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How to Delete People from Photos in 3 Steps

How to Delete People from Photos in 3 Steps

Feb 29, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Delete People from Photos in 3 Steps

Imagine capturing a perfect moment, only to find an unwanted person in the frame. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Delete Unwanted People From Your Photos With AI

Delete people from photo using AI in YouCam Perfect

Easily delete undesired elements from your image by painting over them, and let the AI Removal tool do the rest. Just get the app, upload your image, and remove unwanted people in 3 steps.

How to Delete a Person from a Photo

Delete unwanted people and objects from photo

When it comes to deleting a person from a photo, the process is fairly simple:

Step 1. Upload a Photo

First, select the photo you want to edit. It could be any image with people you'd prefer not to be there.

Your photo can be in either PNG or JPG format. We can handle images of any size.

Step 2. Select and Delete the Unwanted People

Use the brush tool to paint the people you want to delete from your picture. Remember to change the brush size with the slider to make it easier.

Our AI Removal tool can auto-identify unwanted elements without undesirable or unnatural marks.

Step 3. Save the Photo

Download your image on your iPhone or Android device, and you're done! You can also create a YouCam Perfect account to enjoy more AI photo editing options.

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Delete People from Photos FAQs

Why Do I Want to Delete a Person From a Photo?

For example, when using images for social media sharing, it’s crucial to delete an unwanted person in a travel shot or a random passerby who photobombed your picture to further highlight your photo subject.

What Are Some Used Cases for Deleting People from Photos?

Deleting people from photos can be useful in everyday life too, not just in professional photography. You might want to remove a stranger from a family photo taken in a public place, or perhaps there's an ex-partner in an otherwise great photo with friends.

Eliminating them allows you to produce a more organized and aesthetically appealing picture.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Object Remover to Delete People from Photo

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