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Buzz Cut Filter: Try on Buzz Cut Hairstyle with AI
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Buzz Cut Filter: Try on Buzz Cut Hairstyle with AI

Apr 29, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Buzz Cut Filter: Try on Buzz Cut Hairstyle with AI

Summer is always a great time to try something new, especially when it comes to hairstyles. As you've been exploring social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram for inspiration, you've likely noticed that the buzz cut is a trending style in hot weather.

Buzz cut filters to apply to your photos

If you're considering this drastic change but are unsure how it will look on you, consider applying a realistic buzz-cut filter!

Buzz Cut AI Hairstyles Try-On

Buzz cut filter for men and women

✨ Try out the edgy buzz cut look using your photo in 1 click this summer!

Buzz cuts usually maintain a uniform length but can also incorporate fades or designs. They can range from a completely shaved or bald look to leaving an inch or two of hair on top.

The most iconic buzz cut styles for males are the induction buzz cut, classic crew cut, and Jarhead cut. For women who want to give themselves an edgy look and experience the wash-and-go haircare routine this summer, try out a curly buzz cut or dye it in different colors.

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How to Use the Trendy Buzz Cut Filter

Step 1. Upload Your Photo

Upload Your Photo to Apply Buzzcut Filters

First, you need to upload a clear, front-facing photo of yourself. Make sure your face is visible without coverage by bangs. Here are some tips for better generation result:

  • Clear, front-facing photo of yourself
Don' tscons
  • Bangs covering your eyebrows

Step 2. Choose the Buzz Cut Filter Style You Prefer

Choose the Buzz Cut Filter Style You Prefer

Locate “AI Hairstyle” under the Beautify tab, and find “Buzzcut” in both the Male and Female tabs.

The best part about the feature? For premium users, you can also press the grid view to compare 4 hairstyles at a time before heading to your local salon!

*The result of your hair color will be based on the one displayed in your input picture

Step 3. Save Your Buzz Cut Preview

Save Your Buzz Cut Preview

After applying the buzz cut filter, you can save the preview. Or, try out other hairstyle options to compare and decide on the one you like best!

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Other Ways to Turn Current Hairstyle into Buzz Cut in Photos

Turn Current Hairstyle into Buzz Cut in Photos

In YouCam Perfect, there’s another option for users to customize the buzz cut filter or change hair colors using their own prompt.

Different buzz cut effects to apply in photos

As you upload a picture, find “AI Replace” and paint on the hair area. Then describe the hairstyle you prefer. This can be as simple as "buzz cut" or as specific as "buzz cut on top with a fade on the sides in purple."

Learn More About This Feature: How to Replace Anything in Photos Using AI

Guess what? Furiosa is also wearing buzzcut!

In the upcoming Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, we'll see the younger Furiosa also sporting a buzzcut hairstyle! It'd be fun to try the Furiosa haircut filter and join in on the movie's trend.

Try out the Buzzcut filter

Buzz Cut Filter FAQs

How Do I See Myself in a Buzz Cut?

You can easily see yourself in buzz-cut hairstyles on social media platforms including TikTok and Snapchat via Effects once you type the related keywords in their search feature.

Or you can utilize a buzz cut filter app like YouCam Perfect to achieve the look easily:

  • Tap "Photo Edit" and upload a photo
  • Tap "Beautify" and locate "AI Hairstyle"
  • Select Female/Male and scroll till you find the 'Buzzcut' effect
  • Press the green check and save
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