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Hello Spring 2022: Best Photo App to Welcome the Season

Mar 19, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Hello Spring 2022: Best Photo App to Welcome the Season

Did someone say spring?! It’s time to celebrate the arrival of the new season, and what better way to do it than by creating gorgeous spring photos with a photo editing app like YouCam Perfect? Let’s get blooming!

Spring Into the Season With YouCam Perfect

We all want to create and post the most beautiful spring photos during this beautiful season, but for most of us, the editing tools on our phones don’t quite meet our expectations. Have no fear! YouCam Perfect is here to help you accomplish all your spring photo dreams.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best App to Create Stunning Spring Selfie Photos

YouCam Perfect is the best photo editing app that features a variety of tools like effects, animation, sky replacement, and many more. With the YouCam Perfect app, you can create stunning spring photos in just a few taps even if you don’t have any photo editing experience. Learn more about how below!

Add Spring Effect to Photos with the Best Free Photo Editor App

How to Add Spring Vibe to Photo

Spring photos are beautiful — the lighting is perfect, the flora and fauna are in bloom, and the weather is warming up. But if you want to give your photos a little something extra, here we provide four spring photo editing tips for your spring photo ideas.

  • 1. Try Spring Animated Effects
  • 2. Welcome Spring with Spiral Effects
  • 3. Get Spring Flower Backgrounds
  • 4. Brush on Spring Vibes

  • 1. Try Spring Animated Effects

    One of the most fun ways you can add flair to your photos for spring is with an animated effect.

    • Download the best photo app this spring.
    • Choose the photo you’d like to edit and navigate to Animation
    • From there, go to the Effects category and scroll through the options available in the Spring category. There are several options to choose from — read on to hear a bit more about them.

    Add Cherry Blossom Effect to Photos Easily

    Blooms Animated Effects

    Bring the blooms of the season onto your photo with effects that have flowers raining down on you. YouCam Perfect also offers an special feature on iOS, which is called Accumulation. This enhancement will automatically detect the portrait in the photo, and blossoms will fall down on your head and body while accumulating there if caught.

    *The Accumulation feature is currently available for iOS only. Android version coming soon.

    Butterfly Animated Effects

    Butterflies are as synonymous with spring as flowers on Valentine’s Day, and the options that YouCam Perfect offers do not disappoint. Watch as these creatures instantly swarm around your photo, and control their speed with the slider at the bottom of your screen if you wish.

    Add butterfly to pictures with best photo app

    Create Your Own Spring Effects

    If a full effect doesn’t meet the needs of your photo, YouCam Perfect offers several animated stickers that might. You can place them exactly where you’d like, while also resizing them and rotating them if you’d like. You can also create your own butterfly animated effect using butterfly stickers and other spring stickers together.

    2. Welcome Spring with Spiral Effects

    Welcome the first day of spring by adding butterflies and flowers to photos

    One of the most suitable options for your Hello Spring image is the flower & butterfly spiral effect, which triggers the animation to fly from the bottom to the top around your image. To utilize the effect, tap Photo Edit and select the photo you want to edit. Next, tap Animation and choose the Wraparounds category. 

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    3. Get Spring Flower Backgrounds

    Change Photo Background to Spring Flower Backgrounds

    Sometimes the only thing missing from a beautiful photo is a nice background, and YouCam Perfect can help you get that. 

    • Upload the photo you want to edit using the Photo Edit button.
    • Next, tap Background, and then Change Background.
    • Changing the background will automatically detect the subject in your photo and replace the background with one of your choosing.

    You can use a picture from the ones YouCam Perfect has to offer, one from your photo library, or even a Shutterstock background if you are using the iOS version of the app.

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    4. Brush on Spring Vibes

    Draw flowers to photos to bring spring to life

    The Magic Brush is one of YouCam Perfect’s more advanced features. Use the magic brush to watch your design come to life on your photo right where you tap. There are several spring-themed Magic Brush options like flowers, leaves, and butterflies for you to choose from.

    👉 Create Surreal Edits with the Magic Brush

    Download YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Editing App for Spring 2022

    Although we’ve likely exceeded your expectations for what you thought the YouCam Perfect app could offer, it also has other spring features we didn’t have time to cover in this article. We suggest exploring the app’s many features to see what’s available for creating the best spring photos. Download the app for either iOS or Android now to get started!

    Download YouCam Perfect, the best app to welcome spring season 2022👉 Read More:

    Spring Photo FAQs

    When is the 1st day of spring 2022?

    The first day of spring in 2022 is March 20, which is right around the corner!

    How do you add blooms to photos?

    YouCam Perfect offers many ways to add blooms to your photos. You can use stickers, effects, or a new background photo.

    • Download YouCam Perfect
    • Go to Photo Edit and choose the photo
    • Navigate to Animation, Effects
    • Add blooms animated effect to photos
    • Save & Share! 

    How do I add flowers to my iPhone photos?

    Just like you would with any photo, you can upload an image to the YouCam Perfect app to make any edits you’d like to see.

    • Download YouCam Perfect
    • Go to Photo Edit and choose the photo
    • Navigate to Animation or Sticker
    • Add aesthetic flowers to your photos
    • Save & Share! 

    How can I add a butterfly to my photo? 

    Adding butterflies to your photo is easy. You can use stickers (static or animated), animated effects, or a fun butterfly background to add them to your photo.

    • Download YouCam Perfect
    • Go to Photo Edit and choose the photo
    • Navigate to Animation, Effect or Sticker
    • Add butterfly animations to photos
    • Save & Share! 

    Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Photo Editing App This Spring Season 2022Want to get more photo editing tips and tricks? Subscribe to the YouCam Perfect YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram for creative editing ideas and awesome selfie tips!

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