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4 Best Aesthetic Hair Color Video Editor Apps in 2023
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4 Best Aesthetic Hair Color Video Editor Apps in 2023

Nov 11, 2022 · 3 minutes read

Vibrant and colorful aesthetic hair colors are everywhere these days. We're all used to hair color on our selfies, but what about on your video. Here we introduce 4 of our favorite hair color apps for video.

Try aesthetic hair color on video

▲ Try our top pick for aesthetic hair color on videos YouCam Video

YouCam Video at a glance:

  • Free to download
  • 70+ virtual hair colors
  • Try before you dye
  • Add aesthetic hair to your videos

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Download YouCam Video, best free video editing app for video filters, adding music to videos, and video beauty filters.

How to Get Aesthetic Hair Color on Video:

4 Best Aesthetic Hair Color Video Editor Apps for iPhone & Android

Whether you want to actually color your hair, or just want to see what you might look like with a colorful hair style, you can do that instantly on your videos with a video editing app. Read on to discover our tops picks:

1. YouCam Video: Best for Aesthetic Hair Color Filters

Try aesthetic hair color on video



  • Some of the aesthetic hair colors are premium only

Try aesthetic hair color on video

YouCam Video's hair color tool is an easy to use feature that lets you add colorful hair dye to your videos effortlessly using smart AI technology. Trying the different colors on your video is easy and there is a wide range of colors. Even though some of the better colors are premium, you can still try them out first so you can see if you like the look before you pay. 

>> Get aesthetic hair color ideas with YouCam Video now

2. Instagram


  • A lot of different types of hair filters
  • Fun for reels & stories


  • Depends on the filters other users have made

Instagram has so many filters it can be overwhelming, but if you search you can find some great hair color filters that are fun to play with. Once you search and have found your favorite hair color effects it's easy to re-apply them. 

3. TikTok


  • Tons of different aesthetic hair colors


  • Not very accurate
  • Hard to find hair color without other filters 

TikTok has some great filters to use on your videos, but overall they aren't as accurate as other apps that are available. They are fun for a quick video, but if you want a more precise hair color look there are better apps available.

4. YouCam Makeup


  • Tons of hair colors and styles to try
  • Also has makeup


  • Can only make short videos
  • Primarily a selfie editing app
  • No dedicated video editing functions.

YouCam Makeup is primarily a makeup app for selfies, but it also has a function that allows you to make fun makeup mash up videos that let you change your hair color too.  The video function has limited tools to change your look.

5 Aesthetic Hair Color Filters to Try on Your Videos

Aesthetic hair color on video

It’s not always possible to dye your hair a fun color, but there is a way to try out a bright new style without committing to a new ‘do. YouCam Video is an easy way to try out a range of hair color styles on your selfie videos including:

  • Single hair color
  • Ombré hair color
  • Dip dye hair color
  • A variety of natural and rainbow aesthetic hair colors.

Read on to find some inspiration for your new TikTok aesthetic hair color.
Styles covered in this article:

1. Aesthetic Hair Color Ideas: Galaxy E-girl Aesthetic Hair

Try aesthetic hair color on video

▲ To try this style on your videos simply download the app to get started.

For those of you who wish to channel the E-girl aesthetic this is one of the most versatile styles you can play with. Classic E-girl aesthetic hair colors include:

  • Black hair dye
  • Split hair color
  • Bright red, green or even yellow hair dye. 

Once way to channel your inner E-girl is to try this galaxy hair color from YouCam Video, with dark purple and blue hair dye.

Try this look:

2. Aesthetic Hair Color Ideas: Lilac E-boy Aesthetic Hair

Try aesthetic hair color on video

Try E-boy style hair color with YouCam Video hair color filters.

The counterpart to the e-girl, the e-boy is dark and brooding, but one great thing about his style is there are a variety of hair colors. Hair color can be:

  • Light or dark, 
  • Blues and purples, and pinks.

Getting creative with hair coloring is part of the aesthetic TikTok culture and this goes for everybody.

Try this look:

  • Download YouCam Video
  • Upload your video
  • Tap "Hair"
  • Scroll across to the lilac hair dye, adjust color and shine as you like

3. Aesthetic Hair Color: Euphoria Jules' Lavender Aesthetic Hair

Try aesthetic hair color on video

Since it first aired Euphoria has been full of amazing makeup and fashion inspiration. From the beautiful makeup styles of Rue and Maddy to Kat’s fashion, there’s a whole host of looks to choose from. In particular, Jules has a variety of different hair colors throughout the show including:

  • Red streaks
  • Blue & pink dip dye
  • Pink soft girl hair & more

To channel Jules’ best hair color looks:

  • Download YouCam Video
  • Upload your video
  • Tap Hair
  • Scroll the hair colors to try out the two-toned hair dye

4. Aesthetic Hair Color Ideas: Soft Girl Aesthetic Hair

Try aesthetic hair color on video

The soft girl aesthetic is one of the biggest trends to emerge in the past few years. Soft aesthetic is exeplified by:

  • Cute clothing
  • Simple pretty makeup looks
  • Pastel colors

Pastel hair color is one of the main features of the soft girl style and you can recreate this style easily on your videos without even coloring your hair IRL! 

Try soft girl aesthetic hair by:

  • Downloading YouCam Video
  • Upload your video
  • Tap Hair
  • Scroll across to find your favorite pastel hair color

5. Aesthetic Hair Color Ideas: Unicorn Hair Dye

Try aesthetic hair color on video

▲ Try unicorn hair dye with YouCam Video.

Unicorn hair dye or mermaid hair color is usually:

  • A bright vibrant mix of many colors.
  • Usually pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel blue, mint green.
  • Can also be bright rainbow colors.

If you love this aesthetic hair style but are not sure which route to take, pastel or rainbow then try out a bunch of different unicorn hair aesthetics easily with YouCam Video:

  • Download YouCam Video
  • Upload your video
  • Tap Hair
  • Choose your colorful aesthetic hair color.

If you’re ready to check out how you’d look with unicorn aesthetic hair, then it’s time to get YouCam Video.

Download YouCam Video: Best Video Hair Color Editor

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Video Now

Find even more hair color ideas to create your own TikTok aesthetic style on your selfie videos with YouCam Video. Not only can you color your hair with YouCam Video, but there’s also a wide range of makeup and retouch tools.

Aesthetic Hair Color on Video: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does hair dye last?

Depending on whether you have used permanent or semi-permanent hair color, the length that your hair color lasts depends largely on how you care for your new color. For permanent hair color, if you have a darker color you need to take care that sun still bleaches even when you have colored hair, so protection from heat and sunlight is still necessary to keep the vibrancy and to stop it from drying out (this goes for lighter hair colors too). Semi-permanent hair color washes out quicker so the fewer washes the better.

2. How to dye hair at home?

If you want to dye your hair at home, it couldn't be easier. The range of at home hair dye products has ballooned over the past few years so there will certainly be a product for you. At-home hair colors such as box dye will all have easy to follow instructions for your use so all you need to do is choose your color and get started!

3. Should I dye my hair?

If you aren't sure whether or not to dye your hair, maybe you need some idea of how a certain color will look like on you. In this case you can use a video editing app like YouCam Video to try different hair colors on your selfie video so you can see how your new hair color will suit you and how it will look from every angle.

4. What color should I dye my hair?

When considering a new hair color you might not know what you want, or if you do, you might want to know what that color would look like on you. In this case, you can try a video editing app! YouCam Video is a simple to use video editing app that lets you try tons of different hair colors on your selfie video so you can see how it will look before you dye.

5. How do you get unicorn hair in videos?

If you want to try out unicorn hair, but you can't commit to the color, or can't decide what color you want, try out an aesthetic unicorn hair color with video editing app YouCam Video:

  1. Download YouCam Video
  2. Upload your video
  3. Tap Hair
  4. Scroll through the colors unitl you find your Unicorn or Mermaid style.

6. What hair color is cutest?

Any hair color can be cute depending on style, hair cut, and way it is dyed. If you are unsure what hair color will look cute on you, you can try a hair color video filter app like YouCam Video. YouCam Video is a video editing app that lets you try tons of different hair colors on your videos so you can see what hair color will the cutest on you IRL. Simply download the app and upload your video to get started!

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Pleasego to Strapi to edit the materials info.
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