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How to Edit Your Instagram Selfie With the Best Makeup App
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How to Edit Your Instagram Selfie With the Best Makeup App

Nov 22, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How to Edit Your Instagram Selfie With the Best Makeup App

Standing out on Instagram is all about maximizing your selfie game. After all, if you don’t look stunning and vibrant in a snap, your followers are likely to just keep scrolling. But when you maximize your look with a trendy makeup style like e girl, soft girl, or Instagram baddie look, you’ll instantly pop on everyone’s feed. Here are a few tips on how to take a good selfie for Instagram so you can look your best and score in the likes department.

5 Best Selfie App Editing Tools For Instagram

In addition to basic things like having good lighting and avoiding background clutter, there are a few more things you can try to make your Instagram selfies pop. We recommend five main tips for the best Instagram selfies, all of which you can achieve by using the best makeup app: YouCam Makeup.

Read on to discover the top 5 digital makeup editing tools you can edit easily for a gorgeous Instagram selfie!

#1. Add Instagram Baddie Eyelashes

Instagram is special for its full-screen view. Any image you upload will fill up the entirety of a user’s phone screen when they’re scrolling through their feed. This means that a close-up image with a focus on eye makeup can easily grab a user’s attention. 

Eyelashes are also the essential makeup element for the trendy “Instagram baddie” style. Basically, an Instagram baddie is a person who’s always on trend and looking their best, whether that’s with on-point eyebrows, perfectly styled outfits, or in this case, popping eyelashes.

Don’t know how or don’t have time to apply false eyelashes in real life? YouCam Makeup is here to help. Add false eyelashes effortlessly with YouCam Makeup. Your followers will rave over your luscious new lashes, all without realizing you added it in post-snap.

#2. Change Hair Color

Billie Eilish’s new hair color for Vogue quickly became one of Instagram’s top posts. The sleek blonde locks were a huge change from her previous lime green and black grunge look, which is maybe why the post generated so much traction. People were surprised to see her looking so different!

You can inspire as much interest with your own followers when you tweak your hair color with YouCam Makeup. All it takes is a few taps to get a drastically different look people will love. Find the hair color that makes you look your best.

#3 Effortless Plumped lips

When it comes to Instagram baddie aesthetics, a full, sexy signature nude lip is a must. Rather than placing 3 layers of lip gloss in real life for that Kylie Jenner lip effect, try YouCam Makeup’s smart lip plumper tool to add that mesmerizing lip effect in a tap.

#4 Light Up With a Smile

It doesn’t matter what kind of Instagram makeup looks you’re trying — if you’re not smiling, you’re not showing off your full potential. Smiles are always a good choice when it comes to selfie expressions because they make it seem like you’re glowing with happiness.

Just check out the above picture of Emilia Clarke — she looks stunning with her genuine grin. And having the dog in her picture doesn’t hurt either! If you’re not confident in your smile, no worries. You can use the YouCam Makeup teeth whitening tool for a boost before posting. That way, your teeth will look sparkling and perfect without seeming washed out or fake. 

#5 Effortless Face Lift

Everyone could use a little boost now and then. While you probably know the best angles to capture your best features, you can accentuate them, even more, when you apply makeup. Of course, getting things just right in person can be tricky, especially if you don’t often contour.

Obviously, celebrities like Kim Kardashian have makeup teams that can perfect their looks for them. But for the rest of us, that’s why YouCam Makeup comes with the best face shaping tools. You can use this feature to accentuate your face’s unique features. 

Elevate Your Instagram Selfie with Easy Edits Now!

Test out all your Instagram selfie ideas with the help of YouCam Makeup. Download it now in the App Store or on Google Play now!

Want to know more about the latest beauty trends? Subscribe to the YouCam Makeup YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram for the hottest beauty, makeup, and skincare trends.

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