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Best App for Removing People From Photos for Free in 2022

May 9, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best App To Remove People From Photos For Free Android And iPhone in 2022

We’ve all experienced this issue — there’s an unexpected photobomber in your vacation photos, or maybe you’ve been trying to take that perfect shot for nearly half an hour, but people keep walking in and ruining it. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? In this article, we’ll review how you can easily remove people from your photos with an amazing AI object removal in just mere seconds, so you can create your next masterpiece without any distractions in the background.

remove people from photos with object removal tool

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How to Easily Remove People From Photos

Editing people out of your photo backgrounds seems like something that would be difficult, but with the YouCam Perfect app, it’s very easy to do. Read on to learn how! 

1. Download Best App to Remove People

The first step in editing people out of your photos is very simple — you need to download the YouCam Perfect app!

Download best free app to remove people from photos

It’s available for either iOS or Android, so you can download it in just a few seconds for any device.

2. Select People to Remove

Select The People to Remove From Photo Background▲ Draw on the people you want to remove

Next up is where you’ll start removing the subjects from your image.

  • Tap Photo Edit, and navigate to Removal
  • From there, use the brush on the screen to draw on the people you wish to remove.

You can use the slider at the bottom of your screen to either increase or decrease the size of the brush for precise removal.

Download the best free app to remove people from photo background

3. One Tap to Remove People From Background

Click To edit someone out of a picture background▲ 1 click to remove unwanted people

Once you’ve drawn over the subjects you want to remove, just let your finger leave the screen and watch the people disappear. Our AI technology will instantly remove the selected person with utmost precision. If you feel like the edits aren’t quite right, use the back arrow at the bottom of the screen to go back and edit the photo again. 

Don’t worry if you accidentally go out of bounds and draw the area that’s too large. Our advanced AI technology will analyze the image, remove people and keep other subjects or backgrounds untouched, giving you the most realistic results for your daily or holiday photos.

Download the best free photo editing app, YouCam Perfect

*Auto processing object removal is currently available for iOS only. Android users will need to click the ‘Remove’ button after highlighting the unwanted items.

4. Save Your Photo Without Unwanted People

Save Your Edit Without Unwanted People with best object removal app for free download▲ Remove people from photo background

Once you’ve achieved the edits you want, the last step is the easiest one. Save your photo! Tap the green checkmark in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, and your vacation photo will be saved to your device. From there, share it on Instagram, Facebook, or your other favorite social media app.

YouCam Perfect: Powerful AI Person Remover

Use AI Person Remover to Accurately Remove Someone from Photos

You can use the person remover to accurately erase unwanted people in your photos and get a clean photo background. The AI technology will automatically remove the highlight areas once you draw over the object or someone in your photo. You can roughly paint the person. The AI will smartly detect the entire subject and precisely remove it in seconds. Furthermore, there won’t be any borders or any leftover object edges. Download the app and try this magic person removal tool now!

3 Ideas to Remove a Person From a Photo

How often have you captured the perfect photo, only to realize there were people in your long-weekend photo background, a funny person photobombed you, or even worse, your ex is in the picture? While you can blur them from the background, that gets rid of the beautiful scenery behind you. And, of course, you can always try to cut the photo to get rid of them. But, with apps like YouCam Perfect, you can actually remove unexpected people in the background with one touch. Here are some ideas to remove someone from your perfect photo.

  • Remove Tourists From Photos
  • Remove Photobombers From Photo
  • Remove Your Ex From Photo

  • 1. Remove Tourists From Vacation Photos

    Remove Tourists From Photos with best free people remover app▲ Clear your travel photos

    When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is to have a sea of tourists in the background of your photos. You can try to get another tourist-free picture, but that could take ages. Instead, you can download the YouCam Perfect app and get rid of them. Here’s how to remove people from the background:

    • Open the image you want to edit
    • Go to Photo Edit and tap Removal
    • Use the brush to choose the tourists in the background, zoom in to get the details
    • Once you’ve selected the tourists in the background, wait for auto processing and see them instantly disappear
    • Save and share your new photo!
    Download the best free photo editing app, YouCam Perfect

      2. Remove Photobombers From Photo

      Remove Photobombers from photos with best free people remover app▲ Erase photobombers from background

      When you’re taking selfies, you’ll find a photobomber behind. You can try to blur them out if you don’t want to focus on the background. But then, you won’t show where you are. While you can try to take another photo, you might love the one with the photobomber. Thankfully, with the YouCam Perfect app, you can remove photobombers from your favorite snaps. Just follow these easy steps:

      • Open the photo you want to edit
      • Go to Edit and Removal
      • Zoom in to get the details of the photobomber
      • Use the brush to highlight the person until it’s all red
      • Magically see the photobomber blend into your background
      • Adjust the background blur setting if needed
      • Save and share your best selfie ever!
      Download the best free photo editing app, YouCam Perfect

        3. Remove an Ex From Photo

        Remove an Ex From Photo with best free people remover app▲ Remove your Ex from old photo

        There is nothing more heartbreaking than having a photo you love but with your ex in it. You can edit their faces and swap them with your celebrity crush. You can paint over them and add stickers to hide them. Maybe you’ll try to cut the photo so they don’t show up. Or, you can remove them from the picture once and for all. Here’s how to do it:

        • Open the image you want to edit
        • Choose Edit and Removal
        • Use the brush to highlight your ex and say #byebye to him or her
        • Save your new edits and share your #single selfie best!

          Download YouCam Perfect: Best App to Remove People From Photo Backgrounds

          Taking photos is hard enough until you realize you have unintended subjects in the background! Luckily, the YouCam Perfect app is the best photo editing app for your vacation photo! It provides plenty of editing tools including removing people from photos! Download the app for either iOS or Android today to make your own photo edits come to life in seconds.

          Download Best App To Remove People From Photo Background

          Not Only An App to Edit Someone Out of Picture

          YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editing app on the market, allowing anyone from beginners to professionals to edit their pictures in seconds. The app has several great features to choose from, some of the most impressive being body tuner, background remover, and teeth whitener. These tools and much more are available in the YouCam Perfect app and will take your photos from boring to breathtaking.

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          People Remover App FAQs

          What is the best app to remove people from photos?

          Here are the 4 best free photo editing apps that we recommend for erasing people from your photos:

          1. YouCam Perfect
          2. TouchRetouch 
          3. Snapseed
          4. Photoshop Fix

          You can also check out 4 Best Object Removal Apps to Erase Unwanted Objects in Photos

          What are the best apps to remove people from pictures?

          How can I edit someone out of a picture for free?

          Follow our step-by-step guide to edit a photobomber out of your picture:

          How can I remove someone from the background of a picture?

          To easily remove a person from a photo with YouCam Perfect, follow these steps:

          1. Download the YouCam Perfect app
          2. Open the app and import your image
          3. Navigate to Removal and paint over the person you want to remove from the background
          4. Save your edit!

          How do I remove someone from a picture on iPhone?

          1. Download YouCam Perfect
          2. Select the People to Remove
          3. One Tap to Remove People
          4. Save Your Edit!

          Get the Best Free App to Remove People from Background Today

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