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Re-Create Taylor Swift's TTPD Album Cover With Free Templates
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Re-Create Taylor Swift's TTPD Album Cover With Free Templates

Apr 26, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How To Re-Create Taylor Swift's TTPD Album Cover With Free Templates

Taylor Swift’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department, which is now out on Friday, April 19th, not only comes with new music but also a vintage vibe. With its black-and-white cover and themes that recall the Romantic era, Taylor has hinted that this album will sound different than anything she’s done before.

Re-create Taylor Swift album cover: The Tortured Poets Department

To prepare for the release, you can capture her iconic new look in your own photos with YouCam Perfect!

Understanding the Aesthetic of “The Tortured Poets Department”

The Tortured Poets Department

With 16 tracks, plus the bonus, “The Manuscript,” this literary-influenced album redefines the Taylor Swift aesthetic to a muted, vintage vibe.

The black-and-white glamor shot creates the tortured poet image, and the album cover tells us to be prepared for vivid emotion and intense moods.

With the track list released on February 5 and the teasers that came with it, Taylor’s eleventh album has already made an impression that Swifties want to mimic in their photos!

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How to Recreate the TTPD Album Aesthetic With Free Photo Templates

TTPD Aesthetic

With tons of filter collections, you can put your vintage touches on your feed to match the new Taylor Swift album cover. You can make manual edits, too, but YouCam Perfect’s AI features make it simple to share as many edits as your Swiftie heart desires!

Step 1. Get the Free Taylor Swift Album Cover Maker

You can get the YouCam Perfect app on iOS or Android for free and access all its AI tools. The app has a lot to explore when you’re creating your Taylor Swift aesthetic, and you can use it for all your photo editing projects!

Step 2. Upload a Photo

If you’ve already got a photo, upload it to the app from your phone. You can also take a new photo with the in-app camera, perhaps matching Taylor’s pose on the cover of The Tortured Poets Department.

But don’t feel like you’re limited to mimicking her exact pose — have fun with it and create your own glamor shots!

Step 3. Apply TTPD Aesthetic Black and White Photo Filter

Personalize your own album cover

Now, it’s time to set the mood for your shot by going to the Effects section. YouCam Perfect has a few collections that mirror Taylor’s signature style from every album. Try these ideas for The Tortured Poets Department aesthetic:

Try aesthetic photo effects in YouCam Perfect

  • Retro: Each Techno Tint option adds a polaroid-style look with muted, subtle colors, just like Taylor Swift’s new album cover. You can choose from a few different color options that create more of a sepia tone or go with a light pink flair and high contrast.
  • Film: These Silver Screen filters make the colors in your photo pop by increasing the contrast and giving it a more vintage feel. They help you capture a more cinematic, dramatic look, just like Taylor’s.
  • Trendy: The Trendy collection’s Mystery filters bring a muted look with a single color palette. Go full black and white, or choose a soft pink or orange to give your photo a brighter personality.

Step 4. Add "The Tortured Poets Department" Album Cover Text

Recreate aesthetic of Taylor Swift's album

Taylor’s album plays on the Romantic style with its title font and tracklist. You can do the same thing in your photo! Create your own poetic song titles that reflect your life, or title your own album with a font that fits your vibe.

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Step 5. Save Your TTPD Album Cover Inspired Photo

Keep your album cover aesthetic for yourself, or share it straight from the app. Just tap the platform and upload it to Instagram.

Tag your friends, and see what they come up with for their TTPD aesthetics!

[Bonus] Want to Make Your Video into B&W?🤔

If you want to try Taylor Swift's black and white aesthetic in your own video, we also have a solution for you! Check out this article to achieve the TTPD effect below.

The Tortured Poets Department FAQs

Is Taylor Swift releasing a new album?

Taylor Swift announced her eleventh album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” at the Grammys. It will be released on April 19, 2024.

Are there specific filters in YouCam Perfect designed for vintage aesthetics?

YouCam Perfect has several filters that give you a vintage feel, including the Retro, Film, and Trendy collections. We recommend trying the Mystery filters in the Trendy category, but you can also check out the black and white filters in the app.

Is it necessary to follow Taylor Swift’s poses exactly or can I add my twist?

It’s not about matching Taylor’s poses! Instead, use her album cover as inspiration and experiment with your poses. You want your aesthetic to still feel like yours, after all.

What is “The Tortured Poets Department” aesthetic?

The TTPD aesthetic is emotional and deep with a literary, artistic feel. Its black-and-white cover creates the feeling of someone writing a masterpiece alone and in secret.

Download YouCam Perfect: Free Taylor Swift Album Cover Template App

Celebrate Taylor Swift’s album release this April by putting your spin on the TTPD style! YouCam Perfect has all the enhancement tools and effects you need to make a moody, reflective, and vintage cover for your feed.

Download the app for free to tell your story through the language of song titles!

Download YouCam Perfect, The Best AI Photo Editor App for iPhone & Android in 2023

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