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Best Video Editing App For Eyelash Extensions On Video
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Best Video Editing App For Eyelash Extensions On Video

Mar 4, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Add eyelash extensions to your videos with a video editing app

Lashes can make or break a makeup look. With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide on the right one. A video editing app like YouCam Video takes the hassle out of the process and lets you try on different eyelashes before you make the leap to applying your own. Keep reading to learn how you can apply natural-looking eyelash extensions to your videos with YouCam Video!

Eyelash Styles: False Lash Types

False lashes can transform your look, but the kind you use makes all the difference. The type that works best for you depends on several factors like:
  • How long you want them to last
  • The length and thickness you want
  • Whether you apply them yourself or see a professional
  • How natural you want them to look

If you’re looking for temporary false lashes, DIY glue-on extensions can do the job. They can stay on for anywhere from one night up to 10 days, depending on the brand. They’re better for your budget, but they can look artificial, and you have to make sure you get the right length and style for your eyes, so they don’t get uncomfortable.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you go to a professional who knows how to apply false eyelashes correctly. They can give you natural eyelash extensions, strip lashes, and even individual lashes for the right volume, length, and look.

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Different False Eyelash Styles

Once you know what type of false lashes you want, choose your ideal style. Yes, you want your eyes to stand out, but the style you choose can have different effects, including:
  • Enhancing your eye shape
  • Opening your eyes
  • Elongating your eyes
  • Making your eye makeup stand out

They can also eliminate the need for you to wear mascara or emphasize your eye makeup. Short- or medium-length lashes give you a more natural mascara look, while longer eyelashes add drama with volume eyelash extensions.

If you’re deciding between thick and thin lash bands, thin bands are usually easier to put on yourself. You can position them on your eyes more easily than thick bands or individual lashes. Sometimes, you don’t want or need a full lash strip. In these cases, you can use individual lashes or partial strips to fill in gaps or create styles like the cat eye, open eye, and baby doll eye.

Eyelash Styles: How to Pick the Right Style of Lashes for You

When you’re deciding on the right eyelash style for you, it’s not only about what look you want. The way you achieve that look depends on factors like:
  • Your personal style
  • Eye shape
  • Brow shape
  • Eyelid size
  • Face shape

You want your lashes to accentuate the features you want to show off and you want them to draw attention where you want people to look. For example, if you have round eyes, curly lashes can accentuate the shape of your top lid, whereas heavier lashes make your eyes look smaller. For eyelids with epicanthic folds, thicker lashes can make your eyes look more open.
You should also consider the placement of your lashes. A baby doll eye has lashes across the full lid, whereas a cat eye focuses on the outer edge of the eye to widen and shape it. Choose the style where you want to create volume.

Try Different Lash Styles to Find the Perfect Look for You

When you don’t want to go through the effort or expense of putting on your own false eyelashes, YouCam Video can help. This video editing app makes it easy to get the look you want in just a few taps, and it has plenty of features and tools, including:
  • Face reshaping
  • Face paint
  • Skin smoother
  • Crop and zoom
  • No video length limits

YouCam Video’s powerful eye editing tools let you beautify your selfie videos with false lashes you don’t have to stick on. You can get lashes in tons of styles to create a look that matches your aesthetic flawlessly. Discover how to find your perfect lash style and enhance your makeup below!

natural eyelash extensions

How to Find the Best Eyelash Extensions With YouCam Video

It only takes a few seconds to apply the lash look of your dreams with YouCam Video. Follow these steps to explore your favorite lashes and apply them to your selfie video:
  1. Download YouCam Video free for iOS or Android.
  2. Upload your video to the app from your phone.
  3. Choose your video’s length and orientation.
  4. Select Makeup and choose Eyelashes.
  5. Explore YouCam Video’s range of lash styles and apply them until you find the one that fits your look best.
  6. Save and share your video!

natural eyelash extensions

Eyelash Styles With YouCam Video: Easily Find Your Lash Style Now

YouCam Video gives you everything you need to take your eyelashes to the next level. Download YouCam Video for iOS or Android to discover eyelash styles that enhance your makeup and bring out the beauty in your eyes!

Download YouCam Video

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