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How to Cartoonize Your Pet from a Picture for Free

How to Cartoonize Your Pet from a Picture for Free

Apr 11, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Cartoonize Your Pet from a Picture | Free Cartoon My Pet App

Create your own cute dog cartoon for an artistic and fun way to show off how much your pet means to you. As a pet lover or owner, you might want to create cute pet pictures and transform them into different styles, including turning your pets into cartoon-like animals.

Cartoon your dog using AI Avatars

▲ Cartoon your dog using AI Avatars

Your pet might not be able to accompany you while working in the office or traveling abroad. However, making cartoon pet photos allows you to easily keep them on cellphones and treasure the memories between you and your furry friends.

Cartoonize Your Pet from a Picture

▲ Cartoon your dog using AI filters

Keep reading to learn how to use YouCam Perfect’s AI Selfie and Magic Avatar feature to cartoonize any photo of your pet and give your furry friend some extra love; furthermore, join the trendy Disney Pixar-inspired AI pet poster trend!

Table of Contents

YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Editor App to Cartoon My Pet

Best App To Create a Cartoon Photo of Your Pet▲ Turn Your Dog into a Cartoon Picture

Cartooning your pet is just one way to personalize your photos of them. It’s fun to see yourself and your pet in different styles, and it gives you yet another way to capture their image and express how much you care about them. With YouCam Perfect, you can instantly cartoonize your pet pictures using the AI Selfie or Magic Avatar feature!

The app also offers lots of tools for editing pet photos, including its AI cartoon effects, removal of background features, and ways to make cute pet stickers!

*The AI Selfie feature is currently available for iOS only.

How to Use AI Avatars to Turn Your Pet Photo Into a Cartoon

Step 1. Get the Best Avatar Maker App to Cartoon Your Pet

Get the best app for creating cartoon-style pet avatars. It's free to download and equips responsive AI features for users to customize pet photos and cartoon them effortlessly.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best AI Cartoon Maker App for iPhone in 2023

Step 2. Select Styles to Make Cartoon Pet Avatars

Cartoon my dog

The cartoon pet maker app supports more than 20+ styles for both dogs and cats and allows users to pick up to 10 styles at a time. After you finish the style selection, the app will send you a notification once your cartoon pet photos are ready.

Step 3. Save and Share Your Cartoon-Style Pet Photos

Avatar result after turning your dog into a cartoon

Once you're satisfied with the result, save the results to your device or share it on social media to join the AI pet poster trend with your cute cartoonized photos!

How to Use AI Filters to Turn Your Pet Photo Into a Cartoon

Besides making cute pet avatars, you can cartoon your pet easily by applying AI filters to your pet photos. Read on for the easy step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Download YouCam Perfect - The Best App to Cartoonize Your Dog and Cat Photos

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best AI Cartoon Maker App for iPhone in 2023

YouCam Perfect is free for iOS and Android, it’s available in the App Store or on Google Play. Download the app and open it when it’s finished downloading.

*The AI Selfie feature is currently available for iOS only.

Step 2. Select a Photo of Your Pet To Cartoonize

Go to Photo Edit to open your phone’s gallery. Find the photo of your pet that you want to cartoonize and tap it to upload it directly to YouCam Perfect.

Step 3. Cartoonize Your Pet Photo

Cartoonize My Pet Dog Photo

In the toolbar at the bottom of the app screen, scroll until you find the AI Selfie option. YouCam Perfect has five fun cartoon styles to explore, and you can try them all with a quick tap. Compare them all to see which one looks best on your pet, from detailed styles that show your pet’s fur to glowing colors that capture your pet’s soulful eyes.

Step 4. Save and Share Cartoons of Your Pet

Save & Share Your Cute Dog Cartoon Photo

When you’re done cartooning your pet, tap the Save button. You can choose your photo ratio and other settings so that your pet looks their best no matter where you share them. YouCam Perfect even has formats that fit your IG, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

To cartoon my pet free online, you can try YouCam Online Editor to cartoonize your pet!

Advanced Pet Photo Editing Ideas

Make Adorable Pet Photo Ornaments

How to turn dog photo into cartoon

To showcase your cartoon pet photos during Christmas, try using YouCam Perfect's Cutout tool after generating your cartoon pet avatars.

As you finish your photo decorations in the app, save and print them, then incorporate these cute pet pics into your homemade ornaments by attaching hooks or ribbons. Hang them on your tree, windows, mantel, or centerpieces to ensure they catch everyone's attention.

👉 Read more: How to Cut Out Faces and Objects From Images

Make Cute Pet Stickers

Make Cute Pet Stickers and Memes after cartooning your pet

Add your pet to any photo with your own pet stickers! YouCam Perfect’s My Sticker feature lets you create stickers in YouCam Perfect and use them in other photos or apply them to stock photos for a fun background. The app can even cut your stickers out for you, and when you’re done, you have a custom sticker of your pet for any occasion. Here’s how to make yours:

  1. Upload the photo of your pet that you want to turn into a sticker.
  2. Tap the Sticker feature and select the My Sticker tool.
  3. Use the smart brush or manually cut out your pet sticker.
  4. Save your sticker and apply it to your snaps!

Make Pet Memes

Make Pet Photo Memes

Have some fun with your pet with YouCam Perfect’s meme templates! The Template feature has lots of ways to turn your pet into a meme to share a relatable image or a pet joke. Here’s how you can make yours in the app:

  1. Upload the photo of your pet that you want to use to create your pet meme.
  2. Go to Templates and tap the shop icon to open more options.
  3. Choose the Meme collection to see all of YouCam Perfect’s meme templates. Tap your favorite to apply it to your photo.
  4. Use the Text feature to add a funny quote or message to your meme.
  5. Save your meme and share it with your friends! 

Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free Cartoon My Pet App

YouCam Perfect’s cartooning feature lets you instantly transform your dog and cat photos into art! The all-in-one photo editing app has plenty of tools to help you create a beautiful portrait of your pet, fun memes, and cute stickers to share. Download the app for free on iOS or Android to cartoonize your pet!

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best AI Cartoon Maker App for iPhone in 2023

*The AI Selfie feature is currently available for iOS only.

More Pet Editing Tips:

Cartoon My Pet App FAQs

What Day Is National Pet Day?

National Pet Day is on April 11, 2024. Celebrate by creating a cartoon dog drawing, making a cat meme, or turning your lizard into a sticker!

Is There an App to Turn Your Pet Into a Cartoon?

YouCam Perfect is the best app for turning your pet into a cartoon. It has five different cartoon styles to choose from, and the app’s other features give you tons of options for a customizable pet photo edit.

How Do I Make My Dog Look Like a Cartoon?

Create your own cute dog cartoon with these steps:

  1. Upload the photo you want to edit.
  2. Go to AI Selfie. (iOS only)
  3. Choose your cartoon style.
  4. Save and share!

Can You Make an Avatar of Your Pet?

With YouCam Perfect, you can cartoonize your pet, customize your photo edits, and use them however you like. With the ratio feature when you save your photo, tap the 1:1 sizing option to create the right image size for your avatar. Then, you can use it on your favorite social platform!

How to Turn a Picture of Your Dog into a Cartoon?

To turn a picture of your dog into a cartoon, you can use different apps or online tools made for this. We recommend trying these tools:

For example, with YouCam Perfect, you can upload your dog's photo and then choose the AI Style option under the Edit section. There, you'll find several options to cartoonize your pet.

YouCam Online Editor allows you to cartoonize your pet for free online. One popular feature is crafting Disney or Pixar-inspired movie posters for your pets, which can be really interesting to try.

Get the Best App to Cartoon Your Pet Now

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best AI Cartoon Maker App for iPhone in 2023

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