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Best Free Personal Color Analysis: See Which Colors Suit You Best
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Best Free Personal Color Analysis: See Which Colors Suit You Best

Apr 17, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best personal color analysis app

Do you know what shade of clothes, lipstick, or hair color suits you best? Color analysis is a great method to identify the most suitable colors for you.

Seasonal Color Analysis Palette

Find out now what color type you are: Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, and use the color analysis app YouCam Makeup to find out what colors suit you best!

Prueba personalizada del color del pelo

Table of Contents
  1. Personal Color: Spring
  2. Personal Color: Summer
  3. Personal Color: Fall/Autumn
  4. Personal Color: Winter
  1. Test Foundation Colors
  2. Test Hair Colors
  3. Test Clothing Colors
  4. Test Makeup Colors

What Is a “Personal Color”?

Many of us have experienced a situation where a dress or lipstick that looks fantastic on someone else doesn't quite have the same appeal when we try it ourselves. Our unique hair, skin, and lip colors mean that what works for one person might not work for another.

Color analysis helps differentiate between cool and warm tones and further categorizes them into the four seasonal types—Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter—to identify the perfect colors for each person.

Tiktok personal Color Analysis videos

Source: Tiktok, left image @theoutfitcurator, right image @enzo.villacorta

On social media, you'll find many people sharing their color analysis videos from their appointment with a color analysis expert. This is one great, but also costly way to learn about your personal color type.

Keep reading to find out how you can analyze and test your personal color type yourself!

Color Analysis: How Do I Know My Personal Color?

You can find many different color analysis tests online. They usually look at things like your skin tone, eye color, hair color, and other natural colors to figure out if you have a warm yellow undertone or a cool blue undertone.

Seasonal color analysis palette for warm and cold skin tone

Choose warm or cold colors based on your warm or cold skin color.

Simply answer the following questions to determine if you have a cool or warm skin tone:

  • What's the color of your cheeks? Pinkish (A) or Yellowish (B).
  • Next, check the veins on the inside of your wrist: Are they Blue (A) or Green (B)?
  • Finally, consider the colors of your jewelry: Silver (A) or Gold (B)?

If you have more A's, you might have a cool color tone, while if you have more B's, you likely have a warm color tone.

If you're unsure whether your skin tone leans towards yellowish or pinkish, try using a makeup filter to test 'pink' or 'yellow' and see which color you prefer.

To find out if you're a spring/fall or summer/winter type, consider your natural hair color and whether your pupil color is bright or dark matte:

  • Bright Hair Color and Pupil Color with:
  • Warm Undertones = Spring Type
  • Cool Undertones = Summer Type
  • Dark Matte Hair and Pupil Color with:
  • Warm Undertones = Autumn Type
  • Cool Undertones = Winter Type

Color Analysis: What Colors Suit Each Season Best?

Have you figured out which season you belong to?

Let's see which colors are most suitable for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter types.

Personal Color: Spring

Personal Color Analysis: Spring

Spring types usually have warm skin with yellowish undertones, making them well-suited for light and bright colors like white or yellowish ivory.

Vibrant shades such as light camel, greenish yellow, soft pink, and aquamarine complement their complexion, as do other soft pastel hues.

However, darker colors like black are not the best choice for those with a spring palette. Instead, they can opt for darker shades such as deep blue or camel to maintain a flattering contrast without overwhelming their natural warmth.

👉 Try Spring colors on your photo with an app.

Personal Color: Summer

analisis de colorimetria verano

Individuals with a summer type typically have cool skin tones with blue undertones, which complement less saturated, soft colors beautifully.

Light blue and sky blue are excellent choices, as are light grape violet shades with violet undertones.

Summer types should steer clear of bright colors with high contrast and avoid oranges and camels with strong yellow undertones, as these can clash with their cool complexion.

👉 Try Summer colors on your photo with an app.

Personal Color: Fall/Autumn

analisis de colorimetria otoño

Autumnal color types typically have warm skin tones with yellow undertones, making them best suited for calm hues.

Rich golden tones and woody browns complement their complexion beautifully. For those looking to step away from earthy colors, options like army green, moss green, terracotta, and brick red can also be flattering.

Autumnal types should avoid pastel colors or stark contrasts like pure white or black, as these can clash with their warm undertones.

👉 Try Autumn colors on your photo with an app.

Personal Color: Winter

analisis de colorimetria invierno

Winter types typically have a cool blue skin tone and shine in bold, saturated colors.

Shades like navy blue, lemon yellow, fuchsia, burgundy, and bright ruby green, as well as pure white and black, complement their complexion beautifully.

However, winter types might want to steer clear of strong earthy yellows, golds, and low-contrast muddy colors, as these can detract from their cool undertones and vibrant appearance.

👉 Try Winter colors on your photo with an app.

Use This Color Analysis App to Test Your Colors

You might still wonder if the recommended personal colors truly suit you or if the tests are accurate.

If you're looking to verify your personal colors, consider using a free app like YouCam Makeup.

Download the youcam makeup app to test your personal color analysis test results on your photo.

YouCam Makeup is a virtual makeup, hair color, and clothing color app that allows you to experiment with different looks in real time.

Read More: Best Free Makeup Filter App to Try and Create Makeup Filters

Test Foundation Colors

Find your perfect foundation shade with the color analysis app youcam makeup

Picking the right foundation color is crucial for making our makeup look clean and glowing. If your skin has warm tones, go for a yellow or warm beige foundation. If you have cooler skin tones, choose a foundation with red or pink undertones to make your complexion pop.

Test Hair Colors

Test hair color filters on your photo that suit you personal color type!

Even subtle shifts in hair color can have a significant impact. Before heading to the salon, try using your phone to test out different shades and see if they suit you. This way, you can consider the hair colors that suit your personal colors!

Test Clothing Colors

Test clothing colors with the best color analysis app youcam makeup

If you want to test different clothing colors, no problem! Just use YouCam Makeup's "Clothes" feature* and you can change the colors and patterns of your clothes to find the best colors for you to wear!

*currently available for iOS only

Test Makeup Colors and Shades

test different makeup colors with youcam makeup

With YouCam Makeup's "Eyeshadow" feature, you can discover the ideal shade for you according to your personal color analysis results.

Additionally, YouCam Makeup offers a range of other beauty color tests for lipstick, blush, eyebrow color and contact lenses.

Download the youcam makeup app to test your personal color analysis test results on your photo.


After reading through this personal color analysis guide I hope you have gained a deeper understanding of how to identify your most flattering colors. Armed with this knowledge, you can select clothing, hair colors, and lipstick shades that complement you best. I hope this helps you feel even more confident and comfortable in your style!


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