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1980s Men AI Hairstyles: Try Out Men's Hairstyles in the 80s
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1980s Men AI Hairstyles: Try Out Men's Hairstyles in the 80s

Apr 30, 2024 · 3 minutes read
1980s Men AI Hairstyles: Try Out Men's Hairstyles in the 80s

Falling in love with the 80s like us? As Michael Jackson, The Police, U2, and many other artists emerged, the styling in hair and fashion was often inspired by these popular icons.

Try on iconic 80s hairstyles with an AI haircut app

▲ Hairstyle try-ons inspired by 1980s pop culture icons

With a haircut app like YouCam Perfect, it is now possible to try on iconic 80s hairstyles without even stepping into a salon. Before jumping right into the how-to’s, let’s have a quick review of trendy haircuts in the 80s.

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What Are the 1980s Hairstyles for Men

1980s Hairstyles for Men Using an AI Haircut App

▲ Easily recreate 1980s trendy hairstyles for men using AI!

In recent years, interest has been resurgent in 1980s hairstyles, with many individuals looking to recreate these iconic looks and share their results on TikTok and Instagram.

Below are a few 80s trendy haircuts that were inspired by bands and singers:

  • Mullet: Music legends like Billy Ray Cyrus and David Bowie are known for this hairstyle in the 80s, with a short cut on the top while leaving the long wavy hair on the back.
  • Punk: The punk style of the 80s was also a hit sported by Billy Idol. The hairstyle includes daring spikes, bright hair hues, and signature looks like the liberty spike—hair spiked upwards.
  • Jheri Curl: This style was made famous by Michael Jackson, often presented with a glossy, loosely curled look, and was another popular hairstyle of this era.

Or you can also try on other trendy haircuts inspired by artists in the late 80s or early 90s, such as the Grunge style inspired by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana!

How to Try On 1980s Hairstyles For Men

From mullets to perms, men experimented with various looks to express themselves in the 1980s era. Follow these easy steps to recreate these iconic looks using your own pictures!

Step 1. Upload a Photo to Recreate 1980s Haircuts

Hairstyle Filters to Recreate 1980s Haircuts

▲ Try on hairstyle filters inspired by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

Find the haircut app YouCam Perfect on your App Store, upload your own photo, and choose a clear, well-lit image of yourself for the best results.

Or simply find the "Hairstyle" feature under AI Tools for quick hairstyle try-ons inspired by your favorite pop culture icons.

*The features are currently available for iOS only

Step 2. Paint on the Hair Area

Replace hair in the photo with men's hairstyle in the 80s

Once your photo is uploaded, locate the painting tool “AI Replace” to mark the area where you want the hairstyle to appear. *Pro tip: Make sure to cover the entire area of your current hairstyle!

Type the name of the 80s haircut in the text input field, and press “Apply” for the result.

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Step 3. Save Your Men’s 80s Hairstyle Image

Recreate 1980s Retro Fashion and Outfit Styles

You can either rock a mullet or recreate any other 80s-inspired looks using the AI Replace feature by typing in the outfit style with pop culture icons you wish to reference. Not to mention switching your outfit to match your hairstyle generation!

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Other Ways to Recreate 1980s Retro Look

If you're looking to fully immerse yourself in the 80s vibe, why not pair your new hairstyle with some vintage clothing?

Locate “AI Fashion” under AI Tools, find “Masculine” and locate Indie, Rock’n Roll, and Yearbook styles to revisit the 1980s retro look without lurking on Amazon to shop for outfits and matching accessories.

Get Inspired: 

Men’s 1980 Hairstyle FAQs

How to Have Hair Like in the 80s?

To have hair like in the 80s, you would need to grow out your hair and then style it according to the popular trends of the time. This might involve perming your hair, using a lot of hairspray, or even dying your hair a bright color.

Or, you can simply achieve it by using your picture:

  • Get YouCam Perfect and locate AI Tools
  • Find AI Hairstyle to apply male’s haircut filters
  • Find AI Replace to replace the desired hairstyle in your photo

*The features are currently available for iOS only

What Men’s Hairstyle Was Trendy in the 80s?

The 1980s saw a variety of unique and out-of-the-box hairstyles that men rocked with confidence.

These included the rise of the mullet, the Jheri curl popularized by Michael Jackson, and the long, wild hair sported by the members of Bon Jovi.

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