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Best Vintage Photo Filter App: How to Get Retro Look in Photos

Mar 8, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Vintage Photo Filter App To Add Retro Filter To Photos For Free

Vintage photo filters can give your images an instant nostalgic charm, bringing your aesthetic to years past. The antique feel, muted colors, and lens flares all add to the completely retro look. And the YouCam Perfect mobile app has a full library of photo filters — including vintage photo filters — to complete any image aesthetic you’re loving.

Get Old School Look Photos After Apply Vintage Photo Filters

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What Is a Vintage Photo Filter?

A vintage photo filter — just like any other digital photo filter — has the power to change the entire look of your photo. Whether you’ve captured a landscape, a street photo, or a selfie, a vintage photo filter can make it seem as if it were taken years, decades, or centuries earlier.

Apply Different Types of Vintage Photo Filters

The vintage photo filter mimics the film camera features of yesteryear. The special subdued tones and softened colors add to the overall retro aesthetic, making your photo an instant classic. The best part is that you can add the vintage photo filter to any image you’ve taken.

  • Add it to your wedding shots for a quintessential ageless snapshot.
  • Place it on a photo of still life to turn it instantly into an antique piece of art.
  • Finally, use it to enhance a portrait and be left with an old-world charm.

Vintage photo filters are always noticeable. Their low color saturation, low contrast, and perhaps even a bit of photography noise all help to add to their enduring style. That’s why using them in your photos is a selective and powerful option — they can swiftly change the mood of a snapshot.

How to Achieve the Retro Photo Look

If you’d like to manually make photo edits, and prefer to make individual adjustments, use any of the go-to photo editing tools available in YouCam Perfect, one of the best free photo editing apps.

Download the Best Vintage Photo Filter App To Get Retro Filters

1. Adjust Contrast and Saturation

The app provides a host of options to help you achieve the best vintage look you want. For starters, adjust the contrast and saturation (bringing them each down to get that perfectly low-intensity color).

2. Add Vignette Effect to Photos

Adjust the Color to Make Your Photos Look Vintage

Then, if you’d like to add a special vignetting effect — in which the edges of the photo are darkened and the center of the image is lightest and in focus — you can do that, as well, in YouCam Perfect.

  • Simply choose the Vignette option under Tools and adjust for the desired fade-to-black effect.
  • Finally, add noise and scratch effects that evoke the style of old camera lenses by heading to Edit, then Overlays, and finally Scratch or Grunge.
  • Here, you’ll see lens effects from flares, light leaks, scratches, and grunge, all of which give you the old-camera effect, possible directly on your smartphone.

How to Get Vintage Filter on Photos

For beginners or time-savers who may not want to do each individual adjustment, YouCam Perfect has created best vintage filters and vintage frames to help you make photos look vintage. And all of that is available in a single tap.

  • Download the YouCam Perfect app.
  • Go to Photo Edit.
  • Head to Effects.
  • Here, you’ll find two of the vintage collections: Vintage Film Reel Filter and the Vintage Feel Filter collections.
  • Add the filter to your photo & save it!

Vintage Film Reel Filter

Get the retro camera look without the retro camera prices. The old-school photography style, now delivered by nostalgic image-makers, is easy to achieve with just a couple taps on your smartphone. You can capture digital images and create vintage looks, all without the need for a film camera, film rolls, or a photo development studio or darkroom. All of the tools you need to retro-ize your photos are right at your fingertips.

Decide the Level of Vintage Photo Filters on Photos

The “Vintage Film Reel” filter collection in YouCam Perfect lets you get the look and feel of the old-school film camera style — complete with the colorful hues we love. From subtly green to amber, choose from the filter shade you love, and add on top of your image. As with all YouCam Perfect filters, you can choose the intensity of the filter (0 to 100). 

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY FILTERS NOW.

Vintage Feel Filter

Try the Other Type of Vintage Photo Filters on Your Photos

Up the vintage look even further by opting for the “Vintage Feel” filter collection. Here, you’ll be able to add antique photo edges, film camera negatives, VHS home video aesthetics, and more. All of these are available in the collection and are also adjustable to the intensity you want. 

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY FILTERS NOW.

Vintage Photo Frames

Add Vintage Photo Frames to Photos

Wait, there’s more. If the custom edits and available filters don’t deliver the perfectly vintage vibe you’re looking for, YouCam Perfect is also home to retro frames that will add even more Kodak- and Polaroid-inspired elements to your snapshots.

    Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free App to Add Vintage Photo Filters to Image

    Retrofy your photos using YouCam Perfect now! Download the app in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.

    Download YouCam Perfect for Best Vintage Photo Filter Editor App For Free

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