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Best Free Photo Collage App: Make a Photo Collage in 4 Steps

Nov 2, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Photo Collage App: Make a Photo Collage in 4 Steps

Photo collage templates are as beautiful as they are functional, allowing you to highlight multiple photos and memories in just one frame. Whether you want to share your photos on your favorite social media platform or print it physically, photo collages are the perfect way to achieve it.

Now let’s dive right in and explore YouCam Perfect, the best free app to make a photo collage, and learn how to make a photo collage yourself.

How to Make a Photo Collage

To learn how to quickly combine multiple photos into a photo collage, just follow these simple steps!

  • Download YouCam Perfect
  • Open Collage Maker
  • Pick a Theme for Your Photo Collage
  • Adjust Your Photos to Fit the Collage Grid

Step 1. Download YouCam Perfect

Download the Best Free Photo Collage App

Step 2. Open Collage Maker

Go to Collage Maker and Browse Through Hundreds of Collage Options

Begin making your photo collage in the YouCam Perfect app by tapping “Collage.” Once there, you’ll see many different options for collages depending on how many photos you want to include. Within the Collage edit option, click the “store” icon.

Step 3. Pick a Theme for Your Photo Collage

For even more customization and fun, you can even select a photo collage with a specific theme like Valentine’s Day, travel, or birthday. YouCam Perfect has hundreds of options whether you’re celebrating the holidays, highlighting your glam shots, or just marking life’s joyful moments.

Choose Your Favorite Style for Your Photo Collage

Once you’ve settled on a collage theme with the number of photos you’d like to use, tap it to move onto the next step in your creative process. Remember, if you’re going to be printing your completed collage to showcase physically, you’ll want to choose a grid that is the correct size for your intended use case. 

Step 4. Adjust Your Photos to Fit the Collage Grid

Adjust the Position and Size of Your Photos to Fit the Collage Template You Choose

After you’ve selected your photo collage template, it’s time to select the photos you’ll use. Remember that you’ll want to edit your photos before adding them to your collage. Using the best free collage maker — YouCam Perfect, you can add filters, change colors and make any other edits you wish before incorporating the photo into the collage grid.

Once you’ve edited your photos to your liking, save them to your device. In the YouCam Perfect app, you’ll be able to select the ones you want to feature, and they’ll automatically be added to the collage. Once your photos are added to the collage, you can resize an image within the frame. You might want to zoom in on a particular focal point in the photo, or just adjust the spacing to best fit the area. Now that you have your photos selected and in place, play around with moving the photos into different positions within the collage or by zooming in and out until you get it just right. 

3 Things to Consider When Creating a Photo Collage

Sometimes when you’re making a collage, it might not look just right, which is why we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to improve yours. A few ways you can help make your collage look more cohesive are to use a consistent filter, choose one photo to highlight, and use photos that aren’t too busy. Remember: because you’re including multiple photos, they won’t be full-size. You want the subject of each photo to be clear, without any unwanted clutter. 

Download YouiCam Perfect, Best Free Photo Collage App

Consistent Filter

Your photo collage might look a bit complicated if you have several images, all with a different filter or color tone. To remedy this, apply a consistent filter on all of your photos so they look more cohesive.

Choose One Photo to Highlight

Another common issue with photo collages is that they have multiple images looking for your eye’s attention. Pick one photo that is the highlight of your collage, and have the others be slightly smaller or slightly different versions of the first one. This way, your main photo is the star, with the surrounding photos supporting it in a visually pleasing manner.

Use Photos That Aren’t Too Busy

Lastly, try to avoid using multiple photos that are “busy.” In photography speak, that means to use photos that don’t have too much going on either in respect to colors, patterns, or multiple subjects. Photos that are “busy” can be hard for our eyes to look at, and many of those images together in one collage won’t come off as well as if you had a few “quieter” images.

Learn More Editing Tools in YouCam Perfect:

Download Youcam Perfect: Your Best Free Collage Maker Online

Now that you’ve learned how to create your photo collage with the YouCam Perfect app, you can download your creation and share it on your favorite social media accounts.

Download YouCam Perfect to Create Photo Collage Free

Are you ready to get started on your masterpiece? Design your memorable photo collage with the best free collage maker online — download the app today to get started! (iOS & Android).

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