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Try New Summer Hair Colors With The Best Hair Color App

Sep 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Try New Summer Hair Colors With The Best Hair Color App

If you’ve been thinking about a new hair color, summer is the perfect time to refresh your style. But it can be hard to decide which color is the best for you. That’s why trying out your new hair color ideas with a virtual hair color app is a great way to find the style you’re looking for. Not only can you try out a range of hair color styles in real time, but you can also edit your selfie videos and level up your TikTok game in a snap. Another great reason to try a hair color app is that you can try that wild color you’ve always wanted to without the commitment! So, now you’ve decided to try a new color, let’s jump into the best hair color app for editing your videos for TikTok.

The easiest entry point for a new hair color for summer is to try out a new style with a hair color app like YouCam Video. YouCam Video lets you try a variety of styles including single color, two toned and ombré. You can also try tons of different colors from rainbow hair color to more natural shades like blondes and browns. What’s even better, YouCam Video allows you to create a full TikTok or selfie video to see your new color in all its glory before you take the leap! Read on to find out more about virtual hair colors you can try using YouCam Video.

Summer Hair Colors

Simple Summer Hair Color Idea: Natural color

For a simple refresh, you can try a natural hair color. Depending on your natural shade, you can try out a number of different hair colors that can complement your style without going overboard. From blondes and browns to black, there’s plenty of ways you can refresh your style in a natural way with the hair color changer in YouCam Video. Try out a variety of different hair color ideas, and easily switch between them to find the color you prefer.

Summer Hair Colors

If you’re keen to try a natural hair color for summer, simply download YouCam Video to try out a range of amazing styles instantly on your selfie videos.

Single Color Summer Hair Color Idea

If you want to try out a bit of a color boost, single color tones are easy to maintain and still look great. Single colors can be anything from a natural shade to any color of the rainbow. Discover a whole range of different color hair dyes instantly with a virtual tryout on your selfie video. No matter if you decide on a dark or a lighter hair color, you can see instantly how it will look over your own natural hair color.

Summer Hair Colors

How To Create Pastel Hair Color

Pastel hair color is a great way to color your hair if you want a more subtle look. Pastel shades are soft and sweet, so if you’re into soft girl or kawaii aesthetics then a pastel shade is perfect for you. If you aren’t sure about the pastel hair color you want, you can try on a range of different pastel shades with YouCam Video. Find your perfect pastel hair color by trying different shades on your TikToks to see which hair color suits you best.

 Summer Hair Colors

How To Do Mermaid Hair Color

There’s nothing like a super creative hair color, and scrolling TikTok definitely gives us a ton of inspiration to get a bright new color. Mermaid hair is certainly one of our favorite styles; it’s bright, creative and super dreamy. Mermaid hair color is typified by greens, blues, and purples, signifying ocean colors. If you want to try out mermaid hair color, but not sure if it will suit you, simply try out the dual toned hair color styles on your TikToks using YouCam Video. Get some inspiration now!

Summer Hair Colors

How To Do Unicorn Hair color

Another super creative style we can’t get enough of is unicorn hair. Pinks, purples, and pastel blues in general create unicorn hair, but you often see many different multicolor styles that suit the unicorn hair color aesthetic. When you’re curious about unicorn hair styles, you can simply try out a range of multicolored hairstyles on your selfie videos using YouCam Video.

Summer Hair Colors

Curious to see how you’d look with a new hair color for summer? Download YouCam Video now to try a new hair color for yourself and make your TikTok aesthetic dreams come true!

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Summer Hair Colors

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