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Google Magic Eraser Review: Does It Truly Remove Anything
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Google Magic Eraser Review: Does It Truly Remove Anything

May 9, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Google Magic Eraser Review: Does It Truly Remove Anything

AI photo editing has become the norm in 2024, even Google Photos has leveled up this game - making their AI editing tools accessible to all users.

According to Google, their Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light features will be available starting May 15 without a subscription! (Yeah you heard them.)

People might already be aware of the most popular feature ‘Magic Eraser’ as it allows users to erase unwanted objects and people in images easily. But does it truly remove anything from photos effectively?

Table of Contents
  1. Scenario: Outdoors / People
  2. Scenario: Indoors / People
  3. Scenario: Indoors / Object
  4. Scenario: Outdoors / Object

An Honest Google Magic Eraser Review

Review of Google Magic Eraser & YouCam Perfect

Today, I’ll be using my pictures to test out this feature and compare the outcomes with another third-party app ‘YouCam Perfect.’ It's free against paid app. Let’s find out!

  • Test Date: April. 28, 2024
  • Environment: iPhone 13, iOS 17.4.1

Review #1: Outdoors/People

Here are a few snapshots just to demonstrate the Photo Eraser results between Google Magic Eraser vs YouCam Perfect.

At a glimpse, you can easily tell Google Magic Eraser might leave some blurry traces or large chunks of passersby.

Google magic eraser vs. third part app

▲ People removal results

Google magic eraser vs. YouCam Perfect app

▲ Removing people in the background

And to get more testing results, I also tried some travel shots, which are difficult to edit for complicated photo backgrounds and extensive photobombers. And here are the results.

Magic Eraser Photo: Outdoors/People from Google Photos

The AI in Google Photos can smartly identify people in the background, but not all of them. I need to manually select/circle some of the photobombers left in the picture.

A specific downside is that it becomes challenging for either the AI or manual selection to isolate and remove a person when they are too close to the photo border.

Removal Result: 8/10

Magic Eraser Photo: Outdoors/People from YouCam Perfect

Though I need to remove photobombers in YouCam Perfect manually, the magic eraser photo editor allows users to select all of the subjects at once before viewing the removal result.

It also provides a small ‘zoom-in box’ while painting on the screen, which helps me select the unwanted subjects accurately. Moreover, it allows me to magnify my image when choosing larger objects or those near the photo's edge.

Removal Result: 9.5/10

Review #2: Indoors/People

Magic Eraser Photo: Indoors/People from Google Photos

Next, I used photos with more complicated backgrounds to test out the people removal effect.

Even though Magic Eraser smartly detects the unwanted strangers in my image, I can still notice some blurriness and shadows left uncleared (especially the part close to the railings).

Removal Result: 7.5/10

Magic Eraser Photo: Indoors/People from YouCam Perfect

Whereas in YouCam Perfect, I can manually paint on the photobombers (it’s okay to have the mask covering the railings) for a more natural and accurate result. You can also adjust the brush size to control the accuracy of the removal in the photo.

This is also the reason why I often use their ‘AI Removal’ feature to edit travel photos.

Removal Result: 8.5/10

Review #3: Indoors/Object

Magic Eraser Photo: Indoors/Object from Google Photos

The best part of Google Magic Eraser is it supports a smart-detect solution without painting all over the item I wish to erase. Say, I want to take the Trooper figure on the right out of my picture.

Simply circle the figure, wait till Google’s AI identifies the object, and then the entire Shoretooper is completely wiped out of the image.

Unfortunately, the removed area which takes a large portion of the image might lead to blurriness and unnatural marks, making the image look obviously edited.

Removal Result: 5.5/10

Magic Eraser Photo: Indoors/Object from YouCam Perfect

While using “AI Removal” in the YouCam Perfect app with a similar function, I have to first paint the entire object completely to erase something from a photo.

Though the Pro feature claims to suit the need for larger area removal, I can still see blurry stains after applying the removal effect.

Removal Result: 6/10

Review #4: Outdoors/Object

Magic Eraser Photo: Outdoors/Object from Google Photos

Lastly, move on to obstacles in outdoor snaps.

This time, Google Photo’s Magic Eraser immediately scans through the image, smartly identifies (and selects) the possible unwanted objects, and pops up a notification box telling me they’ve suggested the obstacles that need to be erased.

I would say this works much better than the previous. The only issue is I need to double-check the shadows in the picture to make sure the visual looks natural.

Removal Result: 9/10

Magic Eraser Photo: Outdoors/Object from YouCam Perfect

The result in YouCam Perfect also works pretty well when removing a utility pole in the photo. The only downside is I have to paint through the unwanted areas by myself before applying the effect.

Removal Result: 9/10

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Google Photos App Interface

Overall thoughts on Google Photos' Magic Eraser:

  • AI auto-detection on people/objects
  • Smart selection by circling the item in the photo
  • Best for object removal in outdoor shots
  • Hard to remove subjects near the edge of the photo
  • Cannot select unwanted items at once before removal effects
  • No brush size adjustment

YouCam Perfect App Interface

Overall thoughts on YouCam Perfect's AI Removal:

  • Better generative AI results after larger area removal
  • One-time selection before removal effect application
  • Best for people removal in outdoor shots
  • Support manual selection only
  • Limited free trial actions

Google Magic Eraser FAQs

How to Use Google Magic Eraser?

If you are more familiar with the Google Photos app to keep your images and make photo edits:

  • Launch the Google Photos app (iOS/Android)
  • Tap on the picture you wish to edit
  • Press "Edit" and locate 'Tools'
  • Tap "Magic Eraser" and remove the items

Or you can use another magic eraser photo editor like YouCam Perfect (iOS/Android):

  • Tap "Photo Edit" and upload a picture
  • Locate "AI Replace" on the menu bar
  • Press 'Plus' for smaller area removal
  • Press 'Pro' for larger area removal
  • Press "Apply" to view the result
  • Press the 'regeneration' button for a different effect

Result of Using a Google Magic Eraser Alternative

▲ Try an alternative that regenerates removal results without redoing the painting process!

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