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June Dump: How to Make Aesthetic June Dump Instagram Stories

June Dump: How to Make Aesthetic June Dump Instagram Stories

Jul 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
June Dump: How to Make Aesthetic June Dump Instagram Stories

Monthly photo dumps on Instagram stories are a great way to rewind the moments you have in the current month or previous month, usually including a collection of random shots in your daily life in collage styles.

June Dump Instagram Story

The key to posting photo dumps, whether using "Story" on Instagram or posting short videos on TikTok, is simplicity. But how do we achieve that while making the entire view aesthetic and eye-catching?

Read on for inspiration on arranging your June dump layout and ideas for selecting images!

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How to Make Your June Dump Photo Look Aesthetic

Step 1. Choose Your June Dump Template

Layout is the key element to make a photo dump post. Even when sharing random photos to showcase what you've been up to during the current (or previous) month, make sure the view is neat and organized.

Choose Your June Photo Dump Collage Layout

If you're looking for uniqueness when posting "Stories" on Instagram, the "GRID" option in YouCam Perfect's Collage feature allows you to create a simple but creative photo collage with up to 9 photos.

Customizable Photo Dump Collage

Furthermore, you can customize the border thickness, shape, and radius to ensure your monthly photo collection always looks unique to your followers!

Step 2. Select Pictures for June Photo Dump

Select Pictures for Photo Dump

For a more visually pleasing photo dump, use the Poster option in the Collage feature for pre-designed templates. Then, upload images you want to share and use features such as "Effects" and "Stickers" for customized and attractive results.

▼ Photo Dump collage made by our editor

June Dump Instagram Story

Often, users select various pictures to highlight memorable moments, share their lifestyles, or showcase travel photos for a monthly recap.

If you're unsure which images to use, particularly if it's your first time participating in the photo dump trend, consider the following themes or topics for picture selection.

  • Travel Photo Collection
  • Friendship Moments
  • Foodie Adventures
  • Gym Transformations
  • Daily Life Snaps

Step 3. Add June Dump Sticker

Add Photo Dump Sticker

As you finish your photo dump creation, open your Instagram app on either your iPhone or Android device.

Find “Add Yours” in the Sticker section, type "June Dump" as a photo caption, and adjust the size and location of your "June Dump" sticker on your Instagram Story.

Once you're satisfied with the result, post it and inspire others to join the trend!

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How to Get June Dump Sticker on Instagram?

How to get June dump sticker on instagram

To post a photo dump on Instagram Stories, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and tap on your profile picture at the top left corner to start a new story.
  2. Press the "Camera" button and locate the 'Layout' feature on the side menu.
  3. Choose one of the layout options provided by Instagram.
  4. Tap on each section of the layout to add a photo.
  5. When you're done uploading pictures, swipe up on the screen and find the "Add Yours" sticker.
  6. Type in the prompt "June Dump" for the sticker.
  7. When you're done editing, tap the "Your Story" button on the left corner.

Or you can simply join the trend if viewing a story that has an "Add Yours" sticker!

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Photo Dump FAQs

How to Do June Dump on Instagram Story?

To create a monthly photo dump on Instagram, start by selecting a range of photos that capture your experiences throughout the month.

You can use features in apps like YouCam Perfect's Collage feature to arrange your photos in an appealing layout or simply use the "Layout" option in Instagram's Story feature. You can also add text, stickers, or drawings to your photos before sharing them.

Remember, the key to a successful photo dump is to keep it simple and organized.

What is a Photo Dump?

A photo dump typically refers to a collection or series of photos uploaded or shared all at once, usually without much organization or context.

Think of a photo dump as when someone shares a bunch of photos all at once, kind of like spreading out a bunch of snapshots from a trip or a party. It's a casual way to share multiple pictures without much structure or explanation, just like flipping through a photo album with friends.

How Do I Caption a Photo Dump?

Captioning a photo dump depends on the vibe and theme of the photos you're sharing. Here are some ideas:

  • Summarize the Moment: Give a brief overview of what the photo dump is about. For example, "Weekend Adventures 🌟 Exploring new places and making memories with the squad!"
  • Embrace Emotions: Reflect on the feelings captured in the photos. For instance, "A mix of laughter, love, and endless memories. 💖 #GoodTimes"
  • Playful Commentary: Add some humor or playful commentary. Like, "Warning: May cause severe wanderlust! ✈️ #TravelBug"
  • Highlight Specifics: If there's a particular event or theme, mention it. Such as, "Throwback to our beach day extravaganza! 🏖️🌊 #SunshineAndSmiles"
  • Ask Questions: Engage your audience by asking questions about the photos. For example, "Which outfit is your favorite? 👗💼 #FashionFun"
  • Express Gratitude: Thank your friends or family for the memories shared. Like, "Grateful for these moments and the people who make them special. 💫 #Blessed"
  • Keep it Simple: Sometimes, a short and sweet caption works best. Such as, "Just another day filled with joy and laughter. ☀️ #Memories"

How Many Photos is a Dump?

There's no strict rule on the number of photos that make up a photo dump. It can vary widely depending on personal preference, the platform you're using to share the photos, and the story you want to tell.

Some people might consider a handful of photos (like 3-5) a photo dump, while others might share dozens at once. It really comes down to what feels right for you and the story you're trying to convey with your photos.

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