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2 Free Ways to Make a Collage on an iPhone (Google Photo and More)
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2 Free Ways to Make a Collage on an iPhone (Google Photo and More)

Jun 14, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Free Collage App for iPhone: How to Make Photo Collage on iPhone for Free

Photo collages allow you to stitch two or multiple photos together in a single frame. Whether you want to share memories on your social media like Instagram stories, to Facebook, or customize your wallpaper, using a photo collage maker is the perfect way to achieve it.

How to make a collage on iPhone

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the step-by-step process of how to make a picture collage on an iPhone for free in 2 easy and freeways. 

Can You Make a Photo Collage on iPhone Without an App?

Firstly, there is one question to be answered first: can you make a picture collage on an iPhone without an app?

The answer is no. On iPhone's 'Photo' feature, there's no function to support collage creation. To create photo collages with two or more photos, you currently will need an app to support them, whether it's Google Photo or other free collage apps.

2 Ways to Create Photo Collages on iPhone for Free

As users cannot directly create photo collages on iPhone without an app, here we are introducing 2 ways to make photo collages on iPhone easily.

Both of the methods were completely free, and is almost as easy as an embed function!

One with the Google Photo app if you are searching for a quick yet simple solution, and one with the YouCam Perfect app for more aesthetic outputs.

How To Make a Photo Collage on iPhone With Google Photo

The first method is creating photo collages with the Google Photo app. The top merit is it's effortless to use!

Step 1. Download the Google Photo App

Start by downloading the Google Photo app on the Apple Store. Simply search for Google Photo, and it will show as the top result. It's completely free to download.

Download Google Photo App to Make a Collage

Step 2. Enable Google Photo App to Access Your Photo

Next, open the app, and enable the Google Photo app to access your photo gallery.

Free picture collage app for iphone

Step 3. Select 1~6 Photos To Make a Photo Collage

Moving on select the photos you'd like to make a collage with by long-pressing the images. It will show a check icon on the photos you've picked. To make a collage in the Google Photo app, you can only select 1-6 pictures,

Free picture collage app for iphone

Step 4. Tap "Add to" then "Collage"

Then, tap the "Add to" feature on the bar at the bottom, then "Collage". There, you can select 2-3 collage layouts, based on how many photos you've picked.

Free picture collage app for iphone

Step 5. Save the Photo Collage

Once finished editing, save the photo collage to your gallery!

Free picture collage app for iphone

How To Make a Collage on iPhone With YouCam Perfect

As Google Photo's collage style is very simple and cannot be customized, we are also introducing another free way to create customizable, aesthetic photo collages, with a free collage maker app, YouCam Perfect.

With a high rating score of 4.8 on the App Store, it's also a great option for creating photo collages.

Step 1. Download the Free YouCam Perfect App

Find the Best Collage Maker and Browse Through Hundreds of Collage Options

First, start by downloading a free collage maker app like YouCam Perfect, which is available on iOS or in the Google Play store.

Step 2. Select 1~9 Photos To Make a Photo Collage

Use the Best Collage Maker App to Choose Your Favorite Style for Your Photo Collage

Then, open the YouCam Perfect app, and tap the “Collage” feature.

Select 1 to 9 photos you'd like to create a collage with. There, You can choose to combine 2 photos or include more pictures in your collage.

Then, you can start browsing hundreds of photo collage options whether you’re celebrating the holidays, highlighting your glam shots, or just marking life’s joyful moments.

Once you’ve settled on a collage theme with the number of photos you’d like to use, tap it to move on to the next step in your creative process. 

Step 3. Customize Your Photo Collage

Use the best collage maker app to adjust the Position and Size of Your Photos to Fit the Collage Template You Choose

After you’ve selected your photo collage template, it’s time to customize your photo collage. 

You can resize an image within the grid, or customize it with sticker, text, animation, and more.

Step 4. Save Your Photo Collage

Once you’ve edited your photos to your liking, tap the Save button on the top right and save the image to your device.

Simply by choosing a collage you like, with easy steps, you can create a cool picture collage to send a greeting to your friends!

Top 3 Photo Collage Templates You Can Try for Free In YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect offers 500+ collage designs to personalize your photo collage. You have more than ten categories to choose from: from classic, daily life, retro style, to modern ones.

Try aesthetic collages to make your photos look stylish; create a scrapbook-like collage, or make a birthday collage to send a warm greeting to your friend!

Retro Photo Collage

Create Retro Photo Collage with Free Collage Maker, YouCam Perfect

▲ Try our vintage collage selection for the trendy retro look, from old film style to polaroid effects.

Modern Photo Collage

Create Modern Collage with Free Collage Maker, YouCam Perfect

▲ Create an eye-catching collage with these modern art graphics. 

Scrapbook Photo Collage

Create Scrapbook Collage with Free Collage Maker, YouCam Perfect

▲ Preserve your memories with scrapbook layouts.


Whether is using Google Photo to create simple and quick collages, or YouCam Perfect for more aesthetic ones, the process is easy and simple and can export results fast.

Download the apps to try today!

Photo Collage Maker FAQs

What are the best photo collage apps for iPhone?

These are the best free photo collage apps that we recommend to try for photo editing on iPhone or Android!

  1. YouCam Perfect
  2. Layout from Instagram
  3. Picsart
  4. PicCollage
  6. PhotoGrid
  7. Pixlr
  8. Adobe Photoshop Express
  9. PicPlayPost
  10. piZap
  11. Diptic
  12. Canva
  13. Collage Maker
  14. Collageable
  15. Phototastic

What is the best free photo collage app?

YouCam Perfect is one of the best free collage makers for iPhone and Android. With this best free collage maker app, you can quickly and easily customize your snaps with a stylish photo grid or aesthetic collage templates.

Is there a free collage app for iPhone and Android?

YouCam Perfect is a free collage maker app for both iPhone and Android. The app is free to download and provides tons of picture collage styles for all your photo editing needs. Try photo grids, birthday collages, scrapbooks for photos, and more! 

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