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10 Best Google Magic Eraser Apps & Tools for iPhone in 2024
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10 Best Google Magic Eraser Apps & Tools for iPhone in 2024

May 9, 2024 · 3 minutes read
10 Best Google Magic Eraser Apps & Tools for iPhone in 2024

Hello, iPhone users! Your exploration of Magic Eraser alternatives awaits! In this article, we will explore the top 10 iPhone magic erasers in 2024. Each tool offers unique features to help you seamlessly remove unwanted objects from your photos.

Magically remove unwanted objects from photos using the best magic eraser app

▲ Try out one of the best magic erasers for iPhone to accurately erase unwanted objects

We’ll be using the same photo to test out the erasing results while highlighting each tool’s capabilities, making it easier to choose from the one that suits your specific need.

What is Google Magic Eraser

Google’s Magic Eraser is an AI photo removal feature in the "Google Photos" app, which used to be exclusively for Google One members (subscription needed) and all Pixel (6 and later) owners for free.

But not anymore!

Google made an announcement in April, that its AI editing tools for Google Photos will be made available to all Google Photos users on May 15, 2024, with no subscription required. So you can access tools like Magic Editor, Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur and Portrait light. 

Google Magic EraserSource: Google

All Google Photos users on Android and iOS will get 10 Magic Editor saves per month. If you need more quota, then you to get a Premium Google One plan.

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10 Best Google Magic Eraser Apps & Online Tools for iPhone

1. YouCam Perfect: Best Free AI Magic Eraser App

Magic Eraser App for iPhone: YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best Magic Eraser alternative app for people who want to get rid of unwanted objects, people, and glare from photos. Its user-friendly interface and “AI Removal” tool make it a go-to choice for iPhone users seeking a reliable alternative to Google's Magic Eraser.

The app’s AI Removal tool utilizes generative AI’s capability to smartly analyze your photo's structure and naturally fill in the removed area. This helps users easily eliminate unwanted elements from their photos without leaving any noticeable editing marks.

  • Rating: 4.8 on iOS, 14k reviews
  • Plus for small area removal; Pro for large area removal

2. PhotoRoom: Quick AI Image Eraser App

Magic Eraser App for iPhone: PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom not only specializes in photo background removal, but the AI image eraser app also enables users to remove people from photos with the “Retouch” feature. The best part about the app is it will display the area you have painted in purple, while the feature promptly shows you the erasing result.

As a pro user, you can easily remove backgrounds from multiple images instantly using the "Batch" feature. This allows you to switch background colors, resize images, and adjust positions in bulk, all at the same time.

  • Rating: 4.7 on iOS, 4.5k reviews
  • Free for background removal and retouch feature; Pro for Batch Mode and instant background replacement

3. Lightleap: Powerful Picture Eraser App

Magic Eraser App for iPhone: Lightleap

Lightleap offers an eraser tool Heal, which powers AI that analyzes your photo structure and fills up the removed area to create a more natural overall appearance.

To view the before and after display in the app, long-press on your image after painting over the unwanted area. While the feature does not allow for eraser brush size adjustment, make sure to zoom in on your picture before painting over the unwanted area for a more effective photo-erasing experience.

  • Rating: 4.6 on iOS, 6.1k reviews
  • Heal for photo erasing, Restore for undo erasing effect

4. Pixomatic: Accurate Photo Erasing App

Magic Eraser App for iPhone: Pixomatic

Pixomatic's powerful eraser tools enable you to accurately remove unwanted objects from your photos. The app has 4 types of erasing tools within the Remove feature.

For free users, you can access the Spot and Line Removal features. As a pro user, we recommend using a photo with a simple structure for Remove Object, as it will automatically select the unwanted area you tap on. For more intricate photo erasing, you can adjust the brush size and paint on the desired area using the Magic Brush feature.

  • Rating: 4.6 on iOS, 860+ reviews
  • Free for Spot & Line Removal tools, Pro for Remove Object & Magic Brush feature

5. Snapseed: 100% Free Photo Eraser App

Magic Eraser App for iPhone: Snapseed

Snapseed is a free photo eraser app that doesn’t take much of your cellphone storage. The app equips 25+ useful editing tools, including Healing that can remove unwanted marks on your photos.

Before getting into the details of making specific edits or fixing minor imperfections using the Healing feature, we'd suggest zooming in on your photo. This will allow you to see the smaller details more clearly since the feature doesn't have the option to change the brush size.

  • Rating: 4.5 on iOS, 990+ reviews
  • All features are free to use; Healing tool for erasing unwanted objects on photos

6. Pixelcut: AI Photo Editor with Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser App for iPhone: Pixelcut

Pixelcut offers a wide variety of AI photo-erasing tools and is best for product photos, including Remove Background and Magic Eraser features.

The Magic Eraser tool on Pixelcut uses generative AI to automatically fill in the area that was erased. Once you finish erasing the unwanted area, the app will instantly display the result of the removal. If upgraded to the Pro version, you will have the ability to view and choose from 3 removal results at the same time.

  • Ratings: 4.5 on iOS, 2.8k reviews
  • Free for photo background removal and 1 result display for Magic Eraser

7. Canva: Magic Eraser Alternative Editor

Magic Eraser App for iPhone: Canva

Canva, known for its versatile design capabilities, also offers a magic eraser alternative. Easily remove unwanted objects and enhance your photos with this intuitive editor by using the Magic Eraser feature under the Effects category when tapping on your photo.

The Magic Eraser tool lets users remove unwanted objects and improve their photos with versatile design features such as Magic Expand and Magic Edit. This makes the photo editor stand out from other photo editing tools because it offers both editing and design capabilities.

  • Ratings: 4.7 on iOS, 93k reviews
  • Should upgrade to Pro version for the Magic Eraser tool

8. Imagewith.AI: Online AI Magic Eraser Tool

Magic Eraser Tool for iPhone: Imagewith.AI

Imagewith.AI is a helpful online tool that allows users without storage space to install an app to easily remove unwanted objects from photos.

The eraser tool offers two options, Tap or Draw, for users to remove objects from their photos. When using the online eraser tool, the screen will show a light purple color as you paint over the unwanted objects. However, if the photo structure is too complex, it may take longer for the engine to complete the erasing process.

9. Magic Studio: Easy-to-Use Photo Erasing Online Tool

Magic Eraser Tool for iPhone: Magic Studio

Magic Studio is a convenient online photo-erasing tool that enables users to efficiently edit images and remove unwanted elements from their photos.

Featuring a clean and user-friendly interface, this tool allows you to achieve flawless results quickly. After painting over the area to be removed, you can click the "eye" button on the right to preview the before/after result before saving it to your device.

10. AniEraser: Online Text and Object Eraser

Magic Eraser Tool for iPhone: AniEraser

AniEraser, developed by, is a powerful tool specifically designed to erase text from images, making it the ultimate solution for removing unwanted captions, watermarks, or text overlays.

The feature allows users to generate the erased result within a single usage quota for each photo. Therefore, ensure that you have identified and selected all the elements you wish to remove before clicking on the "remove objects now" button.

Google Magic Eraser Apps & Tools Price Comparison (for iPhone)

Magic Eraser AppRating on iOSPriceFree Option
YouCam Perfect4.8

N/A (Web Tool)$9/month (100 credits)✔️
Magic Studio
N/A (Web Tool)
N/A (Web Tool)

How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photo with an iPhone Magic Eraser

Elevate your photo editing game with YouCam Perfect, the best magic eraser app for iPhone. Read the simple step-by-step guide to magically erase unwanted materials in pictures:

Step 1. Download the Best Magic Eraser Alternative for iPhone

Get the app to erase unwanted people, objects, texts, watermarks, and more you can't imagine on this photo eraser app.

Step 2. Upload the Photo to Erase Unwanted Objects

Upload a photo to erase unwanted objects

Once you get the app, tap on Photo Edit and upload a photo. Then navigate to the "AI Removal" tool for photo erasement. We suggest using the Plus feature to remove small areas, while the Pro feature is best for erasing large areas in photos.

Don't worry about leaving blurriness or editing marks when using YouCam Perfect's eraser tool. The AI will smartly analyze and fill up the removed area naturally.

Step 3. Save & Share Your Magically Erased Photo

Save and share your magically erased photo

▲ Get your perfect travel photo with our generative AI photo eraser tool

It's easy to adjust brush size, view before/after results, and undo editing steps on this best photo eraser app. As you're satisfied with your erased photo, save it on your device or share it on socials!

Magic Eraser App FAQs

What App Can I Use Instead of Google’s Magic Eraser?

The app you can use instead of Google's Magic Eraser on iPhone is YouCam Perfect, it's the best photo eraser to remove unwanted objects, people, watermarks, texts, and glare from your pictures.

Is There Something Like Magic Eraser for iPhone?

We've tested 10 Magic Eraser alternatives exclusively for iPhone users, select the ones that suit your needs the most:

How Do I Remove Someone From a Picture on iPhone?

You can easily remove either photobombers, your ex, or random strangers from a picture using YouCam Perfect. The photo eraser app is best for its "AI Removal" feature, here's how you can remove someone from a picture:

  • Get the best photo eraser app for iPhone
  • Tap Photo Edit and upload a picture
  • Locate AI Removal on the toolbar
  • Use Plus for small-area removal; use Pro for large-area removal
  • Save and share your magically erased photo

What Are the Best Magic Eraser Alternatives for iPhone?

Here are the top 10 iPhone magic erasers, each tested and reviewed by our content editors:

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