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5 Best Free Apps to Change Sky Background in Photos [iPhone]

Apr 8, 2022 · 4 minutes read
Best Sky Replacement Apps to Change Sky Background in Photos on iPhone and Android in 2022

Have you ever taken a photo where you look beautiful but the weather is disappointing and the sky’s color in the background is not ideal? You might think that changing the sky background in your image to a beautiful sky would require hours of tedious and meticulous photo editing and advanced Photoshop skills. We’re here to prove you wrong! In this article, we have rounded up 5 best sky editing apps that will help you change the sky background easily and quickly. 

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5 Best Sky Editing Apps to Replace Sky Background

The best sky replacement apps help you get this done with just a few clicks. While some apps come with pre-saved sky backgrounds, only a handful take it to the next level to help make your photos shine on your feed. Below are the five best sky replacement apps to download today.

  1. YouCam Perfect: Best Choice Overall
  2. Adobe Photoshop (for Mobile)
  3. PhotoDirector
  4. Lightleap by Lightricks

Best Sky App 1. YouCam Perfect

We have to start with YouCam Perfect, obviously. With multiple sky options to choose from and adjustable settings to get the look you want, there’s no other app that will give you this flexibility.

Download YouCam Perfect, best free app to change sky background

The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer or editor to quickly change the sky background of your photos. You can choose from a rainbow sky, perfectly blue skies, and even a sunset sky with just a few taps. There’s also an option to include holiday-themed skies and even nighttime skies for day-to-night photo ideas. All without having to pay additionally for more images.

Change Sky Background with best sky replacement app, YouCam Perfect

Plus, you can also change the sky background of your photo in seconds by choosing from an extensive library of preset images or uploading your own sky photos.

Free Download YouCam Perfect App

*The Sky Replacement feature is currently available for iOS only.

👉 Learn How to Use the Sky Replacement Tool in YouCam Perfect

Best Sky App 2. Adobe Photoshop (for Mobile)

Use Best Sky App: Adobe Photoshop to Change Sky Background

The mobile version of the Adobe Photoshop app also comes with a handy sky replacement function. You have a selection of preset sky images, including a solid blue with or without clouds. There aren’t many options in the mobile app; however, the desktop software has more editing power to replace your skies.

Best Sky App 3. PhotoDirector

Use Best Sky App: PhotoDirector to Replace Sky Background

PhotoDirector has a blender option that lets you enhance your photos and change skies. You can choose from preset styles like blue skies, sunsets, clouds, fireworks, and even starry skies.

Available: iOS and Android

Best Sky App 4. Lightleap by Lightricks

Use Best Sky App: Lightleap to Change Sky Background

With Lightleap app's sky replacement, you can pick from a handful of preset skies that are free. However, you cannot use your own sky photos. Moreover, many users report that the sky background feature only works well on lighter skies since darker skies show a halo around the target image.

Best Sky App 5. PICNIC

Use Best Sky App: Picnic to Change Sky Background

With PICNIC app, you can also use sky filters to change the look of your photos. They do have different sky images to choose from. However, their preset sky filters will also add effects to the image that change the hue and tone of the photo. There’s no option to only switch the sky. 

Best Sky App to Change Sky Background [iPhone]

Introducing the app that’s going to make these edits happen for you — YouCam Perfect. This app, available for both iOS & Android, offers a wide selection of photo editing and beautifying tools for all your creative needs. In particular, we’ll be covering the sky replacement tool here, although the app offers many tools that can help with editing your sky overall. Need to change the sky background in your photo? No problem! Learn more about how to do it below.

Download Best App To Replace Sky Background To Photos

How to Change the Sky Background in Photos

Let’s go over how you’re going to change the sky background in your image. With the YouCam Perfect app, it’s easy to do, and it doesn’t require any advanced photo editing skills or expensive software.

  • First, download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android.
  • Next, tap Photo Edit on the home screen and upload the photo you’d like to work on.
  • From there, scroll through the tools until you see the Sky icon.
  • You’ll see a variety of different sky options available, and you can adjust the settings for each one to get it to your exact specifications. Other tools on the market can give you the same functionality, albeit with a much higher cost and learning curve.

7 Sky Replacement Backgrounds for Edits

The YouCam Perfect app has multiple sky options to choose from, which we’ll explore below.

  1. Blue Sky Background
  2. Rainbow Sky Background
  3. Fancy Sky Background
  4. Sunset Sky Background
  5. Night Sky Background
  6. Aurora Lights Sky Background
  7. Holidays Sky Background

    1. Blue Sky Background

    You can never go wrong with a natural sky, and the Blue Sky category accomplishes just that. It offers eight options to choose from, giving you the choice of a sky that perfectly accents your photo. 

    Change Sky Background To Rainbow and Blur Sky Background

    2. Rainbow Sky Background

    Adults and children alike all love a good rainbow, and it’s a great way to amp up your photo. YouCam Perfect offers five different sky backgrounds with a rainbow featured.

    3. Fancy Sky Background

    While a natural sky is beautiful, a more fun and whimsical sky is also something many of us want to try out. The five choices in the YouCam Perfect app are colorful and bright, some even featuring unicorns and hot air balloons! 

    Change Sky Background To Sunset Sky Background

    4. Sunset Sky Background

    An elegant sunset is a perfect way to accentuate your photo no matter what time the original photo was taken. Choose from five sunset skies that YouCam Perfect has to offer to level up your image. 

    5. Night Sky Background

    Sometimes a nighttime background can add a moody and mysterious vibe to your photo. YouCam Perfect has five options to experiment with to get your ideal look with just a few taps.

    Change Sky Background To Aurora and Night Sky Background

    6. Aurora Lights Sky Background

    The Aurora borealis or northern lights are something that we’d all love to see in person, but most of us can’t manage that. Alternatively, you can play around with the five backgrounds in the YouCam Perfect app that can bring this natural wonder to life in your photo with just a few taps.

    7. Holidays Sky Background

    Change Sky Background To Fantasy Holiday Vibe Sky Background

    The first sky category available is Holidays, which features two sky options that beautifully lend themselves to the Christmas season.

    Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free App to Replace Sky Background

    Download the sky app for either iOS or Android today to make your own sky background photo edits come to life in seconds. Remember — the sky's the limit!

    Download Best Free App To Change Sky Background For iOS and Android 2022

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    Best Free Sky App FAQs

    What app allows you to change the sky?

    Here are the best 5 apps for changing sky background in your photos:

    • YouCam Perfect
    • Adobe Photoshop (for mobile)
    • PhotoDirector
    • Lightleap by Lightricks
    • PICNIC 

    How do I change my sky background?

    1. Download the YouCam Perfect app.
    2. Next, tap Photo Edit and upload the photo you’d like to edit.
    3. Navigate to Sky tool.
    4. Explore tons of beautiful sky options and replace the sky background in 1 tap.
    5. Save your edit!

    How do you get the blue sky in photos with an app?

    1. Download the YouCam Perfect app.
    2. Tap Photo Edit and navigate to Sky tool.
    3. Find Blue Sky category.
    4. Browse through all the blue sky options.
    5. Change your sky background in 1 tap.
    6. Save your new photo with blue skies!

    Change Sky Background with Best App Today

    Free Download the App to Change Sky Background For Photos

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