickly too — no advanced knowledge or expensive software required.

2. Preview PNG File Size & Quality

Preview PNG File Size & Quality

Creating a PNG is great, but if the produced size isn’t what you want, you’ve really only done the job halfway. The PNG maker YouCam Perfect allows you to preview your PNG file size and adjust the JPG file size you’d like it to be. This way, it’s customized for your exact use case!

3. Convert JPG to Photo Stickers

Convert to Custom Photo Stickers

Your PNG creations don’t have to just sit on your phone when you’re done. You actually have the option to convert your PNG to a custom sticker, which you can use later in other photo creations! Layer it on top of existing photos for a fun effect or share it on your favorite social media channels.

💡 Read: How to Create Your Own Photo Stickers

Make Background Transparent and Add Sticker to Photo

To take advantage of this feature, just tap Save Picture when you’re done cutting out the object you want. Then, tap My Sticker. From there, you can go to the Stickers menu, tap the My Sticker icon, and you’ll see you a screen appear with any and all stickers you’ve created.

Add PNG to Photo

Tapping on one will put it onto the photo you were currently editing, and you’ll be able to adjust its size, rotation, and placement to your exact preference. You can even create a customized border around your sticker if you select one of the colors at the bottom of your screen. Adjust the thickness of the border to your desired weight, and your sticker is ready to go!

*Convert JPG to PNG transparent feature is currently available for iOS only. For Android users, we suggest you to try Change Background feature.

How to Make Photo Transparent on iPhone

Now that you know a little bit about the best free PNG maker, we’ll explain how to make your photo transparent in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Download the Best Free PNG Maker

The first step in converting a JPG to a PNG couldn’t be easier — you have to get a PNG maker! YouCam Perfect currently supports both iOS and Android users to convert a JPG to a PNG in seconds.

Step 2. Make the Photo Background Transparent

Convert JPG to Transparent PNG on iPhone for free

As you have the transparent PNG maker downloaded and ready to go, it’s time for one of the most important steps — picking the photo you want to convert!

Next up, you’ll get into the main event — cutting the aspect you want out of the photo. To do this, tap Photo Edit and upload your photo. From there, find Cutout tool and click the Portrait icon to automatically select any people who are in the photo. If your selection needs adjustment, you can also draw manually to make your selection.

Step 3. Save Your PNG Photo!

Download your image as a PNG file with a photo editor app for iPhone

Whether you’ve added a background to the photo or not, the final step is the same — to save your creation! Tapping Save Picture will show you a variety of saving options. You can choose JPG, PNG, or My Sticker. If you’re saving your image as a JPG, don’t forget that you can also select its final dimensions, choosing the perfect-sized image for your particular use case.

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Transparent PNG Maker FAQs

What are PNG and JPG?

If you don’t know too much about picture files, you might be wondering, what is the difference between a JPG and a PNG, and why would I need one? Simply put, JPGs and PNGs are both picture files, but they have one big difference.

Unlike JPGs, PNGs support transparent backgrounds, making them preferred for graphic design and other use cases. Because a PNG has a transparent background, you can use it for graphic design and web design.

How Do I Make a PNG Transparent?

One of the advantages of the PNG file type is its ability to have a transparent background. With photo software or with an easy-to-use app like YouCam Perfect, you can use the Cutout tool to remove an aspect of your original photo, making that area transparent. You can then save the image as a PNG, keeping the transparent background.

How Can I Make an Image Transparent on Mobile?

Creating a transparent image on mobile with a PNG image maker is easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Tap "Photo Edit" and upload a photo
  • Utilize the Cutout feature to select the part you want
  • Save the picture as a PNG file with a transparent background

How Do I Convert a JPEG to PNG on an iPhone?

Converting a JPG to a PNG with an AI-powered PNG transparent maker like YouCam Perfect couldn’t be more simple:

  1. Download the PNG converter - YouCam Perfect
  2. Upload your image of choice
  3. Cut out the image and tap on PNG as your desired file type.

Turn Your JPG Image to Transparent Background on Your iPhone and Android Device

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