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3 Best Photo Retouching Tools to Make Your Photos Perfect
Photo Editing

3 Best Photo Retouching Tools to Make Your Photos Perfect

Aug 25, 2021 · 3 minutes read
3 Best Photo Retouching Tools to Make Your Photos Perfect

Sometimes, we take a nearly perfect photo and just need to make a few edits to bring it to perfection. For example, you might need to make the sky look clearer, remove unwanted objects, and blur the background. All of these little things take your photo to the next level so it stands out in a crowded feed.

With YouCam Perfect, retouch a photo is as easy as ever. We’ll take you through the process of how to use three of our most popular photo editing tools: sky replacement, object removal, and blur. With these in your repertoire, you can learn how to fix a photo that needs a little help.

3 Best Photo Retouching Tools in YouCam Perfect

So just what is YouCam Perfect? It’s your best photo retouch app. It lets you apply beautiful effects on your selfies, crop and filter your favorite landscape shots, and even retouch background elements to craft an entirely new collage.

Best Free Photo Retouch App

In particular, we’d love to show you how our three most popular tools work for fixing photos:

  1. Sky replacement. This is an excellent feature that can help you turn dull, gloomy weather into a gorgeous sunny day.
  2. Object removal. Have a ton of extras in your background photo? Or maybe a weird sign that’s distracting from the main subject? Get rid of these with ease with object removal.
  3. Blur feature. Tune out the background and turn up the focus on your subject with blur. It lets you heighten the foreground of the picture so the background acts as a complement, not a distraction.

Photo Retouching Tool #1. Sky Replacement

Finally visited your dream destination, but the weather was bad and the sky was gloomy? Don’t worry, it’s totally possible to salvage your photos. Just use YouCam Perfect’s sky replacement feature to turn those drab and boring skies into sunny and bright days.

Best Photo Retouching Tool

With the tool, you can brighten up dull tones, add streaks of sunlight, and even insert a few puffy clouds to give the atmosphere some texture. It will look like you had perfect conditions for your photo. 

  1. Open the photo you want to correct in YouCam Perfect.
  2. Click on Edit, and then Sky.
  3. You can then browse all of the cool effects!
  4. Choose something like Rainbow to add a little good luck to your photo, or Fancy to give your world a fantasy makeover. The possibilities are limited to what you can dream up.
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    Photo Retouching Tool #2. Object Removal

    Have an irksome crowd, building, or other distractions in the background of your photo? It’s easy to erase any object you don’t want in your photo using YouCam Perfect. 

    Best Photo Retouching Tool

    The tool lets you handpick exactly what you want to get rid of and then fills in that void with colors and shapes that resemble the rest of the background. The result is a seamless way to fix a photo.

    1. Open the photo you want to correct in YouCam Perfect.
    2. Click on Edit, and then Removal.
    3. Using your finger, highlight the areas you want to be removed from the photo. Click Remove.
    4. Like magic, those parts of your photo will now vanish!
    5. You can also let the app autodetect what should be removed from the background if you’re in a hurry.

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    Photo Retouching Tool #3. Blur

    A good portrait often has a blurred background. This makes the subject really pop, as the focus is on them. The eye is drawn directly to the point of focus. 

    Best Photo Retouching Tool

    By blurring the background with YouCam Perfect’s blur tool, you can make yourself stand out more in the photo.

    1. Open the photo you want to correct in YouCam Perfect.
    2. Click on Edit, Tools, and then Blur.
    3. Select the blur shape you’d like to use — you can choose from circle, ellipse, and rectangle styles, or use the brush tool.
    4. Change the size and location of the blur by dragging the shape around the photo.
    5. Decide on the type and strength of the blur. Click the shapes under the picture to see how the style of blur changes, and use the bar to lower or increase the strength.
    6. Enjoy your cool new blurred photo!

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    Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Photo Retouch App

    Editing photos with YouCam Perfect couldn’t be easier. You can replace the sky in your photo, remove objects, and blur the background in a matter of seconds. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play now to get started!

    Best Free Photo Retouch App

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