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Free AI Hairstyle Changer for Men: Test 20+ Haircut With AI
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Free AI Hairstyle Changer for Men: Test 20+ Haircut With AI

Apr 17, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Free AI Hairstyle Changer for Men: Test 40+ Haircut With AI

We understand the pain of flipping through endless fashion magazines or scrolling through Pinterest to find the perfect haircut that is low-maintenance and refreshing.

This summer, put aside your worries about finding the right hairstyle. With an AI barber like YouCam Perfect, it's like having a personal stylist available 24/7 at your fingertips.

Read on to get started!

AI Barber: Try on classic guy haircuts using AI easily

▲ Men's Hairstyle AI Simulation with YouCam Perfect

Best Free AI Haircut Simulator for Men: YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best free AI hairstyle simulator for you to see yourself with different haircuts easily.

Simply by uploading one of your photos to this app, you can virtually try on 10 classic men's hairstyles in its AI Hairstyle feature, whether it's buzz cut, long wavy, crewcut, curtain, or even bold hairstyle. 

Try On Men’s Trendy Hairstyle Filters

▲ AI Hairstyle Simulator for Men

You can also use the AI Replace to generate AI hairstyles from text, whether it is a 1980s mullet or a stylish slick-back.

Replace your original hairstyle in photos to change hairstyles and hair colors

▲ Generate Men's hairstyle with text

How to Try-On Men's Haircut With AI

Step 1. Upload Your Photo (No Account Required)

Upload Your Photo to the Best AI Barber

▲ Find AI Hairstyle under the AI Tools tap

Begin your virtual haircut journey by uploading a clear, front-facing photo of yourself to the AI haircut simulator (tap here to download). The better the quality, the more accurate your virtual try-on will be.

*The features are currently available for iOS only

Step 2. Try-On 40+ Men’s Trendy Hairstyle Filters

Try On Men’s Trendy Hairstyle Filters

In AI Hairstyle, you can test out the result after applying the hairstyle filter with a larger preview by selecting one haircut or pressing the “grid-view” button to compare 3 outcomes at a time.

Replace your original hairstyle in photos to change hairstyles and hair colors

Alternatively, you can use the AI Replace feature (currently for iOS only) to change hair color, increase hair length, or apply the latest hairstyles for men. All it requires is to paint the hair area in your photo, and let AI do all the work within seconds!

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Step 3. Save Your Before-After Haircut Image

Save Your Before-After Haircut Image

After you've found a style that suits you, save your before-after haircut image. You can keep this handy for your next trip to the barber or future style inspiration.

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3 Other AI Hairstyle Simulators for Men's Hairstyle

If you're looking for more hairstyle simulators to get different results, we also selected a few outstanding AI hairstyle apps and online tools for you to get men’s haircut inspiration:

1. BarberGPT

BarberGPT interface

  • Account required: Yes
  • Free option: Yes

BarberGPT is a great online tool to explore if you're looking for haircut inspirations this summer of 2024!

Currently supports 7 classic men’s hairstyles for virtual try-on, with a “Surprise Me” option to generate random hairstyles. All users need is to upload their picture, paint on the hair area they wish to crop, and select the hairstyle they prefer before generation.

2. HairstyleAI

HairstyleAI interface

  • Account required: Yes
  • Free option: No ($9/one-time payment)

HairstyleAI is another excellent resource for men’s haircut inspiration.

You can easily find 60+ hairstyles for men with reference photos under the “Male” tab in the menu bar. According to its website, users will receive 120 HD photos as a package in 4 different poses/haircuts for virtual try-on.

3. LightX

LightX interface

  • Account required: No
  • Free option: Yes

LightX provides a quick and easy way for users to experience virtual hairstyle transformation by using its AI Hairstyle filters.

To generate men’s hairstyles in the app, first locate “AI Filters” under AI Tools,  find the “Hairstyle” tap, and then scroll for the hairstyles you prefer (each supports regeneration)!

Men’s Trendy Hairstyle for Summer 2024 For You to Try Now

Here, we’ve listed several trendy but classic guy hairstyles recommended to look refreshed and cool for virtual try-on:

Trendy summer hairstyles for men using an AI barber app

  • Buzz Cut Fade: Buzz cut fade is a popular choice for its simplicity and low maintenance. The styling features a short, uniform length throughout the top, gradually fading into shorter sides and back.
  • Crew Cut: The crew cut is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. It features a longer length at the top that gradually tapers to a shorter length at the back and sides.
  • Short Curly Hair: This style usually appears with a taper on the sides and back with a slightly longer length on top to allow the curls to take center stage.
  • Shaved Head: A shaved head or a bald look can be a bold and confident choice while eliminating the need for styling and hair maintenance.

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AI Barber FAQs

How to Find the Right Hairstyle for Me?

Finding the right hairstyle can be daunting, but an AI barber makes it simple. It allows you to experiment with different styles virtually, so you can see what suits your face shape, hair type, and personal style.

To test the hairstyle:

  • Find AI Hairstyle in YouCam Perfect
  • Press “Male” and select the hairstyle filter you prefer
  • Press “gird-view” to compare 3 styles at a time

You can also try out more variations by

  • Locate AI Replace in AI Tools
  • Draw on the hair area of your image
  • Enter the style you prefer in the text input field
  • Press “Apply” to view the hair try-on result
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